Demand for Darrell Bevell grows

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Russell Wilson’s list of career accomplishments may also include doing something that Brett Favre never was able to pull off:  Getting Darrell Bevell a head-coaching job.

Bevell, who never gained much if any steam as a head-coaching candidate while tutoring Brett Favre (or, for that matter, Tarvaris Jackson), has now landed on the “A” list after a single season with Wilson.

A finalist for the head-coaching job in Chicago, Bevell has now landed on the interview list in Arizona, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Bevell, who also will interview with the Jaguars, joins a short list with the Cardinals, which includes only Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden and current Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton.  The Cardinals were believed to be extremely interested in new Chargers coach Mike McCoy, with the apparent goal of keeping Horton in charge of the defense and pumping up an offense with perhaps the worst quarterback depth chart in all of football.

Now that it’s down to Gruden and Horton, Bevell becomes an intriguing intra-division option.

Of course, the current status of the NFC West could make the Cardinals’ job even less attractive.  With a pair of elite teams in Seattle and San Francisco and the Rams on the rise, the next coach hired by the Cardinals could end up being the next coach fired by the Cardinals before too long.

35 responses to “Demand for Darrell Bevell grows

  1. Bevell becomes a very interesting choice for teams with young quarterbacks that haven’t quite “arrived” yet. Russell Wilson is extremely good but he didn’t pull off his magic all by himself. Bevell certainly helped. He has probably earned the right to see if he can do the same with a Kevin Kolb, a Weeden, or even the team Matt Flynn ends up on. Does that earn him the right to become a head coach? Yep, it probably does. Good for you, Bevell. Improving yourself and getting the opportunity to prove yourself is what the coaching profession is all about.

  2. I think Trestman got the Bears job. My guess is the Cards will offer Bevell their HC job. Don’t know if Bevell will take it. Sounds like the Cards aren’t paying much.

  3. Most Seahawk fans couldn’t stand this guy until Russell Wilson broke out. Nobody in the northwest will miss Bevell.

    This is a clear sign that the Seahawks are doing something right- the rest of the league is poaching their assistants

  4. Bevel is from Scottsdale, maybe he wants to coach his hometown team? Intriguing possibility.

  5. Maybe if all our coaches had been game planning instead of interviewing for jobs last week we might’ve won against the Falcons. They beat us fair and square though, as they had their eye on the ball both on and off the field.

  6. I don’t know, does working with talented QBs qualify an assistant coach to be a head coach? May be fools gold.

  7. Good for him. Would have never gotten this chance if not for Wilson’s amazing development-remember TJack? (good luck finding another QB willing to work as hard off the field as RW does, or one with his innate leadership abilities, or one who is simply a winner)

  8. packattack1967 says:
    Jan 15, 2013 7:56 PM
    Bevell and Wilson , Wisconsin’s a quarterback factory,


    Wilson played at N.C. State, and played very well there before he went to Wisconsin. It’s not like he’s a product of the Badgers coaching staff.

    Also, thanks for ruining Danny O’Brien. That guy had all the potential in the world at Maryland but the Badgers ruined that.

  9. Russell Wilson was a talent long before Darrell Bevell. Check his college stats. He was a four year starter, similar to Peyton Manning, and his stats for four years are BETTER than Mannings. I was shocked, too. Bevell didn’t make this kid better. He was going to be fine on his own.

  10. Wilson’s the talent, not Bevell. Whoever hires him off of Wilson’s success is going to be in for an unpleasant surprise. Two words: Tarvaris Jackson.

    Vikings fans everywhere.

  11. wow bevell sure is getting alot of credit for wilsons success,wilson works hard,understands the game and im pretty sure has a big chip on his shoulder to prove all those critics wrong,but you would never know that by the way he handles himself.bevell is overrated,if he was the so called qb whisperer,what the hell happened with t-joke then.hope he leaves,his play calling is most of the time questionable,this hawks fan that has watched this over the past two years is gonna be real happy he is leaving,the hawks will be fine without him

  12. Everyone saying Wilson was talented before Bevell. Well, the flip side is Tjack was pretty much garbage before him. Can’t turn mud into gold.

