Donte Whitner: 49ers didn’t understand “magnitude of the moment” last year


Last year’s trip to the NFC Championship Game was a new experience for many 49ers afters years of missing the playoffs in San Francisco.

The 49ers are back in the game again this year safety Donte Whitner says that last year’s experience was educational for the team. Whitner thinks that playing last year’s game against the Giants left the team with a better grasp of what they need to do to wind up winners.

“We didn’t understand the magnitude of the moment,” Whitner said, via Cam Inman of the Bay Area News Group. “In a championship game like that, each and every play is going to be a roller coaster and we need to make plays.”

Last year’s game ended with the Giants moving onto the Super Bowl because Kyle Williams fumbled away a pair of punts and because their offense couldn’t generate enough points to keep the Giants from coming back to win the game in overtime. The offense has looked much different with Colin Kaepernick at the helm, which should give the 49ers a better chance of surviving any miscues like the ones Williams provided last season.

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  1. I’m a fan not a player and i got up for that game, i lived every snap and it was insane. You’re a professional, win this game and you’re in the Superbowl, what’s else is there to understand ?!

  2. I really wish people would get their facts right before sounding off on why we lost to the Giants last year. We lost because Ahmed Bradshaw fumbled near the end of the 4th qtr and the refs didn’t call it. THAT’S why we lost.
    This year we won’t loose. This year we will go to the show. This year we get ring 6.

  3. There were multiple reasons why the Giants ended up victorious. Some are easy to point fingers (Kyle Williams fumbles, Bradshaw non-fumble) but there were others (receivers only having one catch for three yards, 1 for 13 on third downs) and I’m sure there were other miscues.

    Like it or not, Giants won….quit bitching.

    And now lets take care of business and take down those Dirty Birds.


  4. hmpennypacker says:
    Jan 15, 2013 5:19 PM
    I really wish people would get their facts right before sounding off on why we lost to the Giants last year. We lost because Ahmed Bradshaw fumbled near the end of the 4th qtr and the refs didn’t call it. THAT’S why we lost.
    This year we won’t loose. This year we will go to the show. This year we get ring 6.


    Seriously still blaming the refs? The 49ers had plenty of other chances to win that game. Like you know, if Alex Smith completed a pass to a WR before the last 2 minutes of the game? Or if they had covered Cruz in the first half, or if they didn’t fumble the ball away with the game on the line. But it’s okay. Keep blaming the refs. Will you make similar excuses if the 49ers lose to Atlanta this weekend?

  5. Meanwhile the falcons are just laying in wait. Nobody is giving them a chance but if the game is close late Matt Ryan is magic at home. Expect Atlanta d to make some plays w their secondary and Ryan to make some big throws. Should b a great game. Could go either way I just don’t think the falcons are getting any pub from the media and that will work to their advantage

  6. Donte needs to shut his trap. Guy is NOT a play maker and only hits guys helmet to helmet when they can’t defend themselves. The 49ers have a talented team and he is luck to have them to bail him out. If I was the opponent, I would run routes with the TE at him ALL DAY!

  7. Really? What’s not to understand? If you win your team goes to the Superbowl, you know what the 49ers have done on five other occasions.

    Epic fail on your part Donte…………..Get a clue!

  8. Yep cut by the bills and on to the pro bowl with the niners. Lynch, traded by the bills, all pro with the Seahawks. Hey jacksonjames… how is super Mario workin out there in Buffalo? Me thinks the players aren’t the problem

  9. Donte…if you are still feeling this was on Saturday I know a great cardiologist in Santa Rosa… because if you can’t psyched for the NFC Championship Game you are probably dead or close to it. Some Hall of Famers never got this opportunity…make it happen!

  10. I think most people fail to realize just how good SF was last year.

    The Niners fumbled two kickoffs, got a non-call for Bradshaw fumble, had NO production from their WRs…

    And it still took overtime for the Giants to beat them.

  11. Falcons don’t have a chance….ZERO respect. Same as it was before they played the hottest team in the playoffs. They didn’t have a chance vs Seattle either (and the game shouldn’t have been NEARLY as close as it was). Niners the “new” hottest team in the playoffs. Should be a great game. Atmosphere will be off the charts and so will the crowd noise.

  12. giants beat you down fair and sqaure and would again if they were in but we will talk about that next year i am hoping you guys win the super bowl for mario manningham lol

  13. Oh dirtybird70—- it’s almost cute how you’re trying to be the spin doctor. Many people had the Falcons winning or they chose the ‘Hawks as an upset win. The fact no Falcons fan should be confident coming into this game after seeing how they played. IN fact the Seahawks lost because of some bad plays on Pete’s part. What i saw in the Falcons and their fans was fear and no heart. The Falcons are a paper mache’ club who will need to bring their absolute best game on both sides of the ball.

