Ray Farmer emerges as leader for Browns G.M. job

As the Browns search for a General Manager, there’s finally a favorite for the job.

And some in the Cleveland media will be happy to know that it’s not Mike Lombardi.

Per a league source, Chiefs director of pro personnel Ray Farmer is believed to have the inside track to succeed Tom Heckert.  Zac Jackson of FOXSportsOhio.com reported Saturday that Farmer interviewed on Thursday.  Others report that the interview happened today.  (Hey, if “others” can refer to us as “others,” we’ll refer to them as “others,” too.)

This could mean that Farmer had a second interview today.  (Or that “others” are four days late.)

The two primary names connected to the job are Farmer and Lombardi.  The fairly intense resistance articulated by some in the local media when Lombardi’s name first surfaced could make it harder for the Browns to sell a Lombardi hire.

As far as we can tell, neither Lombardi or Farmer have emerged in other G.M. searches, including the scorched-earth effort by the Jets to find a replacement for Mike Tannenbaum.

33 responses to “Ray Farmer emerges as leader for Browns G.M. job

  1. *Shrugs*

    I don’t know anything about the guy or his track record, but if he can help build the Browns into a winner, he’s fine in my book.

  2. excellent hire!Just took a look at how well the Chiefs have done the last two seasons!Browns fans should be as excited!!!

  3. I’ve never heard of him in my life.

    However, since he never drafted Jamarcus Russell, Craig Powell or Tommy Vardell, I’ll give him a shot.

  4. What will Banner do? Collect a nice check for cleaning Jimmys shoes? I will say one thing, we are doing an excellent job of bringing in people used to losing.

  5. Nice Lombardi shot. Lombardi and Charlie Casserly are the two guys TV and radio keep trotting out even though its evident that they are stuck in the past with their line of thinking. The game has passed these two by.

  6. Outside fan wondering what’s wrong with Lombardi. Granted I never heard of him but looking for some good humor here on the outrage if hired. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

  7. KC actually has some a good amount of talent on their team. Too bad their QB position is a Mess. Also, let’s not forget, Farmer wasn’t the GM, that was Pioli.

  8. kev86,

    Take a few minutes and Google Mike Lombardi’s draft history.

    In all the years he drafted, you’ll probably recognize about 5 names. 3 of them will be Robert Gallery, Jamarcus Russell, and Sebastian Janikowski.

    Granted, Janikowski is a good kicker, but who in God’s name drafts a kicker in the first round?


  9. Farmer was the guy who all the released players had to go see during the Chiefs season on Hard Knocks. Probably best remembered for telling CFLer Casey Printers that he was cut for not making enough chicken salad out of chicken… droppings.

    He was one of the few (if not only) front office people to survive after Pioli came in. So he learned at the feet of both Carl Peterson and Scott Pioli. What more could you ask for?

    In all seriousness, he’d be a total unknown as a hire. He was never talked about as being involved in any of the decisions (few good, many bad) KC has made since he was there. But he was able to survive and rise up the ranks through different regimes, so that probably says something about how good he was at his job.


  11. There’s always an idiot who has to bring race into it. Ignorance is alive and well folks. The Rooney rule? Wow nothing about whether the guy can do the job just a dumb comment about color. Lol unreal how did the last regime work here? They were the right color too. Lol idiot!! If the guy can do the job I could give a crap less about anything else.

  12. Well, the Chiefs were coached by Romeo Crennel, so you know they weren’t anywhere near what they could be …

  13. (Hey, if “others” can refer to us as “others,” we’ll refer to them as “others,” too.)—— Thats what I’m talking about, Tell em’ Mike!

  14. As long as he didn’t have anything to do with Tyson Jackson and that other bum DE/DT first round pick. And WTH was he thinking with Poe. I hated that pick. They probably could have gotten him in the 2nd round.

    I just want my Browns to get back to prominence.

  15. If he gets the job, it’ll be a great hire. Ray is well regarded by everyone hes worked for. If youve ever heard him speak or ever met him personally, you’ll know why hes a finalist for the job. He is a brilliant, brilliant guy, a great evaluator of talent, has the DUKE university pedigree and played in the league. A Football Guy making football decisions!

