Report: Bears job down to three


Bears G.M. Phil Emery has traded in his shotgun for a scalpel.

According to David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune, at least one of the baker’s dozen candidates for the head-coaching job has been told that only two will be brought to Halas Hall for a second interview.

The process starts on Tuesday.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported earlier tonight that one of them will be Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell.  Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the other is Montreal Alouettes coach Marc Trestman.

On Friday, FOX’s Jimmy Johnson peed on Jay Glazer’s tree, declaring on Twitter that Trestman will get the job.

Emery has been criticized in some circles for using a coaching search as a pretext for picking brains.  Others say that he’s merely being thorough.

Either way, it’s now down to two.

UPDATE 9:53 p.m. ET:  Make that three.  Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians is a finalist, too.

60 responses to “Report: Bears job down to three

  1. Must be the only two candidates willing to keep the underachieving Jay Cutler as quarterback.

  2. Bevell is a *great* choice.

    Like Mike McCarthy when he was at S.F.

    That’s what the Bears need.

    Bear down Bears!

  3. Is Bevell really the mastermind behind Wilson? Considering his progress with Tavaris Jackson and the other QBs not named Ponder I don’t see this guy having all that great of a resume.

  4. I really wanted David Toub.
    All you have to do is look at youtube and see the Hester fake punt return that went to Knox against GB to know how great this guy is.
    Year after year, he’s top in the league in S/T.
    Hester, Knox, and Daniel Manning all were great returners under this guy.
    Lots of Pro bowler players under him.
    Robbie Gould one of the best kickers.
    Brad Maynard and Adam Poledsh both solid punters.

    Its time to give this guy a chance as Head coach.

  5. Let me first say that who really knows? But, a 57-year old (in a couple days) coach from Canada who for some reason never got a job as a HC in the NFL… Or a guy who had his team finish in 17th in scoring (so technically the bottom half) and 27th in passing this season. I know Wilson was a rookie, who played better – but he & Cutler aren’t exactly the same type of player.

    Emery better be right and he better hope McCoy and some of the others don’t go somewhere and have immediate success.

  6. Bevell versus Trestman…I think both are good candidates…I like the fact that Emery has been so through as well as both coaches can/should call their own plays. I think consistency in terms of philosophy and coaching is probably a bit more important on the offensive side of the ball versus the defensive side.

  7. Would have preferred Arians or Dennison, but if these are my two choices, I hope it’s Trestman.

  8. If Emery is so ‘cloak and dagger’ then why should we believe there are only two finalists?

    I could have sworn he’d bring the best 2 or 3 into Halas Hall.

    I eagerly look forward to Henry Burris’s return from Canada too. 😉 After all, he led the CFL in passing in 2012.

  9. Didnt Bevels D allow Ryan to move down the field easily to kick a field goal? Seahawks where down the whole game. The offense brought them back for the D to choke.

  10. I don’t understand why Emery gets criticism for being thorough. Let’s see what Kansas City does knowing they only wanted Andy Reid, there is a reason he got fired.

  11. More food for thought on Trestman. In his five seasons in Montreal:

    Grey Cups in 2009, 2010.
    Grey Cup appearance in 2008.
    And this past season, the Als were a dropped pass in the end zone away from another trip to the Grey Cup.

    A winner. Do the right thing, Bears.

  12. I hope this is NOT true.. but if it is then take Tresman at least the Bears will play a different system. but please dont bring in this bevell guy.

  13. Coming from a diehard CFL fan, Trestman is the man Bears fans want.

    Having had my team play against Trestman’s for the better part of 4 years, I would love to see this guy leave for bigger things as he is hands-down the best coach in our small but respectable league. When he came into the league he led the Alouettes to the Grey Cup 3 years straight winning 2 with a 35+ year old qb.

    He has a winning swagger to him and although I’m a Vikings guy, there’s definetly gonna be soft spot in my heart for Da Bears if he’s callin the shots.

  14. Does anyone know why Trestman has been coaching since 1981 (with only a brief period out of the game) and no one ever gave him a chance before?

  15. Ok bear fans I’m one of u…..die hard bears fan…tresman makes so much sence…bottom line NFL is becoming CFL clone with all the passing…why not hire the best coach if the “new” NFL and someone who has a relationship with cutler….

  16. Trestman! When I looked at what each of the candidates had to offer, I felt he would be the best choice, glad he is a finalist. He seems to have what we want, offensive background and he has proven he can run a whole team even though it is just in the CFL. He should be hungry to prove himself at the next level. Go Bears!

  17. @toykosandRETARD!

    Either way the Packers are just as screwed up as the Bears and I promise NO Packer fan is happy right now after getting slaughtered in San Fran…Everything they did to the Bears this season was in vain…

  18. tokyosandblaster says: Jan 14, 2013 8:59 PM

    “Either way, this makes Packers fans very happy.”

    So does wearing yellow foam hats shaped like cheese.

  19. Nothing against Bevell, but I’m voting for Trestman. Possible Bill Walsh in the making? Calm “genius” sounds better to me than a one year wonder.

  20. Name one QB that Bevell developed. Dont say Russell Wilson. That was all Tom Cable.

    I can name several QBs under Trestman’s belt,

    Hue Jackson should be looked at though. I could name RBs(Darren McFadden), WRs(Chad Johnson, DHB, Jacoby Ford, Denarious Moore) and QBs(C Palmer, Flacco, Campbell) that he developed and thrived in his system.

