Chiefs will draft best player available, not reach for a quarterback

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New Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey says he wants to select the best player available with the first overall pick in this year’s NFL draft, and that he won’t address a specific need at quarterback — or any other position.

Dorsey says he expects the next three months to be full of questions about how the Chiefs can find a difference-making player with the first pick, but all he can do is examine everyone and take the best football player.

“We all know there is some pressure involved,” Dorsey said, via the Kansas City Star. “You make the right pick by choosing the best player available. I know of no other philosophy.”

The other philosophy is that if you’re a quarterback-needy team (as the Chiefs are), you take a quarterback and hope he can develop into a franchise savior. But Dorsey doesn’t seem inclined to do that.

In this year’s draft, West Virginia’s Geno Smith and USC’s Matt Barkley are generally viewed as the top quarterbacks. But Smith and Barkley are not the kind of elite prospects that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III were a year ago. If the Chiefs are going to take the best player regardless of position, they’d be more likely to take Texas A&M left tackle Luke Joeckel, Utah defensive tackle Star Lotulelei, Texas A&M defensive end Damontre Moore, Alabama guard Chance Warmack or LSU defensive end Barkevious Mingo.

At least, right now it looks like one of those players would be the best player available. Sometimes in the pre-draft process, teams convince themselves that the best player available is a quarterback.

75 responses to “Chiefs will draft best player available, not reach for a quarterback

  1. Take an O-lineman or defensive player and build the team from that. There is no QB in the draft this year which deserves even a top 10 selection.

  2. I still think their best route is to take Joeckel, trade Branden Albert, and try to use their other picks to find a QB, whether it be a trade for a young veteran (Matt Flynn and Ryan Mallett come to mind, amongst others, Flynn in particular since John Dorsey has background with him from their Packers days) or drafting a young QB. Actually, they are probably better off adding a veteran and drafting a kid.

    Joeckel seems to be the safest pick in the draft, a guy who plays a premium position and can step in right away. It’s hard to see them extending Branden Albert at what it’s going to take.

  3. Best player available…you mean like OG Watkins? If KC doesn’t pick the top QB in the draft, the Chiefs will be scalped. Reid is now the head coach of the Chiefs because he was a mediocre talent evaluator.

  4. You cant trade Albert as his contract is up. And with his injuries to the back he wont bring a high premium. Why draft yet another LT when you have one established. Draft the guard from Bama where we have a true need.

  5. This type of philosophy has worked for the Giants.

    Draft a defensive end even when you don’t need a defensive end.
    Jason Pierre-Paul anybody?

    All In…

  6. This is what they say so that when they draft a quarterback, which they will, they can say, “Wow, what luck! We really did think Geno Smith was the best player in this draft!”

    What an odd enabling role the media allow themselves to play. Congrats on the new unpaid PR jobs!

  7. Knowing what you know now do you think most QB needy teams would hesitate to select Russell Wilson in the first round of last year’s draft? Say what you want about Carrol but ever since he joined the Seahawks they’ve been on point with their drafts and picking players that fit their team’s mentality despite getting slammed for picking that player too early.

    Some people may laugh at this but how many times have you played fantasy football and really loved a sleeper like an Arian Foster before his break out season but decided to wait a round or two only to watch someone swoop in and pick him before you? Remember that sick feeling you got as he put up big game after big game? Now multiple that by 100 and you might get an idea how some teams feel about passing up Wilson.

  8. No I believe the translation is …
    #1 Pick is available!

    The Chiefs will be molded to Andy Reid’s style and that will require a lot more than 1 pick in the draft.

  9. Chiefs need to trade out of that #1 pick for a lower 1 this year, an early 2 and a 3or4. Only reason they should use the #1 pick is if they find a game changer type qb or de

  10. I like it. Get a left tackle this year and get a QB next year when the class should be better.

  11. The stock and value of QBs always rises on the way up to the draft. Barring a Redskins-for-RG3 type of trade, the Chiefs will keep the pick and use it on a QB.

  12. Joeckel is the pick. Andy Reid was an o linemen. He always builds the lines. Will not reach for a qb bc he believes he can mold one later. I guarantee this is the pick. His first move as coach of Eagles??? Jon Runyan. Enough said.

  13. Ahhhh. The time of year where everyone and their momma try to outsmart each other and play games.

    Take everything with a grain of salt!!

