Hue Jackson, Pat Shurmur interviewing with Panthers Monday


The Browns hired Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski to replaced the fired Pat Shurmur as their head coach.

That left the Panthers with an opening for an offensive coordinator and, in a twist worthy of a romantic comedy, they are interviewing Shurmur for the position on Monday. Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer first reported the team’s interest in Shurmur last week and reported their meeting with Shurmur as well.

Person also reports that it is expected that the Panthers would ask Shurmur to seriously overhaul or scrap altogether the West Coast offense he’s run in other places because it is a bad fit for their personnel. That raises the question of why they’d be interested in hiring a coach whose experience is with an offense that doesn’t interest them, but we suppose there’s always a chance that Shurmur has secretly yearned to run a completely different scheme than the one that has taken him this far in his career.

That’s not the only news on the Panthers offensive coordinator interview front. As Albert Breer of the NFL Network reported over the weekend, that Bengals assistant Hue Jackson also interviewed with the team on Monday. Based on his past history running offenses, there wouldn’t seem to be the same need for Jackson to scrap his preferred scheme if he got the job.

16 responses to “Hue Jackson, Pat Shurmur interviewing with Panthers Monday

  1. If you hire Jackson, you deserve everything that comes your way and man, it’ll come big time.

  2. wheres rich kotite? I want to make the ALL-terrible coaching staff. Kotite, Handley, Joe Walton, David Shula. Head Coach: Jim Zorn, of course.

  3. If you’re contemplating Shurmur, why not interview Serena Williams, Tom Cruise or Carrot Top as well? They don’t have any business being the Panther’s OC either.

  4. Break out the butter and jab because Carolina’s upcoming season is gonna be toast with the coaching group Rivera and the Big Cat are putting together.

  5. In four years as NFL head coach or offensive coordinator, Shurmur’s highest rank in points is 24th and in yards is 25th. Yes, HIGHEST rank. Those two Rams teams and two Browns teams won a total of 17 games.

    Yards (29, 26, 29, and 25th) and points (32, 26, 29, and 25th).

  6. fringetastic says:
    Jan 14, 2013 6:19 PM
    Where’s Norv?!
    With Chudzinski in Cleveland.

    I’m hoping for Whisenhunt. I’d like to see what he could do with a skilled QB, 2-3 skilled RBs, and 2 skilled WRs – as opposed to his last 2 years in Arizona, when all he had was 1 skilled WR.

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