Police say Kenny Britt isn’t cooperating


During the lockout, the father of Titans receiver Kenny Britt said that Kenny would be in less trouble with the law if he would be not in Bayonne, New Jersey.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Britt is back in Bayonne.  And back in trouble with the law.

Despite a statement from Britt’s anonymous spokesman (seriously) that he’s cooperating with police after Britt dropped off a friend at the hospital who had been stabbed, police now say Britt’s isn’t.  Per Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, a police captain in Bayonne said Monday of Britt, “At this point he is still not cooperating with police.  So whatever statement he puts out is false.”

(Hey, that’s one of the risks of using anonymous spokespersons.  There’s just no accountability.)

The authorities have made a general plea for assistance in finding Britt.  “We are asking anyone who has info of his whereabouts to contact us & that includes the owner of the Titans,” the police captain said.

And so it appears that Britt’s cooperation for now consists of Titans owner Bud Adams’ favorite expression in sign language.  With one finger.  Both hands.

47 responses to “Police say Kenny Britt isn’t cooperating

  1. If he could get his act together he has the talent to do great things doing what people who aren’t blessed with his gifts would love to be doing.

  2. Britt is correct. Never talk to the police. Ever. And my family is filled with cops. They will tell you the same thing. Don’t talk to them. You wouldn’t believe how many people convict themselves by opening their mouths. If they aren’t charging you with a crime, walk away. If you are, only talk to your lawyer.

  3. Wow, I think the Titans have officially hit rock bottom. They need a complete and total makeover. Bud, time to sell and step aside. You’ve had a nice run since ’60, but it’s time.

  4. Another prime example of why this guy is absolute trash! Where is Goodell in all of this? If I was him I’d be licking my chops just waiting for the opportunity to say “Mr.Britt, come in and sit down. I told you I didn’t want to see you under these circumstances again didn’t I?”

  5. While I agree with his stance of not talking, because unless you have a subpoena, you aren’t getting anything from me, even if I’m innocent, how many times do you need be involved with law enforcement to ‘get it’. They’re not after you, you’re putting yourself in that situation time and time again. It impresses no one, and makes you look like a fool…

  6. Actually it’s not hard to believe. He’s a grown man with talent yet walks around with a brain of a juvenile criminal. he has now proven he will not change. Just cut him and be done with it. Let him know right now his status means nothing.

  7. Refusing to cooperate with an investigation that involved your brother being stabbed and then lying about talking to the police–doesn’t sound like the actions of a law abiding person. Solution-speak to the investigators with your lawyer present. That way you won’t incriminate yourself. I can’t wait to see where Britt is in life a couple years after he is no longer in the NFL.

  8. You work hard, get lucky here and there, sacrifice, make billions of dollars, buy a football team because you think it’s a good investment and would be pretty prestigious…and some idiot hoodlum wide receiver causes so much trouble that police in another state are trying to guilt trip you.

  9. cash804 says:
    Jan 14, 2013 8:05 PM
    Future Raider…

    7 1 No ooo. Future raven they have experience with the innocent .
    Don’t worry pay the lawyers and the fans in Baltimore will make you an icon ..the die has already been cast.

  10. Why wouldn’t you cooperate if you were just bringing someone to the hospital?

    Are you afraid someone might know who you are? You don’t have to worry about that…You’re either suspended, or hurt! Nobody knows what you look like!

  11. Since when is it against the law to help out a friend? Give Ken a break! And if you’re reading Kenny I’d happy to step in as your spokesman

  12. It’s always said, but it really doesn’t make sense. How hard is it for a grown man to stay out of this kind of trouble? Care he not about the millions of dollars he’s throwing away?

  13. I would like to see the Titans mandate that he live in Tenn in the offseason… in one of those Dez Bryant type mandates where the agent and the union pretend that a mandate didn’t happen because they recognize the player is too much of a knucklehead to be trusted otherwise.

  14. Well at least it’s his first offense…. THIS YEAR. I honestly don’t understand how this guy is still alive, much less on an NFL roster.

  15. Why isn’t Goodell making a phone call. This dude is tarnishing the brand. I agree, if your a suspect, don’t talk. But if ur innocent, why aren’t u helping ur brother out

  16. @jackdaniels1

    When the cops are investigating a serious crime they have to speak to everyone involved. Even the guy who drove them to the hospital. If t was yu or someone you loved you’d want a thorough investigation. Most likely britt and his friend were doing something illegal or immoral when the stabbing occurred that is why he’s not cooperating. There is also a chance that he knows who did it and doe.snt want them to get in trouble or he’s gonna get street justice. But most people(even from the projects and poor areas)are not built to seek out street justice

  17. Lying to the police becomes life or death in Britt’s situation. Kenny Britt is dumb enough to put himself in this situation, but he’s got enough street smarts to make the right decision with the law. He has to lie or worry about his family in the hood and other bad folks who hurt his friend if he “rats” out the guy who hurt him. He can get out and go back to the Titans, but his family and friends are still there.

  18. I think the police are lying. Kenny doesn’t seem like the kind of character who would be uncooperative. Shocking that he’s even involved in a situation of this magnitude.

  19. minnesotablizzard says: Jan 14, 2013 9:36 PM

    Why would you ever talk to police?


    Well, if for example your home was broken into and your property was stolen. Or if, god forbid, violence was done to a member of your family or yourself. Police investigate those kinds of things.

    When successful, their investigations lead to arrests, trials and incarcerations of the guilty parties. Sometimes you even get your stuff back.

    But some think “don’t be snitching” is more important.. for some stoopid reason..

  20. If the police are saying publicly that they want to talk to you, it’s probably a good thing to go get your lawyer (just in case) and go talk to them. It makes you look a lot better than this routine of disappearing and dodging. At this point, no one is saying Britt did anything wrong, but the longer he fails to cooperate, the more curious and suspicious the police are going to be.

    As for his employment with the Titans–Given that Nashville is in the Bible Belt, perhaps it’s time for someone in authority with the team to have that “come to Jesus” talk with young Mr. Britt. Something along the lines of Gunnery Sgt. Hartman’s rants towards his recruits. At the very least, someone has to tell him, “You can live and work in this town, or you can hang out in beautiful Bayonne. You can’t do both anymore.”

  21. I do this for a living, I am a criminal defense attorney. I can GUARANTEE you that they aren’t just looking for Britt to talk to him; Britt is going to wind up locked up either under a conspiracy charge or 1st degree assault charge. If the police were only looking to talk to him, they wouldn’t reach out to the media for help in locating him, they would do it quietly so as to not have people make false inferences. I believe they’re using the “we want to talk to him” line so they don’t tip him off & send him into hiding, on the lam. I have seen this more than a handful of times & each time it doesn’t end positively for the guy they’re looking to “talk” to.

  22. Cut this fool & sign Braylon Edwards for veteran minumum. Less headaches & more production. Isn’t it sad that this statement is actually true?

  23. Not being charged..don’t talk to them..Being charged..Let ya lawyer talk to them..either way..Don’t talk to them! Y’all ain’t haven’t seen enough of “The 1st 48” They wana ask you a few QUESTIONS next thing you know you’re being added to the suspect list if you not saying what they wana here. LOL Bro just can’t avoid the drama..he needs to never go back to his hometown..just stay away

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