Criticism of Capers gives Greene indigestion


Kevin Greene has known and worked with Dom Capers for decades, so it’s no surprise the Packers outside linebackers coach will defend his defensive coordinator.

It’s the colorful manner in which he defended him which is so fantastic.

Asked by Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel if Capers deserved to keep his job, Greene was adamant.

Does a fat baby fart? Big time. Absolutely. No doubt about it,” Greene said. “He’s the same guy that took a defense from No. 24 to No. 5, or No. 2, then the Super Bowl year we’re No. 5. He’s the same guy. This is the same system. I mean, yeah, Dom is without a doubt the right guy. I think that’s about it there.”

Greene’s a loyal Capers guy, and bristled at the criticism of the man who first coached him in 1993 with the Steelers, then again with the Panthers in the mid- to late-90s.

“It does ruffle me a little bit because the people that are asking for that, calling for that really don’t understand football,” Greene said. “They think they do but they really don’t. If you just look at things through a coach’s eye sometimes, you can really see the breakdowns of the defense. I’m not into pointing fingers and Coach Dom’s not into pointing fingers either. He’s into shouldering the load and he’s into doing the right thing, regardless of how the defense executed or didn’t execute the plan. He is ultimately shouldering that load, that heat.

“That’s what he’s doing now as a true pro.”

Speaking of pros, Greene deserves a lot of credit, not only for standing by his guy, but for coming up with a new way to say it.

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  1. One does not need to be a farmer to notice a rotten egg.

    People may not “know” like you “know” but they see poor product and unrealized opportunity and unfortunately they’ve seen it for about 24 months.

    As a coach don’t tell me you don’t see “holes” in Dom’s defense because other coaches sure as heck can.

  2. I’d like to know who Kevin Greene thinks is responsible for the swiss cheese defense. We didn’t see this type of performance from Kaepernick against the Rams/Seahawks. Obviously, something is wrong here.

  3. Kaepernick just ran for another touchdown while I was reading this article due to the Packers being yet again unable to figure out how to defend the pistol.

  4. Maybe Capers is like Greene’s mullet… works well for awhile but sooner or later you gotta realize it’s embarrassing everyone.

  5. Does a fat baby fart? That’s good stuff. But the Packer D has been less-than-stellar the past two seasons — plain and simple.

  6. Green Bay got by on guile and, well, having Aaron Rodgers carry them on his back as he did in 2011.

    Facts remain they never adequately replaced Cullen Jenkins or Nick Collins after Super Bowl season of 2010.

    Morgan Burnett is a nice, heady player. He just doesn’t bring the wood.

    Losing their toughest player – Desmond Bishop – was a death blow. Tramon Williams turning into a sissy was startling to witness.

    Beating Christian Ponder, Jay Cutler and dysfunctional Detroit is nice, but when matched against physical teams such as New York and San Francisco – teams with elite QB’s and balanced attacks – Green Bay still doesn’t measure up.

    Ted Thompson needs bigger corners, another ILB and OLB, and an enforcer at safety.

    Rodgers would appreciate having a clean pocket now and then, too!

  7. Given the play of the Packers linebackers last weekend, Greene shouldn’t be making any down payments on real estate in the Green Bay area. There must be at least one fall guy after that performance, and Greene could easily be that guy.

  8. Capers wasn’t out on the field missing tackles and failing to cover receivers. He did OK with the players he had to work with.

  9. Maybe its the product on the field and not the coaching. A coaches job is to put his players in the best position to be successful. I love Kevin Green and yea ima bias Steeler fan so Dom is on that list too. He may not have been a great head coach but Defensively the man knows football.

  10. Well then Greene and Dom need to either cut some players or do the proverbial coach em up thing cuz like a fat baby farts the Green Bay Packers can’t tackle ! It’s a good thing the clock ran out on that game otherwise Kapernick would still be running…And it doesn’t take a coach to see that…

  11. Love Kevin Greene. His was the first Panthers jersey I bought back in 96 or 97 and I still wear it occasionally to this day. Much respect for coach Capers too. People love to overreact after embarrassing losses but Capers is probably as responsible for their last Lombardi as Rodgers. He deserves a bit of slack, he’ll straighten their defense out.

  12. Give him the right personnel and see what happens. He’s needs a tough MLB to replace Hawk, another rush end (if Perry isn’t the answer), another big body up front to complement Raji after Picket ages, and a tough hard hitting safety. Then watch the results.

