Texans begin circling wagons around Schaub


Knowing he’s going to be under fire the entire offseason, many of his Texans teammates are rushing to the defense of quarterback Matt Schaub.

Which is a prudent course to take, of course, since they’re stuck with him.

“Have they ever been in his shoes?” defensive end J.J. Watt said of Schaub’s critics via the Houston Chronicle. “If you want to sit here and question our quarterback, that’s fine. But every guy in this room believes in him. We all trust and believe that he can take us there. We’re not going to listen to what the outside world says.”

If that’s the case, the Texans should invest in as many ear plugs as backup linebackers this offseason.

Schaub knows this too. He didn’t meet with reporters, but during his regular radio show, he acknowledged the continued disappointment.

“If anyone out there, any listeners, have lost confidence in me or this team, I don’t know what to say to them,” Schaub said on his radio show on KILT610 AM. “Everyone in this locker room gave it up as much as we could for each other, for our team, for our organization, for our city.

“Ultimately, we didn’t make enough plays in that ballgame to win the game, but we’re going to go right back to the drawing board, right back to that wall. We’re going to bust through it one of these days.”

The problem for Schaub and the Texans is that they’re going to have to continue defending themselves until they have another chance to change the postseason narrative. The Falcons essentially went through a regular season knowing nothing they did mattered if they didn’t push through the playoff barrier.

And now the Texans are in the same situation, since expectations have been raised to the point that beating the Bengals is no longer enough.

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  1. I’m sorry, every time I read a quote by JJ What(?) I can’t help thinking about that silly little finger wagging thing he does while on the receiving end of yet another shellacking from the Patriots. Dude, huddle up and get on to the next play…..and no spitting!

  2. Something is off with this team. Whether its the varsity jackets, saying the Pats regular season game is the biggest in their history, or that guy that is quickly becoming annoying, Watt, this team lacks something.

  3. And yet when they still had a chance to win in NE with time left on the clock, instead of trying, he threw a couple of meaningless passes into the middle of the field. If you were planning on just giving up, you should have kneeled out instead.

  4. “Have you ever walked in his shoes”???

    Get real JJ. When you sign a multiyear contract for millions of dollars and become the face of the franchise you are expected to…you know…perform at a certain level.
    This includes not looking like a deer in the headlights when someone looks like they may tackle you, not collapsing like a lawn chair in the fetal position when someone gets near you, not throwing the ball out of bounds when no one is near you on 3rd down in a playoff game, being able to throw accurately more than 18 yards downfield, and actually accepting responsibility for your failures.
    Also…how about showing some leadership on the field and learn how to run the no-huddle offense at a pace of more one play every 35 seconds.

  5. jeez. People have been complaining about him because he couldn’t stay healthy. Now he’s on the field and leading his team to the playoffs and they’re still complaining. Give the man a chance to play with a full and healthy defense before you knock him.

  6. Those last three sentences up there are dead on. You are very correct on expectations. While I know you are referring to the team’s expectations for themselves, I can also say expectations have changed for the fans, too. There was not one person in Reliant Stadium’s parking lot that was surprised that they won last weekend. Last year, it was just a party after the game.

  7. i wouldnt say schaub needs to go but its getting to be that time where texans need to look at tj yates who alrdy won a playoff game asa rookie as texans qb.. if schaub struggles early next year yates comes in.

  8. And now the Texans are in the same situation, since expectations have been raised to the point that beating the Bengals is no longer enough.
    True. But at least he didn’t pull a Roethlisberger.

  9. JJ has the right to say what he wants. He brings it every game while being double-teamed nearly every play. I really believe if you don’t have an elite QB, you need to start looking at dual-threats. They are capable of running for 1st downs when its there or when receivers are covered. Schaubs biggest problem is that he needs wide open WR to succeed & has 0 capabilities when forced out of pocket. Always looking to throw it away, absolutely no improv when a play breaks down. He does nothing for you outside the designed play

  10. Patriots fan here. Schaub scored 28 points in a playoff game. How much more do you expect from him?

    Sure they had to settle for 3 points instead of 7 a few times – but every QB experiences that.

    The bottom line is that if the D does a better job in that game, the Texans are hosting Baltimore next week.

  11. If anything he has helped TJ Yates value. Maybe I am wrong, but didn’t Yates take them just as far in the playoffs last year?

  12. calm down Texans fans, you’ve made it to the Post Season two times now in franchise history. It takes steps, your getting closer each year….

  13. Schaub is lucky he plays on a good team.

    I definitely think he’s a better QB than Matt Cassel, Kevin Kolb and Ryan Fitzpatrick, but oftentimes the difference between a good QB and a bad QB is nothing more than the players around him.

