Haslam hints at Browns uniform changes

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Not long after the Browns hired CEO Joe Banner, he tiptoed around the possibility of a uniform change during an appearance on PFT Live.

On Tuesday, owner Jimmy Haslam did more than tiptoe.

During a press conference announcing that the Factory of Sadness will now be known as the FirstEnergy Factory of Sadness, Haslam said that the Browns are exploring possible changes to their uniforms.

“Hopefully we’ll unveil uniforms at maybe this time next year for the 2014 season,” Haslam said, via Tony Grossi of ESPNCleveland.com.

But the changes won’t impact the helmets, which will remain oranges with an Oreo stripe down the middle and no logo.

The options for different jerseys and pants likely will be limited, if the helmet isn’t changing.  Over the years, the Browns have had orange pants, brown pants, and white pants.   And brown jerseys, white jerseys, and orange jerseys.

89 responses to “Haslam hints at Browns uniform changes

  1. They should bring back that Elf-like character that they had back in the early days and streamline it with the times. Use it like the Celtics use the….the…the guy with the hat and cane on their home mid-court.

  2. C’mon Jimmy, this franchise needs a wholesale change to get rid of the stink that permeates this team. New helmets, new uni’s and a new attitude. Cleveland deserves it.

  3. paredskinwarrior1985 says:
    Jan 15, 2013 8:49 PM
    a New wicked logo and fierce helmet is a great start to a New era!!
    Winning would be a better start……

    Ever notice the teams which win consistently do not feel the need to muck around much with logos. etc?

  4. Yea dont touch the helmet maybe a metallic orange but definitely change the uniforms we need a change we have sucked since 99 a change in a owner,coaches,front office,stadium name and so on we need a new fresh start to get this team rolling.

  5. I’m pretty sure if they adopted a dawg type theme and played up the dog pound they make it work. Could use paw on helmet, actual dog, or something. Yeh yeh I know, but it beats just brown….

  6. I don’t understand the fans’ reluctance to changing the 1950’s uniforms in 2013. One of the few teams in the NFL to never win a Super Bowl. The only team in the NFL that has no logo, not even a C for Cleveland or B for Browns. While you’re at it, the name kind is of out of touch also, since it is named after Paul Brown who was fired and was the first coach of the Bengals.

  7. Coming from a Steelers fan, why not put a bulldog on the helmet to symbolize the “dog pound?” They still won’t win, but at least they’ll sell merchandise.

  8. Why don’t they adopt the droopy faced dog image that the dog pound uses and slap that on the helmet….. and then pick up Michael Vick…. that would be fun.

  9. Possible the ugliest and most uninspiring uniform in all sports history.

    Change it all…
    You can’t go anywhere but up….

  10. Not a browns fan but I honestly think they have the second best uniforms in the league right now. My favorite are the Vikings’ alternates, which are essentially what the browns wear only in purple and yellow not brown. The chiefs have some solid uniforms, too. They shouldn’t make any major changes.

  11. The Browns have a loyal, and great Fan Base who love their team as much as or more than any Fan Base, so Im sure they’re happy with the current setup.

    But as an outsider? Its terrible. Hideous. The bright Orange Helmet with no logo?

    On any show, on any game day, you see their opponent, a stylized logo, and next to that? A picture of an Orange Helmet. Its an eye sore for the entire League. Coaches on the sideline with a Cap featuring a picture of an Orange Helmet. It’s just so….stupid.

    I always thought they should redesign the Uniforms to emphasize the Brown, not Orange, and maybe some sort of decent Dog Logo.

    Their helmet just annoys me. It just doesn’t fit with the other 31.

  12. What kind of change to the “browns”? Do you sketch out a pile of poo and slap that on the helmet ? There are no options here people…

    It’s hopeless, still haven’t made it to the Super Bowl

  13. The Eagles are the team that desperately needs a new helmet and uniforms. Wow, are they ugly. What’s with wings on the helmet? Wings on the head? Really?