    Ponder this. Just because your team has had “recent success” doesnt mean everyone in the building is brilliant. (See every failure from New England, except Dimitroff) The real engine behind the machine is Brady is Belichick, however, many people have earned millions of dollars on the shoulders of those 2. Conversely, just because your team hasnt had recent success doesnt make you a poor evaluator. The GM usually makes the final call on personnel anyway. Its funny how Mike McCoy wasnt a “hot” name as a head coach until #18 arrived…or maybe he became a better coach when Peyton arrived

    This guy worked in Atlanta for Rich Mckay, worked in KC under King Carl but probably never had his voice heard under the Pioli regime. I say give him a chance

  16. thegloriousone says:
    Jan 14, 2013 8:50 PM

    Take a few minutes and Google Mike Lombardi’s draft history.

    In all the years he drafted, you’ll probably recognize about 5 names. 3 of them will be Robert Gallery, Jamarcus Russell, and Sebastian Janikowski.

    Granted, Janikowski is a good kicker, but who in God’s name drafts a kicker in the first round?


    35 0

    Those were the work of Al Davis and Al alone.All Lombardi did was nod his head because you NEVER tell Al no or that he is wrong.If Al said “hey the sun is looking a nice purple today”you better say “Yes sir Mr Davis it is looking very purple”

  17. He may not have drafted JaMarcus, Powell, or TD Tommy, but he did have input on selecting Glenn Dorsey, Tyson Jackson, and Jonathan Baldwin and that’s known as “takin’ the collar”. Good luck CLE. Good riddance Ray.

  18. It’s atrocious how people blame the Raiders drafts picks that didn’t turn out utterly on Michael Lombardi. It’s a undisputed fact that while he was employed one person called the shots – Al Davis. He’s well respected and has enjoyed a successful career with many of the brightest minds in the business. His extensive NFL experience in understanding organizational leadership could help many franchises.

    His best fit from my vantage point would be with the Jets, as someone is needed who has dealt with a difficult NFL situation as organizational leadership is essential to building a winner there. From afar, visions of football program building models are a unique tool Lombardi could put forth expertise in. As such Lombardi would seem to be a good fit with many teams, especially if he were to work with the likes of Mike Holmgren, Brian Billick and Rex Ryan.

    And whatever happened to the name of Brian Xanders and Chris Polian? Just as with missing names from coaching searches, it is puzzling that offensive gurus such as the Redskins Kyle Shanahan, Saints Pete Carmichael, and offensive genius Chris Ault whose offense ideas dominated 2012 – are all missing for the most part.

  19. I love it when members of the press (you) insinuate a team won’t hire someone for fear of press backlash.

    Trust me…NFL teams don’t give a rip what an idiot writer thinks about their hires.

  20. Sure KC has a lot of talent on their team, but these players didn’t come from the last 2 drafts. Actually KC last two drafts are not very good at all. Heckert actually could get talent AFTER the first round.

  21. dablitz2, he may be better or worse than Tom Heckert. Heckert was not going to be retained either way. My very uneducated guess is that he and Big Joe didn’t see eye to eye. There have been reports that there was a falling out at some point in Philly. Plus Banner is THE BOSS. Make no mistake. He is the hmfic. If he didn’t want Heckert, so long Heckert. Heckert could have drafted an all pro at every position and he probably was gone. Tom Heckerts resume will land him somewhere. If I were he I wouldn’t take just any old job now.

  22. Maybe I’m the only one who noticed this but anytime Banner or Haslam mention this job they refer to it not as a gm but as a “personel guy”. On top of that, Heckarts entire staff in Cleveland was retained. Sounds like they’re hiring a yes man and the coach will have most of the power. As much as the Cleveland media might not like it, no one is a better yes man than Lombardi. Hes got years of experience doing it working for Al Davis and Bill Belichick.

  23. Heckert set a high bar the new GM needs to meet and exceed. Both Lombardi and Farmer could be that GM.

    Looking back at the “body of work” and the trending slope (going up or down) of each will probably make the choice for Banner.

    To me, at least, a definitive trending up seems to say Farmer will be the choice. Lombardi’s curve is less sloped up and might even be sloped down, dependent on who, what, how the criteria is processed.

    With that said, in Farmer we get another plus, Respect from Browns fans.

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