Cleveland Browns to sell naming rights to stadium

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Jimmy Haslam, the newest owner of the Cleveland Browns, is getting close to taking an unprecedented step in Browns franchise history.

According to John Funk of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, the Browns are expected to announce this week they have agreed to sell naming rights to Cleveland Browns Stadium to the Akron-based FirstEnergy. The Browns have never sold the naming rights to a building they’ve played in.

There are only eight stadiums in the NFL that would remain without naming rights deals: Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City Chiefs), Candlestick Park (San Francisco 49ers), Cowboys Stadium (Dallas Cowboys), Georgia Dome (Atlanta Falcons), Lambeau Field (Green Bay Packers), Paul Brown Stadium (Cincinnati Bengals), Ralph Wilson Stadium (Buffalo Bills) and Soldier Field (Chicago Bears).

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  1. Wait, naming rights to ‘The Factory of Sadness’?

    It will be interesting to see which corporations are interested in this historic opportunity.

  2. Stadium this, stadium that. I love calling my homefield Century Link Stadium. As if I have some homage to the Century Link Cable network gods…..even though I subscribe to Comcast. If I could only wish into reality the former suitor of my homage…oh wait, that was Qwest Field……..How many cable providers, oh g-d!! How many?!!!!! Please, how much public funding must we surrender?

  3. I don’t get the lets keep it real mentality, the only thing keeping it real is an abundance of cash that people make by seeking the naming rights. Why would you ever not sell? Lord knows a few of those franchises could use some extra money, or is it nobody wants to buy the rights to those stadiums? With the exception of lambeu field, because it’s publicly owned. Get some money for it, why the hell not?

  4. I hate it that a part of history (stadium names) have pretty much all been sold to the highest bidder, except for the few mentioned above. History should trump the almighty dollar sometimes.

  5. Surprised its not gonna be Flying J or Pilot stadium. Screw tradition go chase that dollar Jimmy

  6. Buffalo and Cincinnati – small market teams mooching off the moneymakers, and refusing to make money by selling naming rights.

  7. This is one of my big issues with people today, no respect for history and tradition. There are certain things you just shouldn’t do. If you have enough money to buy a historic franchise then don’t mess with the historic part of it. But when it comes down to it, the only thing people are concerned with is the might dollar. It’s sad. The Rose Bowl comes to mind as well that shouldn’t have been messed with.

  8. With the exception of Cowboys Stadium (which was only because it couldn’t be named “Jerry’s World), all the other non-corporate named stadiums are named in honor of a person or ring up a certain nostalgia (Arrowhead, Candlestick, & Soldier Field should never be renamed IMO). Cleveland Brown stadium sounds like a default name instead of one that exalts the region or has a special meaning (i.e. if it were named Dawg Pound Stadium). Don’t think many Browns fans will see this as a slap in the face of tradition.

  9. Hopefully this move allows Haslem to make some stadium upgrades (like new scoreboards that you can actually read) and to keep the ticket prices among the league’s lowest.

  10. Things like this bother me. Corporate sellouts suck. I feel sorry for the city of Cleveland… first Nick Swisher then Chudzinski and now this…? Enough for awhile.

  11. Was the stadium included in the deal or is it publicly owned? Always sickening when an owner sells the naming rights to a stadium he/the team did not contribute a dime to for millions.

  12. Unfortunately, Waste Management lost their bid on the naming rights along with Honey Bucket.

  13. You’re tellIng me the company that produces the highest quality of sadness is moving its headquarters?

  14. I was just about to write…. Aren’t you guys forgetting about the super dome?….. Then I looked it up and its now called the “Mercedes-Benz Superdome” when the hell did that happen? I watch a ton of football and visit this site once a day…. and never in my life have I heard anyone call it the Mercedes-Benz Superdome… It sounds so strange.

  15. Looks like the name will more than likely be ‘First Energy Field” as the ‘stadium’ and ‘park’ titles are already taken in other cities.

  16. The Cleveland Browns are to football what the Chicago Cubs are to baseball.
    Losers and a joke year after year.
    Hang in there. Maybe someday you will get into winning ways again. Maybe.

