Gettleman not looking to make immediate changes

New Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman just wrapped up his first press conference, and frankly, it was like a lot of his predecessor’s old ones.

After replacing Marty Hurney and taking over the remnants of a coaching staff Hurney hired, Gettleman gave no indication he was about to make quick changes to the Panthers organization.

“Moving forward, I’m going to work with the current Panther family and get this thing right,” Gettleman said. He also said “I don’t have a list in my pocket,” in reference to possible replacements to anyone in scouting or the coaching staff.

Gettleman admitted his age (61) kept him out of the running for many jobs, and when he referred to new-school candidates as “the next young whiz-bangers,” he established himself generationally.

Perhaps as a result, he didn’t draw attention from some of the clean-slate openings around the league. But he said he was prepared to work along side inherited coach Ron Rivera.

“If you and I do this right, we’ll be hoisting a trophy with Mr. Richardson,” Gettleman said of a conversation with Rivera.

While Hurney became a pariah for the fan base after recent struggles, the Panthers clearly weren’t looking to make sweeping changes. If they were, they’d have hired a different type of GM.

Gettleman asked reporters for patience when asked about the specifics of changes he might make (since he hasn’t had enough time to fully evaluate his new roster), but the reality is, in the short term, changes might not be too numerous.