Chargers tell San Diego they’re not moving in 2013

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Under the terms of the NFL’s relocation policy, there’s only one team that could as a practical matter move to Los Angeles in 2013.  And that team has informed the mayor of its current city that it is staying put.

According to Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, the Chargers have advised Mayor Bob Filner that the franchise will not exercise its ability to leave San Diego, and that the Chargers will not be applying for relocation to L.A. for the next football season.

“For more than a decade the Chargers have done everything possible to find a stadium solution in San Diego, and we are going to continue to work hard in 2013 with the new Mayor and City Council,” Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani said, via Farmer.

The Chargers have a buyout that drops in amount each year, and a specific annual window within which to exercise it.  Likewise, the NFL creates a specific period early every calendar year during which teams may apply for the opportunity to relocate.

The team’s decision to not move in 2013 doesn’t mean the team will never move.  Indeed, the Chargers remain on the short list of teams most likely to fill the void in Los Angeles, if/when that ever happens.

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  1. Now they just need to work on moving the team in the right direction. One of the most talented/loyal teams in the NFL. If norv turner can keep a job there forever, then they seem pretty loyal. With Phillip rivers seeming to regress, they have to keep the talent they produce. Michael turner, Darren Sproles, Vincent Jackson, mike Tolbert. This team has had some serious players, just to watch them leave! If Robert meacham is the best you’re going to bring in, then you’re making terrible personnel decisions. Lets see, keep the good players, and don’t bring in junk…. Easy enough???????

  2. Build them a 35,000 seat stadium, you can’t lose San Diego, it’s a destination NFL city. Visiting fans love to travel to the city.

    The NFL is going to expand, not relocate. Two LA teams, Toronto and Oklahoma City.

  3. The Spanos family has spent millions, and years trying to work out a deal to stay in SD. After following the efforts they’ve made to get a stadium built in SD over the past 10 years, no reasonable human being could conclude they’re just trying to jump ship to LA. They might, but it would be a last resort based on what I’ve read and seen. If the plan was always to head up north, why would they invest so much time, money and effort trying to get something built in San Diego?

  4. “For more than a decade the Chargers have done everything possible to find a stadium solution in San Diego, and we are going to continue to work hard in 2013 with the new Mayor and City Council,” Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani said, via Farmer.

    the Spanos family needs to finance their own stadium just like Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft did for their temas, it’s not rocket science, quit begging for handouts…

  5. Why would anyone ever move from San Diego to Los Angeles? San Diego is probably the nicest city in America. Los Angeles is a freak show. Doesn’t the fact that two different NFL teams left Los Angeles give prospective franchises something to think about while contemplating the move?

  6. The Chargers are only on the short list of teams likely to move to LA for uninformed sportswriters who truly believe Dean Spanos can pony up ~$600 million the NFL requires for a “Relocation Fee” to LA. One also has to believe Dean Spanos will sell a minority share of his team (at less than market value) to AEG. Those that have any idea about how Spanos runs his business know he won’t be parting with a stake in his team for less than its value. It simply won’t happen.

    The Rams & Raiders are much more likely to be the teams that relocate to LA not the Chargers.

  7. So the city doesn’t want to build them a stadium (which is fair), and the fans don’t want to attend games based on the fact that games are regularly blacked out (which is also fair)….so why doesn’t the team move to LA?

    I’d understand the city objecting to its team moving if the city had just recently built the team a stadium or agreed to build one in the future, but the city refuses.

    I’d understand the fans objecting to its team moving if they attended games, but fans are staying away.

    So why not allow the team to move to a city that *wants* to build the team a new stadium and has fans who *want* to attend games? The team would still be in the Pacific time zone, so Chargers fans could still watch games on TV without being inconvenienced by time zone differences. And it seems like most fans are watching the game on TV (not going to games), so I don’t see why there would be many objections.

  8. The politicians of San Diego do not want to build a new football stadium for the Chargers. They may not be moving in 2013, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be moving in the near future. San Diego would like to become a nice, quiet, little “bedroom community”. They don’t really want or need the national attention that a lot of cities want, with regards to major sports franchises.

  9. And Buffalo just signed a new stadium lease, which will include some “renovations”. In about 10 years Ralph Wilson Stadium will affectionately be known as the “New Rockpile”.

  10. Can someone in SD please explain why no one wants to go to these games?

    As a Buffalo resident who did not grow up in Buffalo, I am a third party but first-hand witness to fans there who despite their teams shortcomings absolutely love their Bills, and would be devastated to see them go. Then you look at San Diego, who barring the last 2 years, have been a solid franchise the past decade in terms of their success. Sproles, LT, Vincent Jackson- these are incredible talents. Its not as if this team has been a laughing stock. Granted, I understand Norv Turner being hired in place of Marty Schottenheimer after Marty led them to a 14-2 season was a terrible business decision on behalf of SD’s ownership, but still.

    Point I’m making is what is the difference here? Why do fans like Buffalo’s blindly support their team no mater what the obstacle, and SD fans dont go to their game despite the fact that, all things considered, their franchise could be in a lot worse shape success wise?

  11. Buffalo speak for yourself, Jax isn’t moving to LA. No wiseguys we aren’t permanently moving overseas to London either. The owner has clearly made his commitment to the city of Jacksonville, with stadium renovations, helping out businesses in the city of Jax, improved regional coverage of the team etc. So yall keep on being in denial.

  12. It won’t be Buffalo or Jacksonville to LA; both have long-term stadium leases with hundreds of millions of dollars in penalties if that lease is broken.