  14. The one thing the Browns have is history. The only reminder of that history of Jim Brown breaking tackles is the uniform.

    Is Cleveland that desperate?

  15. TV show on the Travel Channel, new name for the stadium (which may end up being a dome), and now uniform changes.

    Haslam sure has a lot of Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder in him. Memo to Mr. Haslam – Browns fans will evaluate your success based on performance on the field, not how how marketable the team is off of it.

  16. Do something! Butt ugly has been the only constant thing about the uniforms that I can remember about the uniforms since I was a kid. A a young kid I used to refer the Browns as the candy corns because I hated that particular candy. It’s really time for a change. They deserve it. They have some good players, but I really think an image overhaul can redefine them and breathe new life into the whole organization from top to bottom. Tradition is great, but there is only so many times you can sand and paint wood when other teams are coming at you with steel and carbon fiber.

  17. groess says: Jan 15, 2013 8:56 PM

    C’mon Jimmy, this franchise needs a wholesale change to get rid of the stink that permeates this team. New helmets, new uni’s and a new attitude. Cleveland deserves it.
    I like tradition in the NFL, but groess does raise a good point.

    I’m not a professional football player, so I can’t say that uniform changes have any tangible affect on a team’s mentality, but Haslam’s total housecleaning policy is definitely the right approach for Cleveland. And if he and the team feel like an image/logo/uni change is part of that housecleaning, I would say go for it. They should also try to make a move for Matt Flynn while they’re at it.

    I wanted to see Weeden succeed, and I seldom agree with not giving rookies a chance to prove themselves, but he was totally unimpressive this year, and I can’t help but feel like they should bring in some competition for him at very least. If he beats out the competition and secures his job as a starter again, great, good for him. Worst case scenario, being on the hot seat could be that push he needs to take his game to the next level.

  18. orange helmet, orange jersey, orange pants…orange you glad you’re not a Cleveland Browns fan….

  19. Don’t worry about the uniforms worry about winning.
    You have not even went to a super bowl in 30 years you don’t deserve anything else aside from brown the color of crap.

  20. Question for Mr. Florio – did you make reference to the factory of sadness when you had Mr. Haslam on PFT Live? While in certain contexts the “factory” jokes can be funny, I think it has run its course on this site and only serves to drag down your site with cheap laughs some may still find amusing. How about just reporting the facts once in a while?

  21. Uniform change and ownership change worked briefly for the Bucs. Then, after the Super Bowl win, Malcolm Glaser had a stroke, his 3 sons, aka The Three Stooges, took over and drove the franchise into the mud. Ownership matters, uniforms not so much.

  22. There are a lot of people that are going to be eating crow before too long. This includes you too Florio! The Browns are an up and coming team and have a bright future. Go Browns!

  23. I think a darker brownish/metallic bronze helmet would be cool. I have seen some MBZ and BMW colors that are classic, but have an edge. They could really improve the uniforms.

  24. Do it all. As someone above said, nothing about this franchise is any good. Name, unis, color, lack of any logo.

    Flush it all.

  25. I always thought that the uniforms were the best thing about the Browns. Keep it simple, stupid.

  26. The Brownie Elf is the surest way to make the team a complete unmarketable joke. Not gonna happen.

    Haslam has already said the helmets wont change, which was likely one of the stipulations in his purchase of the team. I’m fine with any modernization of the uniforms though. The days of clinging to the past of a completely different team are over. A new look wont help win games, but it is a good step in this franchise energizing itself.

  27. No amount of uniform change will change the Factory of Sadness… I’m not a Browns fan but their uniforms are classic old school NFL, I wouldn’t change them. Personally, I hate it when teams change their look. Keep it traditional and old school, esp the older teams with history. It would be like teams like Green Bay, Chicago, San Fran, Dallas, Skins, Giants, KC or any team with a long history doing so.

  28. So the helmet stays the same, plain orange, and no cheerleaders for the Browns.

    Did they ever stop to consider that it wouldn’t hurt the franchise to generate a little excitement on game day? First Energy Factory of Sadness indeed.

