J.J. Watt says the best is yet to come


The Texans are finished after losing to the Patriots last Sunday, which means one of the greatest individual seasons by a defensive end has also come to an end.

J.J. Watt will add no more sacks or batted passes to a resume that’s likely to make him the Associated Press Defensive Player of the Year when the award is announced early next month. Watt had 20.5 sacks in the regular season, added 1.5 more in the playoffs, knocked down 16 passes and regularly blew up running plays during the type of season we haven’t seen very often.

According to Watt, we won’t be seeing it again. We’re going to be getting something even better.

“I’m 23 years old and two years into the league,” Watt said, via Paul Kuharsky of ESPN.com. “I’m still learning what I’m doing out there. I have a lot of time in this league, I hope, and a lot of improvement to make. My second year is not going to be my best year in the NFL. I can promise you that.”

That’s a high bar and it is one that at least the rest of the AFC South will be plotting to keep Watt from reaching as they shape their offensive lines for 2013 and beyond. If Watt can surpass his performance from this season, Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips might wind up being proven right about the Hall of Fame prediction he made before the season.

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  1. If anyone has truly followed him, you’d know that his work ethic is second to none. The guy has a passion for the game that is on another level. Its scary to think that he thinks he can do better, given that he just had one of the more dominating seasons in NFL history.

  2. He may have a down year next year then an up year after. Looking at Watt, he seems like the kind of player whose success comes in “cycles.”

  3. But first … stop saluting. You weren’t in the military. Secondly, the finger wagging … once in a while it’s cool, but you’re over-doing it. And finally … stop the spitting. It’s just dumb, and will limit your endorsement potential.

  4. After that embarrasingly juvenile display he put on in his completely ineffective game against the Pats, one can only hope he has room for improvement. Hopefully it will come in the form of increasing dignity and performance at the expense of posturing.

  5. He’s really starting to get annoying, another one of those star players who can’t help but talk about himself all the time. We get it J.J you’re great. What happened to being humble?

  6. themagicman1223 says:
    Jan 15, 2013 3:12 PM
    He’s really starting to get annoying, another one of those star players who can’t help but talk about himself all the time. We get it J.J you’re great. What happened to being humble?


    And in the other court is Richard Sherman, who most PFT commenters can’t help but love because he talks trash but backs it up. You can’t please everyone.

  7. I think offenses will get better at accounting for him and game planning around him – He was pretty quiet against the Patriots.

  8. Smart Texans fan takeaway:
    Next season, teams will double team and scheme away from J.J. Watt so drafting a good DT will help J.J. a lot along with taking alot of the burden of Brian Cushing.
    The weakest part of the defense was the runs up the middle and the lack of pass rush from the defensive line. A quality DT eliminates both problems.

  9. As long as JJ Watt & Co. learns to celebrate less on big Def plays, and get set for the next play, so opposing offenses (Pats) aren;t able to able to walk into the Endzone on the very next play.

  10. He only salutes when he gets a sack and does the finger wag when he bats down passes. Want him to stop? Then stop him from making big plays!

  11. Maybe he’ll learn to stop that obnoxious finger wagging too and stop spitting on the other team’s logo. Houston is a talented, but stupid team. The idea is to improve as the year goes on. They get worse. There’s something wrong going on down there.

  12. The reason you are hearing so much from/about Watt is there was nothing else on that D this year worth talking about. When he didn’t dominate, the Texans D got roasted.

    Can’t blame the kid for answering questions that he’s asked. Part of the gig……..

  13. I liked the way he played but after he started being to full of himself, eh not a fan anymore..what’s up with whole finger pointing and saying No No? Does it everytime the camera points to him..selfish..don’t 4get ur teamates are there..its not about u only

  14. His pass batting and sacks ended over a week ago. The only thing he did in Foxboro was soil the field.

  15. Heck of a player and congrats to Texans on a strong season; you have a great fan base down there and I loved seeing Earl Campbell in the stands.

  16. How did that finger wagging he did in the direction of New England’s Shane Vareen work for him when it was all said and done? Watt is a great player but the constant attention grabbing histrionics need to cease.

  17. Ask the Patriots how impressed they are. In two games, besides spitting and wiping his feet on the team’s logo, what did he do? Get a half a sack, and hit Brady after the ball was thrown. He may be great against the lesser teams in the league, but against the better teams, he’s just an average player.

  18. I bet most of you wouldn’t be saying anything negative about JJ if he was on your team. There’s hundreds of players out there with their oddball antics after a play. The only reason his is magnified is because he’s been tearing up the league this year. He’s the new face of the franchise. Also, the guy has simply been answering questions about himself that people have asked. Its not like he’s calling a press conference to discuss his season. What’s he supposed to say “I got lucky this year. I wont try my hardest next year”? And he was a “non-factor” in the Pats game because he went up against the Hoodie. Bill is a genius at neutralizing your strengths. Unfortunately for JJ no one else on that defense stepped up. #hatersgonnahate

  19. He’s just a big kid from Wisconsin. Now, he’s an NFL celebrity and he’s only 23. I suspect that now that he is well-known, he’ll drop the trademark stuff – the saluting, finger-wagging, and spitting. He’ll also pick up on the false humility we all like in athletes.
    But when you get to his level of play, you don’t need gimmicks.

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