    Relocating comes down to two things…bad stadium or bad attendance. Contrary to popular belief neither Jacksonville or Buffalo has the attendance problems the media would like you to think..(they rank 20th and 21st in attendance in 2012).

    The bills are putting $200 million into renovations of their stadium.

    Jags new owner Shad Khan is also putting millions of dollars into the stadium, state-of-the-art locker and weight rooms, new sound system and is installing new large hd screens in the stadium. Doesn’t sound like someone planning to move a team.

    It will more than likely be San Diego at some point. Not only does San Diego have a bad stadium, but their attendance was 28th in the league. It’s a bad combo and will ultimately have them going to LA.

  13. Kraft hosed the peole of Connecticut to get Gillette Stadium built in Foxborough. The same suckers who turn to jello whenever there is speculation about an NHL team wanting a new building.

  14. San Diego Is FNG stupid .
    If they would have approved a stadium 10 years ago when the NFL shut them out from future Super Bowl considerations they would have made all of their $ back by now, and would be hosting it every 4 years.

  15. I don’t think Chargers will move because Spanos wants to keep it a family business. If they moved to LA, they would have to hire actual office personnel instead of always having family brought in.

    As far as somebody mentioning the Padres stadium, downtown is booming and there has been more people at the games because there is more condos developing. As more homes are built next to the stadium, the more it has been filling up, regardless of teams standings.
    Yeah Chargers deserve it more because now we cannot even host a Super Bowl.

    I don’t like making excuses but a reason why it seems team gets no local support is nobody is local. Everybody is from somewhere else. I was born in Japan, navy fam, but luckily this is the first city I moved to.
    And they run it like a small market team, farm system who always drops their best player because they don’t want to pay them. I think the Chargers mimick the Padres philosophy sometimes. So outsiders are not quick to adopt us. Hopefully new GM and coach will change things

  16. can’t blame them…it’s just a court battle waiting to happen to happen., and when or if a team decides to, bring it on..raiders vs nfl

  17. eventhorizon04 says: Jan 15, 2013 11:54 PM

    So the city doesn’t want to build them a stadium (which is fair), and the fans don’t want to attend games based on the fact that games are regularly blacked out (which is also fair)….so why doesn’t the team move to LA?


    “Regularly blacked out”? Cool story, bro! Would be even cooler if you knew what the hell you were talking about!

    Games were only occasionally (not “regularly”) blacked out this year due to a conceited effort to BOYCOTT the crappy personnel decisions made by the front office.

    And guess what… The boycott WORKED. Noticed how we got a new GM and HC?

    Yeah, your apology is accepted. Ignorance is no excuse.

  18. joetoronto says: Jan 16, 2013 5:37 AM

    The Chargers have become so irrelevant that they are now completely worthless.


    Said the Raiders fan! LMAO!

  19. I think you are all confusing “low attendance” with a conceited effort to boycott games this year in an effort to affect change on the front office.

    After a decade of selling out practically every game, the fans spoke with their wallets and boycotted this year.

    New HC and new GM.

    Good work, Chargers fans!

  20. tomtravis76 says: Build them a 35,000 seat stadium, you can’t lose San Diego, it’s a destination NFL city. Visiting fans love to travel to the city . . .
    The NFL is going to expand, not relocate. Two LA teams, Toronto and Oklahoma City


    Exceedingly unlikely. The Divisions are perfectly balanced with regard to scheduling, playoffs, etc.

    If you added four teams as you suggest (and don’t even get me started on the city’s you mentioned), you would have 36 teams. That’s 18 per Conference. You can’t divide 18 evenly by 4; either you have unbalanced Divisions, or you scrap the whole North-East-South-West arrangement and realign back to 3 Divisions per Conference.

    It is doubtful (to say the least) that anyone in a position to effect the changes your suggestion would entail actually wants to do so.

    So, no, the League is not going to expand. L.A.’s team is going to come from some city that currently has one, and eventually won’t.

  21. Yes Buffalo is putting $200 million into “renovations” for the Ralph. More restrooms, widening the concourses, and maybe some nice cupholders. None of those things are going to increase the revenue stream of the stadium like corporate luxury suites would. THAT’S what would make the NFL drool. Buffalo doesn’t have a large corporate base. That’s one reason why they are playing games in Toronto. I hope their renovations work out, but it wont do much for the long term.

  22. San Diego is playing chicken with the Chargers on a new stadium. They know that the Spanos’
    don’t want to sell a stake in their team to move to L.A. so they feel that as long as they keep giving them lease extensions , the Chargers aren’t going anywhere. Keep in mind that San Diego let 2 NBA franchises walk away without putting up any kind of fight at all. If the Chargers left, the fans would be crushed, but the politicians would not care at all.

  23. Why are the Rams even tagged in this? They can’t break their lease until March 2015. If anyone thinks Stan Kroenke is going to give up part of his ownership to leave from LA to St.Louis is ridiculous.

    Chargers and Jags are the only competition for LA – but I honestly don’t see either one moving either.

  24. I just gotta say, all those that say the Bills are moving are delusional. I mean, seriously?

    $400 million in penalties if they move, and that number doesn’t change for 7 years. They already have the renovations drawn up (check their site) and are pressing forward with $200 million in improvements.

    To those that say they don’t generate the money, that’s because they have by far the cheapest tickets in the league; but they sell out pretty consistently, only 2 black outs this year at a 6-10 team for the second year in a row, that’s pretty awesome.

    Likely candidates are: The Chargers (regardless of what they say), The Vikings (they still have no stadium deal), The Rams (because they STILL haven’t finished arbitrations over enhancements), The Raiders (because they share the Bay market with S.F.).

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