  29. madesian says:
    Jan 15, 2013 9:52 PM
    Not a browns fan but I honestly think they have the second best uniforms in the league right now.

    R U &h1++!ng me?

  30. Anybody remember in the late 90s when the Broncos had those orange uniforms? Right after they changed, they won 2 Super Bowls… Yes, I know, they did have John Elway and Terrell Davis.

  31. didnt the team change its name to the ravens,along with thier uniforms. plus there a game away from another super bowl. you cant change the uniforms with out changing the name and obviously thats not going to happen. just leave it alone man. yep the name and uni’s are the worst in the NFL but the city has thier team back and if they win they will be golden. just win for gods sake,,,,win,win,WIN!!! trade for Flynn and we will know your serious,,,no QB equals your not serious,,,,,

  32. Doesn’t matter what you change the look too, the Browns will always be losers forever living in the shadow of the NFL’s all-time best team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Compare the amount of rings Cleveland has to the amount Pittsburgh has. Says it all, does it not?

  33. Honestly, even if you were a highly paid football player….would you be motivated to wear the Cleveland Brown uniforms and the stigma of losing associated with them?
    Get a fresh start & reinvigorate the franchise!!!

  34. http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b398/wvguin/Browns-concept-2.jpg
    Those concepts work.
    -Brown pants with a stripe/stripes, white top for the road. Brown tops and white pants with stripes at home.
    -Shinier orange helmet (metallic).
    -Logo at the 50 yard should be the B logo or the Brownie elf. Ditch that helmet as the main logo.
    -Get rid of gray facemasks, its boring/dull. Back to a white facemask.
    -Sound proof the stadium to keep noise in! Place it too quiet, needs to be louder like Seattle, KC or Denver.

  35. For myself, I always thought the Browns uniforms made no sense. If you are called the Browns – instantly you think of the color, not a coach’s name. It might be me, would you not think the helmet should be a some sort of brown color and not orange? I mean the helmet is what you think of no matter which jersey they wear. It is the icon of your team, so I ask again why orange?!?

    Would not Brown and any other color except Orange be better?

    Side thought on the old logo – Isnt that little elf guy a Brownie?

  36. Apposing quarterbacks absolutely LOVE the bright solid orange Cleveland helmets. Their eye can see the location of every D-back and linebacker with just a quick glance, a beacon of danger. Same reason hunters and road workers where orange, so they can be easily spotted. Traditional uniforms for a 1960s running game was fine. But its 2013 and hello, its a passing league now! Leave tradition for baseball and change the helmet color, please. Give us an opportunity to win.

  37. Was hoping Chip Kelly would’ve gone there and brought some of the advanced/borderline garish desing cues the Ducks.
    Cleveland Browns with a shiny silver helmet.

    Kidding aside, the uniforms can stay the same, though a touch of update or striping or color combination, along with some sort of logo or word mark (like the Steelers) is needed.

  38. You can still keep a connection to history and reboot. I’d change the entire identity. In the 1920’s they played pro ball in nearby Canton. They team was called the Canton Bulldogs; it is why the Hall of Fame is in Canton now. I’d love a change to the Cleveland Bulldogs. Maintain some history, plus keep the “dog pound” theme that an identity-starved fan base has come to love so much. Keep the helmets if you want, even put a “PB”somewhere instead of an “AL” to give props to Paul Brown (without actually naming the whole team after him).

  39. ound much with logos. etc?

    bengalsstillsuck January 15, 2013, 9:01 PM EST

    Yea dont touch the helmet maybe a metallic orange but definitely change the uniforms we need a change we have sucked since 99 a change in a owner,coaches,front office,stadium name and so on we need a new fresh start to get this team rolling.

