Broncos promote Cory Undlin to secondary coach


The Denver Broncos made the decision Tuesday to not renew the contract of secondary coach Ron Milus in the wake of the Broncos double overtime loss to the Baltimore Ravens last Saturday.

It didn’t take long for the Broncos to fill the role as they have elected to promote from within in moving Cory Undlin from defensive quality control coach to secondary coach.

The move was made following a staggering failure to hold onto a lead at the end of regulation as Jacoby Jones got behind safety Rahim Moore and the Broncos defense for a 70-yard game-tying touchdown to send the game to overtime. Justin Tucker would win the game for Baltimore with a 47-yard field goal early in the second overtime.

This wasn’t about one play or one game. It was about the best fit for our secondary and defense as we moved forward,” head coach John Fox said, via Mike Klis of the Denver Post. “Cory’s a bright, experienced coach who has learned from some great defensive minds. He’s worked with Jack in the past as his defensive backs coach, and he knows our players very well.”

Undlin served with Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio for three years in Jacksonville. Undlin served as a defensive assistant in 2008 before coaching the secondary for his final two years with the Jaguars.

15 responses to “Broncos promote Cory Undlin to secondary coach

  1. I call bs on Fox. This totally was about that last drive before overtime and his need to scapegoat someone for the way the season ended. I would be willing to bet that if Denver won that game Milus would be back next year. Someone should tell Fox that he should get used to losing playoff games as long as his current quarterback is at the helm.

  2. Like Jack Del Rio accomplished anything in Jacksonville. Classless act to terminate DB coach and shameful to now claim it wasn’t about “the catch”.

  3. Of course it was John Fox’s horrible coaching decisions that lost them the game, it was all the secondary coaches fault… what a joke.

  4. Dumb Broncos! It wasn’t the DBs coach’s fault! It was the defensive quality control coach’s fault! Ugh! They’ve made their bed….

  5. Someone has to take the fall. Is is Fox’s fault that his secondary coach can’t coach his players to not let anyone get behind them? Especially Jacoby Jones. Decent return guy but the most over rated # 3 WR in the game. I’m surprised he even caught it. That catch was a gift from god probably to save Jacoby Jones career after he dropped a previous pass on 3rd down and for Lee Evan’s drop in the end zone last year. I would have fired my secondary coach too. You just can’t fix stupid. Raheem Moore I almost reached thru the TV and choked your ass out.

  6. Denver experienced a stunning loss similiar to this one in 1996 against Jacksonville.

    It galvanized the team and resulted in back to back Super Bowl victories.

    Let’s do it again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO BRONCOS !!!!!!!

  7. I think the quality control coach runs up and down the sideline yelling “Get back! Get back!” At all the players to keep them from creeping out onto the field to avoid a penalty for 12 men on the field. Seems the rest of the coaching duties should be pretty well covered by the other 15 or so dudes that actually coach positions.

    The Broncos secondary played pretty spectacularly for most of the season. Champ graded out as the 4th best CB in football according to PFF, and Harris, Carter, and Moore improved by leaps and bounds becoming quality NFL starters. I sincerely hope that this move wasn’t just about one play, because it appeared to me Milus’s unit was far better than expected in 2012.

  8. Ron Milus’ contract wasn’t renewed. That isn’t being fired. Nor is it a fall man. Wait, but fans on the other hand know how many DB coaches name? Come on… A little knee jerk reaction.

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