  13. I’m sure the fans of the other NFC North teams love to hear that. Whether it’s the players or the scheme, they certainly didn’t seem capable of making the necessary adjustments either against AD (until Webb was QB) or Kappy. Kind of hard to ignore that evidence – not sure that status quo is the way to go.

  14. Meanwhile, please explain to me again why the Packers defense looked clueless and almost surprised that Kaepernick was going to run?????

    Exactly whose fault and inability to adjust was that? That defense was not prepared to play.

  15. Everybody blames Capers. The reason the defense had problems is because of the lack of playmakers at LB. Mathews is great, but Hawk is just average mostly. Also, they were on their THIRD string MLB and were having their second and third string OLB alternate opposite of Mathews. Sorry but if they were healthy and had Mathews, Bishop, Hawk/Smith, and Perry they would have probably done a much better job (especially against the run). They also need more on the Dline. Raji is okay but not great, Pickett is older/declining/injury prone, Wilson is just not good, and Worthy/Daniels are inexperienced and have had limited effectiveness. The secondary is surprisingly solid given the circumstances. If they can improve the front seven and solidify the Oline a bit then they will win in the playoffs. Until then, its shaky at best.

  16. Don’t blame Dom for that crappy d-line. I believe Teddy brings the talent in. They have the worst ends of any 3-4 team, and their fat DT hasn’t made a play since the superbowl year.

  17. Packers or Vikings, whose the most consistent winner Packers or Vikings?

    Playoff appearances over the last 45 years.

    Packers – 17
    Vikings – 27

    Nuff said cheese brains.

  18. Adrian is sure hoping Dom keeps his job, because without the Packers giving up 200 yards a game he would have been nowhere near the record. To have a shot next year, he needs the Pack and the Lions to stay soft.

  19. Capers is a good DC. The drafting hasn’t been good with perry and worthy not doing well this year.

    Even though Casey Hayward did well there was no good drafting of DBs to either wake up the other incumbents or step up when others got hurt.

    Plus, the offense could not bail out the defense the way it did last year. The pass TDs were down and the running game was used a little more than 2011, but no one will with realize that due to Rodgers’ cache.

  20. As a diehard Packers fan I am one to say keep Capers. I don’t believe it is him or the scheme. The Pack lacks some mean, aggressive players on D with some attitude. It is clear we have too many softies. Ted needs to check his ego at the door and go after some of these type of players in FA as well as in the draft.

  21. 2 and a half hours and 3 comments approved.

    Jesus Christ how is Darin even allowed to post articles here?

  22. Charles Woodson said that the Packers weren’t prepared for Kapernick’s speed & it definitely showed. The rush didn’t stay within its lanes to keep Kapernick in the pocket & the use of a spy was either non existent or terribly executed. To me those are both defensive scheming issues & that falls on Capers. Couple that with last year’s terrible defensive performance and I think the criticism is valid.

  23. he is right .. fans just know Ws and Ls .. but the coaches and players know the Xs and Os.

    i know that as a fan i have listened to players and coaches talk Xs and Os in their vernacular and it is absolutely baffling.

    they have won a SB so that _proves_ they know what they are doing .. so just leave it to the pros.

    i know i don’t often question my medical professionals .. so don’t question your football professionals.

  24. I might not understand football like a professional coach but I do understand

    2009 Postseason: 51 points allowed
    2011 Postseason: 37 Points allowed
    2012 Post Season: 45 Points allowed including 181 QB Rushing yards with only 3 of those yards coming after contact. THREE. That’s 178 untouched rushing yards.

    With over 1500 yards of total offense allowed. That’s what I understand.

    I also understand that in the game of football, you are supposed to tackle ball carriers. That’s why you lift weights and that’s why you wear pads and helmets.

  25. I am a fan and while he helped him bring the title back to GB.

    The last 3 playoff losses GB has suffered the other team as scored over 40 points.

    Not that anyone needs to lose a job, but something definitely needs to change.

  26. This is admittedly a bit tangential, but here we go.

    On the field, and as leader and locker room presence — Kevin Greene was awesome during his stint in Pittsburgh — what a steal he was from the Los Angeles Rams. [We also scored Bettis at bargain prices from those same L.A. Rams too.]

