ProFootballTalk: Can Kaep do it again against Atlanta?

Is there extra motivation in Atlanta’s camp to come out and demolish the 49ers? Colin Kaepernick ran all over Green Bay, can he do the same against the Falcons?This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

14 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Can Kaep do it again against Atlanta?

  1. Well we all saw what Wilson was able to do against the falcons and kaepernick is more talented than Wilson and has a much better offensive line IMHO…so if atlanta is not able to get off their blocks and stay disciplined in there assignments I think it will be a long day for atlanta’s defense

  2. he has a better line than wilson but that where it ends.. wilson is far more intelligent more talented and a true leader which kaep is not.

  3. Ranked 21 against the run.
    Ranked 23 against the pass
    24th in total yards given up.

    That’s not my definition of doing an excellent job. That’s my definition of doing a mediocre job.

    Like blowing a 27-7 lead in the fourth quarter this past Sunday.

  4. I’m a 49er Faithful but don’t under estimate this Falcons team. They beat down Seattle in the first half and then let off the gas in the second. Reminds me of when SF beat down NE then let up playing soft defense and Brady almost came back and won. I think we are going to have our hands full. Atlanta can be a tricky D look how they confused Manning. I hope Kaep is up for this game and doesn’t make too many young mistakes.

  5. Wilson more intelligent than Kaepernick??? I dont know about that. I know its not a perfect measure of QB intelligence, but Wilson’s Wonderlic score was a measley 28 out of 50, Kaepernick’s was 37. The dumbest person I know got a 29 on it. I got a 36 without even knowing what was on it.

  6. the thing about this game, is Kaepernick and the 9ers have all the pressure on them.

    everyone is expecting them to trounce my beloved falcons.

    I believe kaepernick will have some really nice plays but I believe the pressure will be on him mentally and hopefully Abe will be back to help the DL get some on him physically as well.

    I see this game coming down to a few plays and usually that ends up to the team that is better disciplined and who has been better disciplined than the falcons? only 55 pen all reg season – set a NFL record for fewest Pen and fewest pen yards all season.

    Let’s Go Falcons!

  7. Kaep will run all over Atlanta on their carpet….. The niners just got a brand new 12 ga and they are going Dirty Bird Hunting……. Goooo Niners

  8. The Niners fans are all pumped up for this game, as they should be. How many of you out there are old enough to remember when this was a division rivalry?

    This should be a good one!

  9. Sure Colin will have his moments. However this game is not played with the 49ers on offense for 60 mins and the Atlanta on defense for 60 mins. The biggest matchups in the Seahawks game was the big, strong secondary against the big strong recievers in Juilo and Roddy. Atlanta past that test. So much as Atlanta has to worry about stopping Colin, the 49ers have to worry about slowing down Atlanta’s offense as well. This could very well be a high scoring game. The 49ers Secondary are not as talented as the Seahawks were, so Atlanta could have a very big day in the air, especially if they have any sucess running the ball. Colin will make plays, Atlanta’s defense will get tested and probably fail, but Atlanta gets to play offense as well, an offense that has put up a lot of points and yards in the air. The 49ers have their hands full too.

  10. Niners habe alot of weapons remeber that if its not Kap its Gore if not Gore it Davis if not Davis Craptree or Moss etc plus a hard nose defense should be a good one

    Go Niners!!!!!!!!!

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