Dolphins’ Denney, Lions’ Muhlbach named Pro Bowl long snappers


The Pro Bowl ballot does not include long snappers, because, really, who can identify the NFL’s best long snappers? But someone has to long snap in the Pro Bowl, so the coaching staffs of the AFC and NFC teams each choose a long snapper. And today came the news that the Pro Bowl long snappers will be Miami’s John Denney for the AFC and Detroit’s Don Muhlbach for the NFC.

Denney was chosen by John Fox and the Broncos’ staff, while Muhlbach was chosen by Mike McCarthy and the Packers’ staff. The Pro Bowl coaching staffs in each conference are the higher seeds of the divisional-round losers, so this year that’s the No. 1 seed Broncos in the AFC and the No. 3 seed Packers in the NFC.

Denney has been with the Dolphins since 2005 and was previously selected to the Pro Bowl in 2010. Muhlbach has been with the Lions since 2004 and has never been to the Pro Bowl before.

More than any other position in the NFL, long snappers tend to get noticed only when they do something wrong. Today we congratulate Denney and Muhlbach for doing something right.

10 responses to “Dolphins’ Denney, Lions’ Muhlbach named Pro Bowl long snappers

  1. Typical Donkey coach – couldn’t have chosen Jon Condo from his own division and at least give the Raiders one Pro-Bowler. Just look at week 1 against the Dolts to see how valuable he is.

  2. idiot raider fan, thinks a division rival coach would choose a Raider out of pity. No Raiders are in the probowl because NONE of them deserve it.

  3. Who said Ireland doesn’t have a keen eye for talent?
    (yes I know, Ireland wasn’t here in 2005. just making a little joke here people)

  4. Personally cant believe long snappers are not given the credit they deserve. Very important i would think just as important as kickers etc who get all the glory. Just think what they have to put up with, a big snarling brute 6 inches from his face wanting to flatten him as soon as he makes the move on the ball and all he has to do is spin it back to the punter or holder and then block the guy who has probably been telling him what he is going to do to him. Kudos to the Long Snapper.

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