Marc Ross withdraws from Jets G.M. contention

The list of candidates for the New York Jets general manager job has apparently shrunk by one.

According to Brian Costello of the New York Post, New York Giants director of college scouting Marc Ross has pulled his name out of contention for the job.

Ross reportedly interviewed for the job last week before deciding he didn’t want to pursue the job further. Ross was one of nine candidates to have been linked to the job.

Remaining candidates for the Jets job include Dolphins assistant G.M. Brian Gaine, 49ers director of player personnel Tom Gamble, Steelers director of football and business administration Omar Khan, Montreal Alouettes G.M. Jim Popp, Seahawks V.P. of football administration John Idzik, Jets assistant G.M. Scott Cohen, Packers V.P. of football administration Russ Ball, and former Broncos G.M. Ted Sundquist.

52 responses to “Marc Ross withdraws from Jets G.M. contention

  1. Too bad you were not even a finalist. Cue all the anti jet garbage, but the jets are doing this right. I don’t think so. That’s a bit of a media thing. They lost one guy, Caldwell to the jags and a 2 guys didn’t interview because they were tied into better organizations. But they have interviewed at least 11 other guys who seem interesting. Omar khan is up and comer with steelers, John Izik with Seahawks, they are more financial guys who coaches like. Personal guys are Jerry Angelo (former bear gm), Jerry ball (Packers), former jet player Braine Gaine (dolphins), and Ted Sundquist (former bronco gm). Also in mix is Canadian football league star gm Jim Popp (don’t laugh, he could be sleeper. Knows how to scrap an survive) and current jet executive Scott Cohen. I think they want to give it to him but are afraid of fan reaction, he apparently blew them away in interview. The question is , how tied with Tannenbaum was he. Did he say don’t do this, or was he yes man.

  2. After some consideration and discussing options with my family, I have also decided to withdraw my name from candidacy of the NY Jets general manager position.

    Why jump on the Titanic while it’s going down?

  3. Rex : As a GM for the New York Football Jets what would be your first move Marc?

    Marc Ross : Well we need a serious upgrade at quarterback, So getting a starting QB would be my first move. Your current QB is to slow , cant read defenses, cant make accurate throws, cant adjust at the line of scrimmage, and has more turnovers than a french bakery.

    Rex : (whispers to Woody’s ear) Who are our other candidates for the job ?

  4. Have they checked Monster or Career Builder yet? Maybe one of the Mueller brothers will apply.

    Someone please take an ad out in the local classifieds on behalf of the Jest lol

  5. Even with the commute barely changing he still said “no”.

    Face it, no one wants to work with Rex. Neither should the NFL’s worst owner, Woody Johnson.

  6. Damn you know it’s a bad job when not even the minorities want it. First Raye, now Ross

    On the selfish Giants fan side though, that was a smart decision by Ross. He will get a GM job next year with a more respectable organization.

  7. YES!!!! Stay put Mr. Ross, stay put. Working for the little brother of New York is career suicide!!!! How many guys have withdrawn their names from consideration for tbis opening? The circus continues….and it is hilarious!!!!!!

  8. Not surprising. He has a better job with a lot more security & a ton less drama as Giants’ Director of College Scouting than he would as the Jets GM. Just yet ANOTHER example of the Giants being a superior organization, top to bottom, than the Jets. There’s a reason why MetLife Stadium is still considered Giants Stadium. There is a reason why the Giants have won just as many Super Bowls over the past 5 years as division titles the Jets have won since the AFL/NFL merger in 1970 (TWO). Finally, there is a reason why the Jets will always be considered the lowly, half retarded little brother of the Giants that needs a good smack every once in a while when they act up. Second-class citizens in NY/NJ those Jets are.

  9. Whoever takes that job is going to inherit a mess of Biblical proportions. They will have to be a veritable miracle worker to turn things around for the Jets.

    Wait for it….waaaaaiiiiiit for it…..

  10. The world is telling you there’s no chance for this franchise if fat doughs head and dirty Sanchez aren’t thrown out.

  11. kappy32 says:
    There is a reason why the Giants have won just as many Super Bowls over the past 5 years as division titles the Jets have won since the AFL/NFL merger in 1970 (TWO).

    Please. The Giants’ 1986 and 1990 teams were admittedly great. But the 2007 and 2011 teams were a joke. A 9-7 team with a negative point differential during the regular season? A 10-6 team that got a miracle catch from a special-teams gunner?

    They barely made the playoffs.

  12. Too bad this guy was probably on the bottom of the list, the only reason they interviewed him was to satisfy the Rooney rule. He interviewed for 3 other vacant GM positions and wasn’t hired so him saying “removing my name from contention” is like someone saying they quit after they already got fired. Im also tired of hearing no one wants this job if no one wanted it why are people showing up to the interviews? for fun? there are only 32 jobs like this in the NFL anyone would jump at the chance to have it and earn a million bucks or two a year. Also rex being there isn’t a big deal plenty of GMs are hired with a coach in place they usually fire them by the next year if they don’t perform its not that big of a deal.

  13. This interview process is like a season of The Apprentice in which none of the candidates wants to get hired …

    Scene from Woody’s Boardroom:

    Woody: “So, what do you folks have to say for yourself?”

