Mike McCoy to interview with Chargers today

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If his boss was a little bolder, there’s a strong chance Mike McCoy would be busy today game-planning for the AFC Championship Game.

But after losing to the Ravens Saturday, McCoy’s offseason plans are wide open, and he’s filling them.

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, McCoy will interview with the Chargers today, the fourth team he’s interviewed with.

McCoy talked to the Bears, Cardinals and Eagles during his bye week.

While it’s easy to point to McCoy for the Broncos’ late-game conservatism, that was straight out of the John Fox manual. The Broncos head coach is famous for sayings such as “a punt is not a bad play,” and was doubtless the overriding voice on decisions such as running on a third-and-7 with time waning in regulation, or taking a knee with 31 seconds and two timeouts. Fox has played things conservatively, and by the book, as long as he’s been a head coach.

McCoy’s going to have a chance to explain that to others, and whether he’d do it differently, beginning with the Chargers today.

6 responses to “Mike McCoy to interview with Chargers today

  1. One and done with PM at the control for the donks. Honestly your offense scores that many points and it is hard to point the finger at defense. I would listen to this guy but there are others to here from too, such as Greg Roman of the Niners. The Niners have become a scoring machine albeit with a unique QB which explains the switch from Alex. I also think the Seahawk OC should get an interview for the Bolts.

  2. Put shotenhiemer and turner in the conservative category as well, except when Norv’s job was already over. Don’t want another one if he is going to be that.

  3. I still think Greg Roman is the best
    offensive coordinator out there and
    Emery should be after him. With Roman Chicago’s offense would be
    Dangerous with Cutler.. Marshall.. Forte.. and Jeffrey plus they will get
    Johnnie Knox back. Hester is angry and afraid but he will be back. if Emery and the new coach bring in a real O- line its over!!!

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