    KG is loyal as can be, passionate and inspiring. He also used to make some cool moves very few athletes would do. For example, there was a huge line of Steeler fans lining up for tickets in the cold rain – so who shows up, but Kevin Greene hooking everyone in line up with a boatload of pizzas. He’s just a col guy.

    Kevin also knows football, and will speak his mind.

  27. Dom Capers, Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy are all overrated in their positions and are still riding the coattails of besting a weak play off field (Caleb Hanie..?) that handed them a Superbowl three years ago.

    The Packers’ last two playoff victories have come against 2nd and 3rd string QB’s. There’s a reason for that: They are not nearly as good as the NFL Hype Machine tries to sell them to be.

  28. Is Kevin Greene suggesting skinny babies don’t fart? Cite your sources sir, I’ve known many a thin baby that farted quite often.

  29. I think the problem is that when the Packers were down 7, Kevin Greene didn’t give CM3 a big pep talk.

    All he needed to do was say, “Look the rest of our D sucks and isn’t going to make a play. IT IS TIME”

    Then CM3 makes Kaepernick fumble, the Packers go on to win, and then they play a clip of it on the America’s Game series on the NFL network.

  30. purplepunisher says:
    Jan 15, 2013 10:05 PM
    Packers or Vikings, whose the most consistent winner Packers or Vikings?

    Playoff appearances over the last 45 years.

    Packers – 17
    Vikings – 27

    Nuff said cheese brains.

    I agree. I was just at the Vikings facility and I saw all the blue ribbons imprinted with “Maybe Next Year.” I’m pretty sure you have more than anyone else. Nuff said… breath.

  31. Those that say “he needs players” obviously don’t really follow the Packers.

    Last year’s draft was almost exclusively defensive picks. HIS GUYS. If those aren’t/weren’t the players he needed – why were they selected?

    Thompson didn’t select them in a bubble, he and Dom came up with what was needed and who…

    He’s HAD his players and honestly – 4 years here and outside of a run late in 2010 – defense has been awful against good teams.

    They won 2 games total against playoff teams this year. 2 GAMES. He gets fat on bad teams like TN and lit up against decent to good teams like SF or the Giants.

    When McCarthy brought in Capers he said it was because the 3-4 does things to an offense, it’s hard to game plan against. Well all I’m seeing is a team that has a hard time beating 4-3s on offense and a 3-4 that will set the record for other offensive production AGAINST it.

  32. The loss against the Niners was more about poor head coaching decisions on offense and special teams than Capers defensive scheme. The Packers stopped running the ball in the second half and they put an inexperienced punt returner in a precarious position without edifice directions.

  33. Greene sure is quick to dismiss the fans knowledge of the game. I think he is completely wrong when he claims the average football fan doesnt know football.

    To be realistic about it, the 3-4 scheme isnt effective in Green Bay. Green Bay doesnt have the players to run it effectively. To run the 3-4, you need guys who can tackle, hit hard and get to the ball. The teams that use it with success have that formula. Players make plays, and Green Bay doesnt have the players. Fair assessment Coach Greene?

    I think Green Bay would be better off modifying its Defense to a 4-3 based Defense. Keep the playbook out for the 3-4 and modify that as well. The 3-4 should be effective against option based teams. College programs that have success against the option run a 2-5 scheme where they have 2 down and 5 guys hovering around the line. That will work there, but may need some tweaking in the pro game because the option guys good enough to play pro ball can throw it too.

    Bottom line, get some guys who can move to the ball and attack an offense. Green Bay needs speed and they can get some if they are willing to put up some dough, and/or draft some players that fit the scheme. A couple system players would improve that Defense many times over.

    A decent RB would help the Defense as well. Keeping the ball and the clock in your favore Offensively helps the Defense.

    So, there is your formula for success. I am betting that Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy are looking at the situation just as I described it.

  34. Generally I develop a facial tic if Jarrett Bush is on the field to play defense, but this was the game to use him as a spy. Bush is a guy willing to hit, and he has enough speed for this.

  35. The pack will get perry, DJ smith, bishop and worthy back on defense. Part ways with hawk, and I still think we should keep Woodson just for his experience and leadership and he still looks like he can play a year or two more. I say promote Greene. Capers obviously can’t get these guys ready for the post season (minus the Super Bowl). We’re an every down back and physical corner(s) from a complete team. Both tackles on the offensive side will be back (sherrod and bulaga). I say draft a center and safety and halfback

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