    Candidate #1: “(Gulp) You were serious when you said we couldn’t get rid of Rex? Sir, I recommend that you hire (pointing to the right) him as your new GM!”

    Candidate #2: “Take it back! YOU should get hired, not me!! You’re the better candidate!”

    Candidate #1: “I’m so not the right guy to be the Jets new GM! Hire anyone else. I want to get sent home!!!”

  14. I don’t get how you can hire a “GM” then give him none of the GM responsibilities. No wonder no one wants the job. Rex had final player personnel say before this and he still will. And he’d still blame his failures on the GM. A Joke.

  15. I used to call E-Bay “Suckers ‘R’ Us” but I don’t think anyone would be interested in that job even if they did put it on E-Bay.

    As Jay Glazer said, they can’t even give that job away. They might as well give the title of GM back to Mike Tannenbaum and call it a day.

  16. Marc Ross was the best candidate the Jets had yet they BLEW IT! Ross helped to draft Cruse as a UNDRAFTED FREE AGENT! He helped to draft JPP, and Kenny Philip. Compared to the other LOSERS on that list he easily has the best track record. The Bears GM drafted many bust. the Dolphins GM WAS TERRIBLE… Just look at the Dolphins. the Bears Gm was just a money man who could not scout for his life.

  17. Lets be honest, for almost anyone it’s a great job. Yeah you won’t win many games but you’ll get a massive wage and lots of free time in a year or two when the Jets inevitably suck and you get fired.

    Of course if you’re already working in the NFL it’s a different story.

  18. You’re in a top market wth top tier money and resources and you cant give the GM job away. Self evaluation is in need for ownership.

  19. I’m going to go ahead and fax (I assume that’s all they have at the Jets front office) my resume over. I may have zero experience, zero training or education in this field, and would base most of my decisions off of Madden, but I’m 100% sure I could I would be an improvement.

    Here is my three point plan:

    Step 1: cut Mark Sanchez

    Step 2: cut Tim Tebow

    Step 3: draft whatever QB is available

    Boom. Just got the Jets three more wins, and based on this season, that should get them in the playoffs.

    I’ll take my millions of dollars now.

  20. Time for facts. Marc Ross was interviewed two weeks ago and he was never invited back for an interview. Two weeks later, He pulls himself out of contention.

  21. The Jets already eliminated Marc Ross from consideration on January 8th. Let’s look at the facts. He interviewed for the job on January 7th. He was never called back for a second interview. Two weeks after being interviewed. He “pulls himself” out of the running. He was already out of the running. It took him two weeks to “withdraw” himself from consideration.

  22. Next up, the job will be on craigslist. Gotta do what you gotta do! On a serious note, who’d want to work for that franchise? Whoever they interview for GM is being told that Rex stays and Sanchez stays. Nobody wants to come into a franchise in the gutter and be told the HC and QB stays especially when it’s painfully obvious those are two of the biggest issues on the team. I think even the Bengals would be able to hire a GM faster than the Jets. lol

  23. If the coach was fired then there would be no shortage of candidates.Woody Johnson has turned this franchise into a laughingstock…

  24. Rex: Woody the team we have now can win the Super Bowl next year. We dont need a GM! Let me handle the draft and I guarantee a dynasty for the next 10 years.

    Woody: OK Rex just keep rubbing my feet!!!

  25. Working for the Giants every morning as he gets ready for work he puts on his Championship ring and goes to the office.

    Working for the jets he would leave the house get in the clown car and ride to the office.

    It is better to be a private in the winning army then the general of the one that lost.

  26. LOL….worse than that…as new have to carry the load for SEXY rexy,,and take care of the wife

  27. The Dolphins GM, however imperfect, has found more talent than the jets. Just look at the rosters.

    The Dolphins are clearly trending up while the jets are….. well, the jets.

  28. You guys saying the job should go on Careerbuilder, Monster and Ebay are way off base. Those sites are a step UP for where the Jets will find a candidate. They should set their sights lower. Perhaps they should post in the “casual encounters” section on craigslist. m seeking m. Although the candidate might show up to the interview dressed like the gimp, someone is better than noone, right?

  29. It is not surprising no one wants the job.

    The new GM will not have final say to personnel decision, that power has been given to Rex. The salary cap doesn’t look good because the big contract guys are not worth it and the contract guarantees are too big (Sanchez). The owner does not want to take the immediate salary cap hit to jettison those players because it will be a clear admission the organization screwed up.

    The new GM will be stuck managing a 7-9 team (plus or minus two games) for the next three years.

    So the new GM will be in a no-win situation. The team will suck. He will get the blame and be fired in 3 years. He will never get the opportunity to be a GM again.

    Yes, a lot of dough is being thrown at the candidates, but anyone who is really good knows that he is delaying his payday, not passing it up.

    I look at is as to being similar to good college junior contemplating coming out for the draft.
    Do you want to come out this year to be a 3rd round pick and 3rd round money, or wait until next year and be a 1st round pick with 1st round money? Really not that hard of a decision.

  30. Man, you guys set your bar WAY too high! Ebay? Craig’s List? Come on!! They should advertise in the Thrifty Nickel or maybe head down to the daily labor pool, ect.

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