  14. Texans are lucky to be where they are, Injuries happen all over NFL, it happened to them with Cushing and some othe no name Lb’s but nothing major on offense. Be fortunate because nothing is guaranteed in the NFL

  15. Shaub is capable of throwing for 400 yards and 4 tds but there something not right about him…otherwise the broncos would still have him on their roster.

  16. Not a Texans fan so I have no horse in this race but I think the majority of NFL teams would be satisfied with a QB of Schaub’s caliber. He’s never going to be Brady, Brees etc. but he’s far better than teams like Jags, Cards, Raiders, Jets, Bucs, etc. etc. have. No, I think the problem in Houston lies with Kubiak. The owner, McNair, has given Kubiak everything he has asked for over the past 7 years. McNair isn’t afraid to spend the money on players, doesn’t interfere like Jerrah Jones, certainly isn’t knee-jerk like in Jacksonville, Tampa, Cleveland or Buffalo. Kubiak has had a roster of elite talent but he can’t get them past the level they’ve been at for 5 years. Kubiak is the problem in Houston.

  17. Texans defense gives up 41 points and Schaub takes the heat? I’m pretty sure football is a team sport. I know his stats were just average this year, but there are only a handful elite QBs in the league. Not every team is gonna have one.

  18. The Lee Evans drop was 2nd down.

    3rd down Pitta got interfered with but there was no call.

    4th down… Wide left.

  19. Wait. You guys think the loss is Schaub’s fault? Because he didn’t put up 42 against the Patriots? I have news for you. If Schaub had put up 42, then Brady and company would have put up 49.

  20. Maybe Schaub should be running to the support of his defense instead of vice versa. You know..one of the leagues best D’s that got 41 points dropped on them

  21. the Texans can only beat teams that dont have a powerful offense, their D is overated and Schaub is a game manager, the colts will take back the afc south again next year , hope u guys enjoyed yr 2 years we spotted yal

  22. Problem is we have a stubborn coach who believes that his way is best and he doesn’t believe in adjusting to the game of today.

  23. Are you people for real? Schaub got 17 points when the patriots d was playing deep, giving up big chunks on runs and passes underneath and protecting deep. before the half and at the end of the game, playing soft to eat up time…..
    why teams use that prevent defense irks the hell out of me…… the texans left the JV jackets at home but forgot their BIG BOY PANTS..

  24. Now might not be the appropriate time to ask but how did the Texans let Pollard, Leach, and Jacoby Jones go so easily. All three turned out to be studs on the Ravens. Was coaching the difference? Seems to me that Kubiak and his staff might need to take some blame here as well.

  25. And now the Texans are in the same situation, since expectations have been raised to the point that beating the Bengals is no longer enough.

    That’s not very nice. There were 10 teams out of 13 this year that couldn’t beat the Bengals. So that says the Texans are pretty good to be able to beat them.

  26. The guy won the Texans a playoff game less than week ago – give the guy a break!

    They lost to the all-mighty patriots by less than 14 points in New England in the 2nd round of the playoffs….things could be SO MUCH WORSE!

    Just ask Kansas City.

  27. To all the Chiefs and Cardinals fans who want Matt Schaub, I would be glad if the Texans would trade him to either team. All I would want in return is that you switch positions in the 1st, 2nd, and 4th rounds of the 2013 NFL draft with the Texans. We will get our DT and you can still get your future QB while he develops behind Schaub. You can have Matt Schaub’s talent and salary while the salary cap space will be good enough for me. Do you still want Matt Schaub now?

  28. Hey can win a championship. He is not that turnover probably. He needs more weapons. He is accurate and did a great job of getting in tight areas yesterday.

    Mask Ryan got more weapons by his second year. Why does Matt Schaub have to have his weaponry amount cut down?

    He is good with very little, but he needs better number two and number three receivers. He will also need another good pass catching tight end.

    He can always play better, but management and the coaching failed him!

  29. It seems like nobody in the world of football has any patience anymore. Just give the guy a little wiggle room. Made it to the second round of the playoffs and there are so many people kickin him when he’s down. Geez…

  30. dblockatl says:Jan 14, 2013 4:50 PM

    The guy won the Texans a playoff game less than week ago – give the guy a break!

    They lost to the all-mighty patriots by less than 14 points in New England in the 2nd round of the playoffs….things could be SO MUCH WORSE!

    Just ask Kansas City.
    He was behind as much as 28 points at one time, and was the beneficiary of 17 points the refs gift-wrapped for him.

    Please, the guy made a couple of decent throws but was basically crap until the Pat’s went “prevent”.

  31. So, the Texans should invest a second round pick for a QB. What round was Tom Brady picked in? How many QB’s were picked ahead of him and are no longer in the league? What was the very first pick of the Houston Texans? – David Carr! Picking great QB’s in the early rounds is no Guarantee!!!!

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