  14. 49er fans. Come on man. You converted ONE 3rd down. You fumbled 2 returns.

    You, of all people, know you can’t win football games in January like that!?!?

  15. Falcons have no heart? Thats a really dumb statement. Have you paid attention to this season? They have a better record than SF. Did the 49ers have heart in those two Rams games?

  16. As a 49er fan last year sucked and we can point fingers at everyone but bottom line is if any player made one more big play we would’ve won we lost fair and square no refs no luck just got beat this year needs to be different though

  17. jacksonjames4 says:Jan 15, 2013 5:47 PM

    Donte, zip it.. never forget ,you were cut by the Bills…
    Best thing that could have happened to him! Now he’s a Pro Bowl starting strong safety on a team that’s favored to make it to the Super Bowl while Buffalo is working on their sixth consecutive last place finish in the AFC East. Didn’t they also dump some cat named Lynch who finished the season a mere 23 yds behind AP and is also a Pro Bowler? Good calls!

    Besides, he only said 2 sentences and nowhere in either did I sense any trash talking or bragging. Having finished off their 2nd highly successful season under Harbaugh and getting some strong wins over some solid teams on a consistent basis when some thought last year was a fluke for the 49ers, they’re a years’ worth of experience better playing together. Now they are regarded as a proven quality team as opposed to last year where people still weren’t sure who the 49ers really were. I do believe they will be better prepared for the NFCC this year.

  18. The level of play on these games is insane, when the game is close. Last weekend was off the hook ! These guys don’t need to be told how every play counts . What you will hear ,on the most part, is just play your game. You can’t dwell on the moment because it will effect normal play. I don’t think too many players will making “business decisions” this weekend. What every player felt, on the 49ers team ,after losing the N.F.C. Championship game should certainly be reflected on. They were very very close and then watched the Giants win it all. Atlanta just choked again and ,well, the “Do You Believe in Miracles” song should come on right now. I saw several chokes or ” great teams finding a way to win” plays last weekend. We shall see…..

  19. Don’t be banking on the Falcons losing just yet. The Falcons detractors like to point out where they stand in defense rating but that is in itself an illusion based on “yards”. The Falcons D has given up fewer passing TDs than any team in the NFL. When youu rely on one person too much like Kaepernick, you’ll get beat, just ask Manning, Brees, Lynch or any of the FOURTEEN teams they’ve beat this season. They’ve been in nine games decided by less than two touchdowns and come out on top seven of those nine. Matty Ice is wicked good and wicked sneaky, he’ll lull you to sleep while he’s picking your pocket, just ask the fourteen teams that underestimated him.

    We’re used to west coast and north east writers having no respect, we expect that of their limited journalistic talent, and as for every other doubter, well, Matty said it best “We’re all we got, we’re all we need!” So enjoy your long miserable flight home.

  20. Whose flying home? what’s going to be miserable is losing at your own stadium to the better team…I hope the Falcons fans don’t egg the 49ers team bus when they win…

  21. Yeah we’ve all watched your guys’ games this year………#notimpressive.

    Your “vaunted” defense allowed the Seahawks to be within 30 seconds of winning in spite of the ‘Hawks being obviously jet-lagged from back to back east coast flights AND poor game management by Sneaky Pete.

    The Falcons MAY have won 14 games but none were impressive except perhaps the Giants goose egg. IF you do plan to “rise up!” be sure to do it with trepidation and caution because the ‘south will not rise again ‘on this Sunday.

  22. And that Giants game wasn’t impressive, as the Giants didn’t even get off the bus at all. Their defense wasn’t nearly as good as the score appeared. San Francisco will have a cakewalk with Atlanta; particularly in the 2nd half, if they are even up by one point at the half.

  23. Yes they won fourteen games and they may have not been impressive to you but they sure impressed those fourteen teams.

    We’ve heard all the excuses to try and downplay Atlantas wins all year long. They won fourteen and you haven’t so get on your plane, come on in the Dome then head back home with your tail between your legs like the other fourteen teams did. They underestimated Atlanta too.

  24. Does he still not understand the “magnitude of the moment”, which is an euphemism for “they didn’t beat us, we beat ourselves” just like last year, as he’s been beaten for ALL THREE of the Falcons’ TDs today thus far?

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