  17. I appreciate the old school style of teams that have not sold out.
    Another reason to be proud to be a Packers fan. I doubt that Lambeau Field will ever cave in to selling it’s rights to be named something different.

  18. Since Progressive is at the Indians park and Quicken Loans at the Cavs, the obvious choice for the Browns is All-State because it already has “Mr. Mayhem” as its overrrding theme. Everything that can go wrong, does.

    Having said that the Browns beat the Steelers enough recently to cost them playoffs or seeding so I’ll shut up now.

  19. First Energy is also the largest toilet manufacturing company in the industry, evident by their latest acquisition. They know a good deal when they see one.

  20. How about, “Cleveland Browns staduim, sponsered by First Energy”? The fans would love First Energy more if they leave the original name up.

  21. Hopefully Haslam will use that money to pay for the team on the field. Lord knows Cleveland has cap space. Haslam needs to use up the majority of that space to bring in free agents at key positions. I’m so tired of losing but I’m not jumping ship just yet.

  22. First Energy beat out Allied waste, Waste Management, and Rumpkie…. The stadium gets their power from Cleveland Public Power so this makes perfect sense.

  23. Better yet, as The New York Yankees if they are interested nuying the naming rights.

    They can call it “George M. Steinbrenner Stadium”

    Now that will give them immediate fame and fortune!

  24. Better yet, ask The New York Yankees if they are interested buying the naming rights.

    They can call it “George M. Steinbrenner Stadium”

    Now that will give them immediate fame and fortune!

  25. This makes me sad. I wish teams would quit doing this. The NFL is richer and more powerful than it has ever been. Are the owners that hard up for money that they need to sell off these slices of team pride and tradition?

    “C’mon, kids! Let’s go down to Super Saver Discount Joe’s Furniture Warehouse Stadium!”

  26. Remember the Blackout of 2003? Took out most of Ohio, half the eastern seaboard, including New York City? You can thank First Energy for that.

    2003 = blackout.
    2013 = Brownout.

    You’ve come a long way in ten years, First Energy.

    woohoo, go Browns.

  27. The place has no history worth mentioning and has all charm of a BMV lobby. It is clearly a cookie cutter design that was rushed to get the team playing in it by 99′. Naming it after a corporation would not only be acceptable, but appropriate. It is a soulless surrogate for that old gray lady that lays at the bottom the lake. She should have taken the team with her.

  28. Haslam doesn’t care about history or tradition. He’s a businessman who only cares about dollars, and he hired another businessman Banner to run his team.

    The new name of the Stadium will be:

    “We Have Not Yet Had a Complete Meltdown at Davis Besse Nuclear Plant Stadium.”

    Very comforting I think. Though they’ll just shorten it to “Not Yet Stadium”, which coincidentally enough also fits the Browns with Haslam as their owner.

  29. If you did not know….There is a reason Joe Banner got the nickname Joe “Nickels and Dimes” Banner from eagles front office staff during his time with the Eagles. It was shortened generally in the media as just nickels. He charged for EVERYTHING within weeks of getting in the office. We got a lot of freebies/perks prior to that. Amazing, that we always made money as an organization, yet he micromanaged everything to the penny. He even cut our employee discount at the team store from 25% to 10% except when we made the playoffs…he doubled it to 20% till we lost. Could not even make it last till Super Bowl. Thank god Andy got us there once. Unfortunately, Howie and Don are even colder, so we wait to see if they drop the office thermostat temp to pinch pennies soon.

  30. This one doesn’t bother me. The stadium tradition was destroyed when the old Municipal stadium was torn down. Besides does anyone have any real affection for this new sanitized stadium? I miss the old one! Renaming that one would have been a crime. Take the $ and do some good with it.
    Now as far as where the Indians play- THAT was a travesty! It will always be known as “The Jake” in my house!

  31. 10.5 Stadiums

    I believe because of state law the Vikings’ HHH dome is not named with a corp, but they found a way around the law and named the field after the Mall of America. Nice since that is where the last field was.

    I think the law was tied to the HHH Stadium so probably with thier new stadium I bet naming writes will be sold.

    Money from naming could perhap pay for opening roof upgrade the VIKES want. Maybe old new have not been following the stadium stuff since it was approved.

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