  14. The options are limited but I belive its really 2 guys you draft at 1 joeckel or lotulelei. Now joeckel is a premium position where Albert while ok isn’t great and has back issues. If he resigns with us we may be able to move him to guard but Allen isn’t a bad prospect there also Hudson the center is coming off major injury might have to make back up plans for him. Star on the other hand does fill need were going to lose dorsey to wether 3-4 or 4-3 he needs to be replaced. Nobody will trade up for this pick cause the qbs aren’t good but if they do I would take it in a heart beat.

  15. “But Smith and Barkley are not the kind of elite prospects that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III were a year ago.”

    I hope we don’t hear this every year when the draft nears…it will get old fast. It’s like adding “but he’s no Payton Manning or Tom Brady” at the end of every sentence after someone talks about a QB.

  16. All year long chiefs fans called for the firing of pioli because for one he never drafted a qb in the first round…what a hypocritical fan base. The rest of the AFC West would love for them to pass on the great players in the draft to take Geno Smith

  17. of course some of you are willing to trade your left nut for Flynn after watching him play one game… i just don’t get it, but hey who am i?

  18. How did you not even mention Jarvis Jones? He is Von Miller 2.0 and the consensus top player on nearly everyones big board..

  19. The mere fact that they feel there is a need to tell you they are not going to reach and will draft the best player should tell you a lot about the organization.

  20. Having been an Andy Reid fan from the Eagles (and still am), I will tell the Chiefs that it really doesn’t matter what they say, and often will say opposite of what they do.

    It’s not in their best interest to show their cards.

    I’m surprised the media has caught on, and just stopped listening.

  21. this just means that a KC > PHI deal will be happening.
    The eagles need Joeckel and everyone knows it.

    If you are an eagle fan and don’t agree,,
    please , hide in a corner and do not post anything on PFT unitl May.

  22. As a life long Cheifs Fan I am hoping they find a way to trade back and pick up additional picks. We have a lot of Needs. If Nothing Else, We can pick up Matt barkley or Tyler Wilson at the top of the 2nd round. I am glad Andy Reid and John Dorsey are making this decision instead of Pioli. He would have F’d it up.

  23. how many times have we heard this? trade for flynn and trade down to get more picks and draft joekel

  24. Reach, hope and pray is always great drafting strategy. KC is a bad football team with lots of holes to fill. Can never go wrong drafting an outstanding LT that can start from day 1 or a defensive lineman/ LB that can seriously upgrade the defense

  25. I personally believe that Geno Smith would be a good choice, but that he would benefit a lot from being groomed the way first round quarterbacks used to be groomed, i.e. sitting behind a veteran for a year and learning the game, occasionally getting his feet wet during garbage time. Those days, however, seem to be over for the time being. Everyone expects a first round player to make an immediate impact, and this year’s draft class did nothing to reduce that expectation.

  26. Whoever the Chiefs pick at #1 they’re still going to be one of the worst teams in the NFL and will be in the hunt for the #1 pick again next year.
    Grab the OT and then hope you’re in the running for Johnnie Football next year (assuming he comes out). at least at that point you’ve upgraded your O line so that JF won’t get killed back there.

  27. I dont see the Kansas City Chiefs taken Joeckel with the #1 overall pick since Joeckel is not even will be project as a mid to late round 1st round draft pick. I have a feeling that Geno Smith is going to light up the combine soon when it starts. He is going to anything he can to keep his reputation up as a #1 round draft pick.

    I think if the Kansas City Chiefs dont go after Geno Smith in the 1st round then I guess we could see if they will take Denard Robinson QB from Michigan in the 3rd round.

  28. Andy loves taking o-linemen but o-line is one of the few strengths on this chiefs team. Unless Branden Albert leaves via free agency, I don’t see them taking Joekel. Remember Andy’s first draft pick as Eagles head coach was Mcnabb….Geno Smith may be the guy

  29. The absolute worst thing the new regime could do would be to blow the 1st pick in the draft by reaching for a QB. I just don’t see it happening.

    I think they’ll pick up a stop gap QB from somewhere, draft one in a later round this year and probably draft another one next year when the crop is better. My bet is the first pick is O line.

  30. Coming from Philadelphia, I can tell you with very little doubt that Andy will draft an offensive or defensive lineman. His track record in that area is pretty clear, and so is his level of success with the guy he drafts. Abysmal…

  31. I watched Reid draft for 14 yrs and one thing I learned is he believes a team is built with the offensive and defensive lines. There is no franchise QB this year so the pick will be OT Jeockel or DT Lotulelei. Reports are that Joeckel is a once a generation tackle so that is my bet on who they will draft.

    Reid will find a stopgap QB through trade or free agency. Remember Vick will probably be available after/if he gets released.