  21. Not Bruce Arians, no way, not the guy who led the Colts to the playoffs, when nobody thought the Colts could win more than 6 games at very best. No, no, no… not him… this is why the Bears will always suffer. I’d rather have Lovie back

  22. “Didnt Bevels D allow Ryan to move down the field easily to kick a field goal? Seahawks where down the whole game. The offense brought them back for the D to choke.”

    I hope that was some sort of joke or sarcasm.

  23. seriously you all take a cfl and the bucs takes a college coach and we get ripped cfl are we talking cfl wow good luck with that what american football coach wants to be on that staff call it staph infection

  24. emmac13 says:Jan 14, 2013 8:49 PM

    Didnt Bevels D allow Ryan to move down the field easily to kick a field goal? Seahawks where down the whole game. The offense brought them back for the D to choke.

    Am I missing something with this comment or is it as stupid as it sounds??

  25. Trestman will have other NFL owners looking north of the border next year. He gets the best out of his QBs, is a players coach and runs a great offense (ask Gannon). Cam Wake, Jerrell Freeman, and now Marc Trestman is added to the list of CFLers who will make an impact in the states. Playoffs for da Bears (just fix the o line)

  26. “And this past season, the Als were a dropped pass in the end zone away from another trip to the Grey Cup.

    A winner. Do the right thing, Bears.”

    The ‘Als’?? Hahahaha what do we have a CFL fan among us? Get the hell out of here one of the oldest franchises in the NFL entrusts their proud franchise to a canuck HC…

  27. Please no Marc Trestman. The transition from the Canadian game to the NFL is too uncertain. If we want a sure thing, go Bruce Arians he is the reigning Coach of the Year for crying out loud. How often does CoY become available for hire?

    If we want to be more risky hire with upside, then go for Clements or Carmichael. Going to another league, heck another country is a big reach.

  28. Quick question for all you pro-trestman guys.

    Who’s the last CFL head coach to be a head coach in the NFL in the past ….20 years let’s say?

  29. @tokyosandblaster
    Packers fans aint happy today NOT after they let A Rookie QB beat them or should I say SMOKE them in the playoffs. CK threw for 2 touchdowns and ran for 2 more. Greenbay Cant beat the 49ers nowhere and they cant beat the Giants on the moon. Now I ask you…… How are the packers gone ever get to the Superbowl?

  30. Interesting, if true. Trestman is supposed to be a QB guru who has trained a number of QBs going into the draft- and who went on to be disappointments or underachievers- including Cutler and Campbell. The Colts passed on Trestman for head coach last year in favor of Pagano.

    Bevell would fit nicely with Musclehead Tice as another Viking has-been/retread.

    In any case, I think this is a sign the Bears want more from the QB position and want a head coach who can make some decisions there.

    My guess is that Cutler gets some competition this off-season and the Bears don’t resign him when his contract is up at the end of the year.

  31. bevell plz bevell… of NFC Norris will even help to pay his contract (wink, wink)…..will also appreciate another 2 easy wins a year just like detroit

  32. Trestmen or Arians…. not keen on that offense in Seattle… rely to much on a mobile QB and good luck… he’d not even be in this conversation if Major Wright just hangs onto that INT

  33. Marc Trestman has the most impressive track record of any of these coaches. Darrell Bevell doesn’t have a “Russell Wilson” to QB the Bears. I like Bruce Arians resolve with Indy as well. However, the more I learn of Trestman and his innate ability to develop players and lead his teams, it seems like a no-brainer for Phil Emery. Bring on Trestman!

  34. So, you fire Lovie Smith and turn around and hire a guy who is well known in the league, serving on several staffs and somehow ended up coaching in Canada. That is a red flag that will lead to some regrets when fans see next season’s soft butt team.

  35. emmac13 says: Jan 14, 2013 8:49 PM

    “Didnt Bevels D allow Ryan to move down the field easily to kick a field goal? Seahawks where down the whole game. The offense brought them back for the D to choke.”

    You do know that Bevell is Seattle’s OFFENSIVE coordinator, right?

  36. Bears fan my entire life, and to be honest, I really had absolutely no clue who I wanted the Bears to hire.

    But after reading a billion articles, a billion stats about each of the 13 candidates that Emery interviewed, I have one person who I’d like the Bears to hire.

    1- First, I love Phil Emery. Angelo was horrendous. Day 1 on the job and Emery got what Angelo couldn’t for a decade. (A WR — Marshall)

    2- Emery didn’t implement his drafting system last season. He said this season will be his first with his style and scheme of drafting. He’ll address our o-line issues.

    3- Adam Shefter reported that 2 of the 13 candidates said they HAVE NEVER been in an interview so thorough and detailed than they did with Emery.

    4- I personally think the Bears should hire Marc Trestman. At first, my guy was none other than BA, but Trestman has over 20 years of NFL experience.

    5- He credentials don’t lie — while I’ve never watched a CFL game, he’s been ballin’. Plus, he can have bring over his staff from there w/ all these coaches already getting their staff together.

  37. Just read that Trestman is ‘the heavy favorite.’ Maybe Jimmy Johnson was right, after all.

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