Paton out of Browns G.M. mix, but reason isn’t clear

In the days after the Browns fired G.M. Tom Heckert, word emerged that the Browns requested permission to interview Vikings assistant G.M. George Paton.

But an interview never happened.

There are two different versions in league circles as to what happened.  One source says that Paton passed.  Another source says that the Vikings declined permission.

The latter suggests that the Browns’ General Manager position won’t entail, at least on paper, final say over the roster.  If it did, the Vikings couldn’t have blocked either the interview or the hire.

There’s a chance, we suppose, that both the Vikings declined and Paton wasn’t interested.

Still, there’s now a valid question in Cleveland, especially since new coach Rob Chudzinski doesn’t have personnel experience:  Who will have final say when it comes to picking players?

13 responses to “Paton out of Browns G.M. mix, but reason isn’t clear

  1. Maybe The New York Jets are involved in this??

    One never knows……

    By the way, what excuses did the Broncos use in their loss to the Ravens?

    I was only one in a handfull that picked the Ravens to win….!! HaHaHa

  2. I didn’t care for every pick Heckert made, but I thought he was on the right track. Aside from Holmgren’s “executive picks” he forced the Browns in to taking, there were some solid ones. I’m not excited about our next GM. I do like the new coach and staff though. Chud’s a good coach and a passionate Browns fan. Plus, he wants to be a head coach, not an offensive cord. with the title head coach. That alone is an improvement over Shurmer.

    Go Browns!

  3. We’re just going to use Kiper’s Big Board this year. Although there will be some debate about whether we should use McShay’s. I’m pretty sure Suntan Man wont win out though.

  4. Seeing how Joe Banner picked the head coach before he hired a G.M., chances are that Joe Banner will have the final say on personnel. Many candidates do not want the job “in name only”. I don’t see a GM overruling Joe Banner and that is not an attractive situation for any “would be” G.M.

  5. I agree with topwonk. The Browns are shaping up as The Joe Banner Show, starring Joe Banner, produced and directed by Joe Banner. I don’t really see that as a good thing, but as long as he picks good players and the team actually starts winning games for a change, nobody will care.

  6. 1. Joe Banner will be making all of the player picks, no matter who they install as GM. If any of you read Donovan McNabb’s last interivew, he said after Andy Reid took a leave of absence in 2007, Banner, as team president, more or less came in and took over and made all of the decisions, including the roster.

    2. On one of our fan boards, we’ve got a guy on the there from Ohio that has said Banner has already made waves and scared away a couple of coaching applicants, telling them he was going to pick their assistant coaches. That belongs to the head coach, not the president of the team.

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