  13. I have said for a few days now that these coordinators on the losing teams (particularly the divisional playoffs, as all but the Patriots were inferior to the teams they beat) were so busy interviewing for jobs that it affected their game planning. Seattle’s playcalling offensively in the 1st half was embarrassing, and Gus Bradley’s flummoxing prevent defense to end it was abominable.

  14. LOL, this is the craziest thing I have ever seen. Seriously, why oh why do people think this guy is so good?

    “barking mad” is all I have to say.

  15. who cares take him!! he didnt make seattle or russell wilson this kid is a winner Periode. Seattle is a young and talented team if anybody deserves credit its scheinder GM! Coach carol! asst Coach cable! bevell is a boaring play caller i’ve been watching this guy all year and often time he calls the worst plays thank Goodness wilson has so much talent and escapability to fix and make everything look more exciting…………………… look at the boring and obvious play calling in the atlanta game! the falcon knew there were going to try and run lynch this is a playoff game your two games from a superbowl appearance your suppose to throw everything at them and put your offence in better formations we all know they we waiting for run so once you see there stuffing the box then your suppose to use lynch as decoy and get the bowl to someone else leave lynch on the field as much as possible in the formation and let them think you will run the ball instead fake option or let wilson run or throw on the run thats his strong point and what all teams had to contend with all year instead he does the obvious gets stop and also comes away with no points! but in the second half you call the game exactly how i said so it took you a hole half to figure it out? its all the head coaching interviews in his head let him go i assure you time will show this guy for a fraud a one trick fake pony!!!! it was probably the worst play calling all year!

  16. I’m the opposite, As a Vikes fan I would hate to see him coaching in our division. He had to work under Childress for years.

  17. Every piece of the puzzle of a professional football team is interconnected. Is Wilson an outstanding talent? Of course. Did he get there, separate from the skills of Bevell or separate from the talents of Marshawn Lynch or the quality of Tom Cable’s coaching of the offensive line or the ability of the defense to return the ball or Pete Carroll’s willingness to take a chance on him or…all the pieces go together and each one affects one other. Wilson didn’t get there by himself. If Bevell gets rewarded for the part he played in the success of the team, that’s outstanding (and exactly he way it’s supposed to work). And if he can’t duplicate his success again, then he will be out of a job in a couple of years–just like 5-8 coaches every year.

  18. Cant believe any coach with any other oppurtunities would take the cardinal job!! Especially knowing what seattle will be bringing tonthe table in the next 5 years!!! Bevell is riding russells coattails and any team hiring him will soon realize this!! Looks like seattle is gonna lose both coordinators to HC jobs.. Way to go pete!!! Hate to lose Gus though!!!


  19. I wouldn’t even take this guy back in Minnesota to develop Ponder as an offensive coordinator. Most overrated head coaching prospect of all-time. It would be detrimental to ANY franchise to put this guy in charge. Even JAX. Hire Roman instead. Stay away from this guy!

  20. interview jason garrett, heard hes available..oh sorry, must of mixed that up with not doing your damn job…love romo and the spark he brings the team, but lets get a hardass, smash mouth, in your face HC and then they stand a chance.

  21. As a Seahawk fan, I’ve watched every snap the past two years with bevell and I’ve never seen a more predictable play caller. Russell Wilson made bevell. Bevell absolutely did not make Wilson. Losing Tom Cable would be a much bigger blow to the offense than losing Bevell. I would love for the Cardinals to pick him up!

  22. Uh huh, he “coached” Favre. Lord Bert did what he wanted, how he wanted, and when he wanted, coach or no coach. Meanwhile Bert broke the record for interceptions.

  23. Regretting Lovie’s firing?

    Because he’s been at the top of the list of every other team searching for a head coach?

  24. Good for him. If you want to be a head coach, and someone wants to hire you, you take that and run.

    I agree that its Wilson that made him more than the other way around, but he was able to adapt Seattle’s offense from Flynn to Wilson pretty quick, and did not restrict Wilson too much like other OC’s do.

    Plus, no need to hate the guy. When joining the HC club, its now likely you can be a coordinator for as long as you wish after. He can always go back to being a coordinator when wherever he goes doesn’t work out, but the HC chances are fewer. Take advantage of your perceived value when its high and don’t look back.

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