Divisional games rack up the ratings

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The NFL’s best non-Super Bowl weekend of the year didn’t generate big TV numbers only in Seattle.

Nationally, the four divisional playoff games became the four most-watched shows of the week, with an average audience of 34 million for each contest.

And while it appeared going in that CBS had the short end of the matchup straw, CBS cleaned up in the ratings department, with 37.7 million watching the Texans-Patriots game on Sunday and 35.3 million tuning in for Ravens-Broncos on Saturday.

For FOX, only (only?) 32.1 million watched Seahawks-Falcons on Sunday.  The Saturday night prime-time contest between the 49ers and Packers had an average crowd of 30.9 million.

All four games outperformed the BCS national title game between Alabama and Notre Dame, which drew an audience of 26.4 million.

9 responses to “Divisional games rack up the ratings

  1. CBS had three of its large market teams playing and also Brady, Manning, and the Ray Lewis story. The only way they got burned was losing a Brady-Manning AFC Championship game. FOX gets hurt when teams from the NFC East go out early or don’t get in (No Giants, Cowboys, and then lost RG3 early).

  2. CBS had the sunday 4:30 game & that always gets the biggest audience of the 4 so that was their advantage.

  3. When you have a Midwest Team v. West Coast team, and start the game at 830pm eastern time on Saturday, yes it will have lower ratings. People on the east coast will be out doing things since their teams are not involved. If Saturday night was a good slot don’t you think there would be a weekly game there?

    If you had a 10am game on the east coast, with 2 east coast teams, then fewer people on the West Coast would watch.

    NFL would probably maximize viewership with 3 Sunday games like normal, but it depends a lot on who is in the games.

  4. Wow, Pats vs Texans had the biggest audience; I would’ve guessed Niners vs Green Bay. Great games all around.

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