Kubiak reiterates that Schaub is “our quarterback”


As the Texans deal with the wreckage of a season of failed expectations thanks in part to subpar performances by their starting quarterback in big games, the head coach has reiterated what is obvious in light of Matt Schaub’s contract:  Schaub will remain the team’s quarterback.

“I believe in Matt,” Kubiak told reporters on Monday, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.  “I have no doubts about him.  He’s our quarterback.  The team has to get better for us to take the next step.”

Part of the team getting better is the quarterback getting better.  It is, after all, a quarterback’s league.  And the four teams left in the playoffs all have gotten there with great quarterback play.

Even if the Texans wanted to make a change at the most important position on the field, they couldn’t.  Schaub received more than $22 million in 2012, he’s due to earn a fully-guaranteed base salary of $7.25 million in 2013, and there’s still $14 million in dead money that would hit the cap in 2013 (and likely the bulk of it in 2014) if Schaub were cut.

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  1. Got to be hard to be a QB with the skill level of Schaub, Cutler, Ryan, Rivers, who watch the new QB’s, RG3, Russell Wilson, Kaepernick with all their success, and know they will never possess Rodgers, Brady, and even Flacco success.

  2. All the guy does is lead the hapless franchise from 10 years basement play to 2 consecutive AFC South titles, 2 playoff appearances & loses a playoff game to a historical coach/QB combo & now you want to run him out of town?

    Jesus with fans like that who needs enemies?

  3. Leave this guy and speculation of him alone!!!

    He has mechanics like Drew Brees, but the Playbook and weaponry is not helping Schaub!!!

    Get the weapons and he’ll be better!!

    Kevin Walter and Devier posey can’t help!!!

  4. It’s plain to see, Schaub just isn’t that good.

    Amazing but inconsistent defense, great running game and O-line, Great receiver in Johnson, yet Schaub consistently drops the ball.

  5. Of course he is your quarterback. The stupid extension you gave him before the season ensures that as you can’t really do anything about it.

    That albatross might be the single worst decision in the Texans’ history, as there was absolutely not a single reason to sign him to a contract until after this season was over.

  6. Kind of reminds me of the McNabb situation in Philly; he’s almost good enough to get you all the way. Texans should stand by him. They’ll be more assured to be successful in the long run with consistency at the QB as opposed to going with the latest flavor of the week.

  7. if he wasn’t their qb than 25 other teams in the league would love him. how many drops did his receivers have this yr? he can’t help that

  8. To the guy who posted that he has the mechanics of Brees, you clearly have not been watching a lot of Texan games. He cannot throw the deep ball what so ever, and he struggles scrambling out of the pocket (see his self-caused fumble trying to scramble in the game this past weekend).

    But I do not in any way put the loss on his shoulders. He is not the one who gave up 41 points in that game. The Texans lack of depth in that game on defense, mainly at LB, was exposed and taken advantage of. Possibly a true number 2 option at WR would help as well. But that contract of Schuab doesn’t help the team take care of that considering they’re close to the cap as it is.

  9. How many teams do we see each year that come out of nowhere and make the playoffs and the following year, they bomb out and don’t even make it back to the playoffs? Quite a few.

    Houston has built a talented team, and they made the playoffs and won a game in back to back seasons. They even won their first playoff game last year with a backup QB. That indicates that they have a solid team. They definitely played my Pats a lot better this time even though the score doesn’t look that way.I think they’re on the right track. Is Schaub the guy? Who knows? But I don’t think that giving him another year to show whether he is or not is a bad move. Get another WR too.

  10. Enough with excuses for Schaub. He has a top 10 reciever, supposedly the best RB in the AFC and a very good O-Line.

    He cannot get it done when it matters. 20 years ago, his level of play could get a team to the SB, but now it is obvious that an elite QB is required, and he is not even close.

  11. You’re off your rocker if you think 25 other teams would want him. Please name them. Lets see who would not want him- patriots, broncos packers saints giants steelers bengals ravens forty niners colts Seahawks redskins falcons lions bears cowboys chargers to name just a few. I admit the chiefs and raiders would call but 25 is the most ridiculous thing I gave ever heard. He’s good but middle of road

  12. Schaub didn’t take us to the playoffs last year… Our 3rs string rookie QB did. Yates beat the Bengals in last year”s wild card round,too. Is schaub good? Yes. Is he great? Nope…because he chokes in big games. Schaub dumps the ball off anytime he feels pressure. You know he’s going to throw at least 1 interception when the game is on the line (or a fumble). Playcalling is another big issue, which is kubiak’s fault. I lost count of how many times or was 3rd and 1 (or 2) and kubiak calls a passing play. You’be got one of the best runningbacks in the league, so you throw the ball? Andre Johnson needs some help….we need better receivers. I don’t think It’s fair to put this loss all on the defense. How many 3 and outs were there? You can’t expect any defense to stop Brady when their offense doesn’t have very many sustained drives. Yes, this was a team loss. But the Texans offense was inept for the last month of the season and it carried over into the playoffs. Giving schaub that extension wasn’t a very good idea.

  13. Short of the Texans going Ravens circa 2000 with an out of this world defense (need a lot more LB and DB depth) I don’t see the Schaub /Kubiak duo taking them to the promise land.

    Why the heck were the Texans going full huddle in the 4th Quarter? Because Schaub doesn’t/can’t call his own plays in a hurryup.

    That is on Kubiak, but I’m guessing if he was Peyton Manning or Tom Brady it would be a different story. Schaub is just a hair above a “game manager”. He doesn’t make winning plays.

  14. Play-calling and offensive philosophy in general need to change. The Texans are simply too predictable. It didn’t become apparent that this was a deal-breaker problem until late in the season, when it was too late to change it. The Texans need to further beef up the offensive line, get a serious fullback (like Vonta Leach), and run a much wider variety of plays. I never see Shaub get the 6-8 seconds that I sometimes see other QBs get while they wait for receivers to come open. Further the Texans need to throw long downfield at least 3-4 times every game, and they need a trick play or two every now and then (something a bit more imaginative than an end-around play).

  15. In fairness, both Schaub and Kubiak have taken the Texans as far as they can go. Neither are elite at their positions so it is time for a change. The extensions they signed last summer are only delaying the end.
    Remember, in the NFL, it is better to get rid of a player or coach 1 year too early instead of 2 years too late.

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