  32. There is a few reasons any team is drafting #1 overall.

    1. Total lack of talent on both sides of the ball. I don’t believe this is the reason the chiefs are #1 this year. Their defense is pretty solid with berry and derrick johnson at LB. Tyson jackson and Dorsey may not be household names but they are more than adequate. Charles is a pretty decent RB and Moeaki is an up and comer at TE.

    That brings us to:
    #2. bad coaching, Well that problem has been solved and I believe crennel was not a disaster, but I think he is a better DC.

    #3 Not having a QB which could plan in the CFL. There are 3 ways to solve this problem:
    a. Trade for tom brady or peyton manning, not gonna happen so we go to:
    b. Draft a Tom Brady/peyton manning. No one whose job rides on finding these types of players believe anyone is coming out this year which fits that mold. I am not dsaying someone will not take a flyer in the first on smith or barkley based on the run in the playoffs with the 1st and 2nd year players, but a flyer will get you butt canned in a minute.
    c. so the only real option for any team who can’t trade or draft a manning or brady is to find someone who can be good in the range of a Matt schaub/Joe flacco/Ryan Tannehill. Someone who you can trust NOT to lose the game and allow the defense and Charles to control the pace of the Game. Matt Flynn/Mallett fit this mold.

    So if the Chiefs are not going to take a smith/barkley the what should they do? Well Reid should pull a switch a roo on everyone. Everyone knows he loves his OL, Jockell is the best OT out there, so he should start talking up this guy while still saying they will take the best player available. Try and get someone to move up for Jockell or Smith or Barkley. Hell if you got an extra 3 or 4th from the Jags or Raiders. Your in the money because jockell could fall one or two slots. If not there are about 3 defenders who could be studs in the nfl.

    Hell a dream scearnio for the chiefs would be to swap with the Jags so they can take Smith. In the yrade the chiefs give up a 3rd and 5th this year for their number one next year and swapping of picks this year/

    Drafting #2 this year take Jockell. Jags will suck out loud next year/ or at least the chiefs would hope and finish #1 overall again next year. Chiefs select Clowney for their defense. Insert gumby at QB to hand the ball off to charles and this team would have a real shot at blowing up the neck of peyton manning.

    just my two cents,

  33. Jarvis Jones with the first pick. OL/DL with the second & 3rd pick. A 4th rounder for caretaker Alex Smith. Sign Bowe, or get Greg Jennings in FA. They can and will compete for a WC in 13.

  34. at some point he will need a ball thrower, otherwise he won’t see four years.


    If he picks a qb #1 and he is a flop, that will be a career killer as well.

  35. If I was KC I’d trade down and keep trading down and collect as many second round picks as possible and then take the best QB on the board in the 2nd half of the first rd

  36. Trade down to lower in the 1st round. Get the best OL possible. Then the best receiver possible, a guy like Cordarrelle Patterson. Then the best defensive player on the board, at any position. Then sign Vince Young.

  37. As a Texans fan, I would gladly trade Matt Schaub to the Chiefs. In return, all the Texans should ask is that the Texans and Chiefs switch positions in the 1st, 2nd, and 4th rounds of the 2013 NFL Draft.
    Schaub would make the Chiefs the 2nd best team in the AFC West, possibly a 10 game winner especially since you will be playing against the last place schedule and a potential playoff team.
    With the 1st pick, the Texans can take Star Lotuleleu from Utah and the Chiefs can still draft a QB or OL at the 27th pick.
    That is a win-win trade for both teams.

  38. dalucks says:
    Jan 15, 2013 2:44 PM
    As a Texans fan, I would gladly trade Matt Schaub to the Chiefs. In return, all the Texans should ask is that the Texans and Chiefs switch positions in the 1st, 2nd, and 4th rounds of the 2013 NFL Draft.

    Hahaha! Oh, is that all?

    Measured against the draft-value chart, your proposed trade would give the Texans a net gain of 2653 points for Schaub—slightly more than the value assigned to the #2 overall pick.

    Get real.

  39. And that’s why the Chiefs are picking first. They don’t get it, and they can’t even begin to understand how to think outside of their tiny square box.

    Pick the “most valuable” player. Which doesn’t necessarily and often is not the “best player”. This team doesn’t have a clue to even begin the selection process in an optimally logical way.

  40. trade for you all
    tell me what u think??

    Dwayne Bowe and either Quinn or Casell, for
    Alex Smith and Vernon Davis

    San Fran need a WR with Moss nearing 50 and Manningham with the ACL, and get a viable backup

    We get a starting QB and a tight end that compliments Moeki

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