Chiefs will stick with 3-4 defense


In Philadelphia, Andy Reid’s Eagles teams played a 4-3 defense but he won’t be taking it with him to Kansas City.

Reid said Monday that part of the reason the team hired Bob Sutton to be their defensive coordinator was because he was experienced in the 3-4 scheme that the Chiefs have been running in recent years. Reid said that his evaluation of the personnel on hand helped him make the choice to stick with what was already in place.

“There’s been time invested in the 3-4 here,” Reid said, via the Kansas City Star. “The 3-4 gives you some flexibility. I’ve run both. I’ve been involved in both so I understand how they were. The 4-3 is good if you have the right coaches in place and the team is invested in it. But this team here is invested in the 3-4, so let’s continue to build it and get better at it.”

The Chiefs landed three defensive players — linebacker Tamba Hali, linebacker Derrick Johnson and safety Eric Berry — in the Pro Bowl and cornerback Brandon Flowers and linebacker Justin Houston are both alternates. Sticking with the scheme already in place will allow the Chiefs to focus much more on fixing the offense this offseason by leaving well enough alone on the defensive side of the ball instead of trying to overhaul everything all at once.

Reid also indicated that linebackers coach Gary Gibbs and defensive backs coach Emmitt Thomas would be retained as part of the continuity effort on defense.

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  1. I think this is the right choice. They already have a lot of talent on that side of the ball, so there’s no reason to try to fit a square peg into a round hole. The defense in KC was not good last year, but its clear to pretty much everyone that the quarterback play was the real problem.

  2. Smart move by Reid. If it’s not broken…

    Next, he needs to emphasize something he doesn’t like, the running game. This will give him time to develop a new quarterback, because despite their college pedigrees, neither Cassel nor Quinn is the answer.

  3. Great move. A more AGGRESSIVE 3-4 is what KC needs. Dontari Poe had a really good rookie year. 3-down big-man with pass rush ability. Get a thumper ILB, and a corner to replace Carr, and this D will be just fine. Now Andy needs to find a QB, a receiver or two, sign Brandon Albert and yes, Tyson Jackson, and KC will be playoff-bound!!!

  4. ouccmnasmart move andy. i know sutton is no jj but your an offensive guru and you do best when you focuz on player development and building offenses. berry is a big time playmaker and could be the dawkins you have been missing since the cheapskate lawyer my beloved eagles have chose to start your unwarranted demise in philly. as for sticking it to us…..uhh name the last time we had two good middle linebackers and 300 pound DE or a 325 pound NT. we did not have the personnel. plus ol emmit is a former eagle coach who knows football. reid will more than likley fill this years void with alex smith while drafting and developing geno smith.

  5. SMART MOVE ANDY, I LOVE IT! No reason to switch to a 4/3 when our personnel is for a 3/4. Keeping Gary Gibbs and Emmitt Thomas is huge too. Both of those guys are excellent at what they do. Now let’s get a Real Cornerback and Middle Linebacker and we will be ready to Roll.

  6. Love IT. In case anyone is watching, Scott Pioli did the exact opposite thing when he took over 4 years ago. We didn;t have the personnel for a 3/4, but he forced it anyway and see what we have for 2 years. Poor Defvensive Play. A good Coach / GM should fit the scheme to the personnel, which it appears Reid has Done. Nice Job.

  7. Hopefully Chud will take a page from Andy’s book & stick w/the 4-3 we’ve spent the last 3 yrs building/drafting for. But after all it is the Browns I’m talking about so I’m sure they’ll blow it. Probably coulda ended w/ blow……

  8. Big relief there. The D needs: the best CB and MLB you can find and a DE opposite T Jackson in the 3-4 (tho some good in house candidates). But let’s not forget the need for improved safety depth and perhaps a new starting FS…. Ok boys you got work to do, go!

  9. As a devout Eagles fan, I think the KC fans might want to look at Reid’s history before talking playoffs in 2013. First, he does not draft a LB in the first round. The earliest he took one with us was in the second round. Second, when he selects a LB, they are usually on the road to terrible. Finally, he’ll supposedly an offensive line guru but couldn’t shore up the position after he made his good OL coach into the defensive coordinator.

  10. Love all the negative comments from Eagles fan. You know how much time I spend on articles lamenting about former coaches? Zero.

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