Tom Brady isn’t worried about playing without Gronkowski


The Patriots advanced to another AFC Championship Game with Sunday’s win over the Texans, but they aren’t going to have tight end Rob Gronkowski against the Ravens.

Gronkowski re-injured the left forearm he broke earlier this season and will need to have another surgery to get things right. That means he’ll be out for the rest of the Patriots’ playoff run. It’s a blow to the Patiots offense, to be sure, but it is one that quarterback Tom Brady believes the team can handle after learning how to play without Gronkowski during his earlier absence.

“Sure. I think we put much more time in this year than we — for example, like last year, when we played the Super Bowl, it was our first game without him in two years,” Brady said on WEEI, via “Not that that’s any excuse because there are no excuses, but there’s an uncertainty of how guys are going to play and step in. Well we know now, we know the types of packages we’ll use and what we’ll do and the different ways we’ll try to find some weakness in the defense based on our groups and so forth.”

The Patriots dealt with the absence of Gronkowski and running back Danny Woodhead just fine. Shane Vereen scored three touchdowns and combined with Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez for 19 catches and 299 yards. That kind of production makes it possible for the Patriots to thrive without Gronkowski in the lineup and they’ll need to keep it up next week to advance to the Super Bowl for the sixth time since Brady became quarterback.

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  1. Wes Worker and the dezprerado will be ready…..throw in the riddler and vereen in the backfield and Mr. “Threw the ball at the ref too hard” Lloyd will be ready….lets go pats!

  2. I’m much more worried about Woodhead’s availability in the next two games. Woodhead is the best pass rush blocker they have, and an excellent pass catcher. Vereen stepped up and showed he could do that role, but Danny is very important to protecting Tom if the O-line is struggling. Two very good D-lines coming up (Ravens & 49ers) and they’ll need all the options they can get.

  3. Brady can make any receiver look good. He puts the ball right where it needs to be almost all the time. I get jealous watching QB’s like him and Manning for instance. They’re just fun to watch because of the way they play the game and the knowledge they have of the game. But I have to watch Andy Dalton overthrow, underthrow and not throw for a sack every week.

  4. Nor should he be. Gronk is an excellent TE, but this Pats offense is still a super-bowl quality offense even without him. Hernandez would start on almost every other team in the league. With the swift and hard fall of Vernon Davis this year, and the hardships Antonio Gates has faced both in terms of injuries and Phillip Rivers’ inability to play the QB position anymore, I would place Hernandez currently as a top 5 TE.

    If I was a GM, and was told choose one TE and one only, Gronk, Witten and Gonzalez would be the only ones Id choose over Hernandez. Id have to stew about him vs. Jimmy Grahm for a while.

    So all in all, yes, I think you’re right Brady. Nothing to worry about. Coming from a Pats hater.

  5. What was nice was that even though a lot of their packages going in were built around Gronk and Woody, they were able to adjust in game and some other guys stepped in to big roles with little notice and were great (like Vereen).

  6. Beezo-Doo-doo-Zippity-Bop-bop-bop says:
    Jan 14, 2013 12:35 PM
    Of course he’s not. Gronk is just another piece of meat BB doesn’t mind chewing up and spitting out. No one has less concern for their players than the Pats.


    My gosh! The Pat’s success is really a thorn in your side, isn’t it??

  7. Well of course he isn’t worried. The Patriots are now 5-1 on the season without Gronk playing. Brady literally has an army of recievers to cover up Gronk’s playing time.

  8. Where is the gnashing of teeth about whether they forced Gronk to return too early, whether they should have held him out… a la RG3?

  9. The running games are pretty equal. Pats have a better passing game, unless Flacco gets really hot, which he can. Both Defenses are good, except maybe on special teams. Kicking games are even. Two good Coaches. Looks pretty even to me.

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