    Really? they have sucked alot longer than that

  40. twmp420 January 15, 2013, 10:37 PM EST

    Don’t worry about the uniforms worry about winning. You have not even went to a super bowl in 30 years you don’t deserve anything else aside from brown the color of crap.
    They have NEVER been to a super bowl. Get a clue!!!!!!!

  41. Nike did a lot with Seattle’s uniforms while sticking to their more modern color scheme. If you go in that direction — textures, gradients, patterns, etc. — there is plenty one can do with orange, brown, white, and gray.

    Gray? Yes, the current face masks are gray. They were white for awhile. And the shade of orange of the helmet has changed. And these were changes that happened under the Lerners. So even if Haslam says no changing the helmet, minor adjustments like that are not unprecedented.

  42. ima browns fan in nyc-nj area
    here’s my take
    yess leave the helmet alone
    the jersey well i’d like too see a big change ala seahawks in 2012 3 new uniforms even a alternate “look wat seattle transformed into” even though i loved there pre nike jerseys even though the NEON GREEN WAS UGLY, but yess make big time change:
    Jersey set # 1: Brown jersey with White Pant
    Jersey Set # 2: Brown Jersey with Brown Pants
    Jersey Set # 3: White Road Jersey with Brown Pants
    Jersey Set # 4: White Jersey With Orange Pants
    also did ya know the browns have black in the color look on the white stripe on the helmet you see black on boths side mix a lil of that in too

  43. I liked the Elf….make him mean….good luck to the Browns next season….would love to have u guys back in the mix!

    A Steelers Fan

  44. People, people, people…. you do realize the problem is not the team, it’s the city of Cleveland.
    Browns- terrible
    Indians- terrible
    Cavs- terrible

    When you have NO winning franchises? Not a good sign. And to the person calling their fanbase loyal? Yes, the small group are, but come on man. that stadium has more empty seats than anything (at least you’re better than Cincy).

    However if something has to change, I would say scrap the team name and start over completely. Should’ve done it back when football came back to Cleveland the last go around in the 90’s. Mascot is a dog, dog pound in the stands…why not follow that? Seems ridiculous to me to have your name “Browns” and mascot a bulldog, and wear primarily orange. Yes, I understand the history, but tradition means nothing if it’s not tied to success.

  45. The Cleveland Bulldogs has a nice ring to it and it is “appropriate” with the dog pound, etc. Excitement and enthusiasm in Cleveland is unfortunately a backburner issue. It amazes me that they tried to sue Modell to keep the name and (lack of) logo when he left town. Puuuleez! he had no intention of keeping it anyway when he “escaped” to Baltimore. A lot of this escape had to do with antiquated and outdated attitudes that permeate the community. No cheerleaders? Really? How backwards is that in 2013? No wonder Cleveland is such a dull place and they intend to keep it that way.
    OK, now the thumbs down may begin on que, even though I speak the truth.

  46. Or is it because Cleveland is such a dull place, there aren’t enough women there up to the “standards” of NFL cheerleaders.

  47. Orange and brown are a horrible color combination. Trust me, as a life-long Padres fan, their pinstripe uniforms from about ’85 to ’89 were the worst uniforms in sports.

  48. How can there be that many Cleveland Browns haters? First off there are three teams in our division that all have awful uniforms and logos. The Pittsburgh Steelers? Black and Gold? They did look good as a throwback though, haha. With a three diamond logo for the American Steel industy, not the Steeler industry. Why were they not named the Pittsburgh Steel? I guess you did steal that Super Bowl over the Seahawks. Dont get me started on Steeley Joe or whatever they tried to do for a few years. The Bengals are basically a rip off of the Browns with a Bengal as there mascot. And lets not forget the Ravens. Are u named after a stupid bird or a poem? You have a Raven as a mascot because people wanted the name Ravens because Poe was born in Baltimore. So you couldn’t stand the Indianapolis Colts because they stole your team and then the only way to get your team was to steal another cities team. Either way you have purple uniforms and a dumb ass name. If changes are made thats fine but lets keep the core of the Browns colors and traditions we fought so hard to keep!!!

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