Matt Flynn could be trade option for teams needing a quarterback


When Matt Flynn signed with the Seattle Seahawks last off-season, he knew he was going to have to compete for the team’s starting quarterback job.

He didn’t expect to be competing with Russell Wilson.

The Seahawks signed Flynn last March to a three-year, $26 million deal to presumably be the team’s starting quarterback. Head coach Pete Carroll never said Flynn would be the starter, instead saying he would have to compete for the job with incumbent starter Tarvaris Jackson. But what Flynn didn’t expect was for a third-round rookie to come in and take the job out from underneath him.

“I’ll forever regret the fact that we never got the chance to see him play very much. Everything he did was on point; Russell Wilson just never let it happen. As we move forward we’re going to figure it out,” Carroll said.

Flynn appeared in just three games for Seattle, all in mop-up duty, in the Seahawks three blowout victories in December. He completed 5 of 9 passes for 68 yards on the season. Flynn said he doesn’t regret signing with Seattle but it certainly can’t be the situation he was expecting to find himself in either.

“He handled it like a real champion kid, he competed in practice on a regular basis, he never did want to accept, and he still thinks he’s the best quarterback in the program and I admire him for thinking that way,” Carroll said.

A fairly weak draft class at the quarterback position could lead the Seahawks to look to maximize their value in Flynn by trading him to a quarterback-needy team.

Seattle isn’t strapped by Flynn’s salary so much that have to move him. With Wilson on a rookie contract for at least another two seasons (before he can renegotiate his contract), the overall expense to Seattle’s quarterback position is still reasonably affordable. That being said, backup quarterbacks aren’t usually paid $7.25 million either, which is what Flynn is due in 2013 (although only $2 million is guaranteed).

With the Seahawks’ offense incorporating the read-zone option as heavily as they did the last half of the season, Seattle could look to find a backup quarterback more suited to run that offense if Wilson was to get injured.

“We’ve talked a lot about that. It’d be nice to have another guy that might be able to be a factor that way,” Carroll said.

76 responses to “Matt Flynn could be trade option for teams needing a quarterback

  1. I really feel for the guy, getting blindsided by Russell Wilson’s stunning rise to prominence. Then again he is set for life with that contract. I doubt Carroll will trade him in the division so that rules out the Cardinals, Ryan is going to stick with Sanchez this year so that rules out the Jets.

    I could see the Chiefs trading for him, he would fit that offense. However their second rounder is pick 33 so they probably wouldn’t offer anything above a 3rd.

  2. Kid has skills. Kansas City should be best place for him to prosper. If Bowe stays hell have his Favorite receiver from LSU with him.

  3. Never heard a peep from him, so good on him. $7m reasons not to say too much of course, after the one game wonder in GB.

    There’s always that thoughts, is he Kevin Kolb 2.0, but I don’t think Seattle will find out if that will play out.

    KC? Philly? Miami? CLE?

    Whereever he goes, frees up even more cap room for Seattle to bring in a backup, and shore up things on the D line to get some pass rush, and then just get more/better depth everywhere else so that one injury doesn’t sink the ship.

    Have to have complete faith in PC and Schnieder…the 300+ transactions they’ve made since they’ve gotten here has all been leading up to getting this team where it almost needs to be.

    Add that depth this offseason via free agency, make a few more good finds in the draft, keep the existing roster on their toes, and they should be good for years to come.

  4. Getting a Wilson-light backup makes a lot of sense. Being able to continue to execute the game plan in case of injury is why they replaced Justin Forsett with Robert Turbin.

    But unless there’s an attractive option in the draft, I’d just hang on to Flynn for another year. He’s been with the team for a full year, knows the offense, and the overall budget for the quarterback position is easily managed.

    The Seahawks are a team expecting to contend for a championship next year. The last thing they need is a Caleb Hanie-like disaster if they lose Wilson for any period of time.

  5. There’s obviously going to be that “we know you don’t need him so we’ll low ball you” but if they get even a half decent offer, why keep him? A 3rd, 4th, or even 5th round pick (I’d be shocked if it were that low) would still be better than a highly paid backup that doesn’t fit the playbook or personnel.

    As a 49er fan I’m really hoping they bring Tebow or Vince Young in but they’ll probably do the responsible thing and draft a QB similar to Russell late in the draft.

  6. I would think guaging trade interest in him would be pretty high on their list of things to do this offseason. That being said, if they really don’t consider his salary to be problematic, keeping a guy with some proven in game ability who isn’t an old guy just wanting to keep getting checks behind Wilson is probably a better idea than using this weak draft to fill the QB depth chart.

  7. As a hawk I lobbied for Flynn, but never anticipated Wilson s Superpowers. I think we are hyping Flynn up cause rumors are kc wants Alex smith

  8. The giant Matt Flynn contradict was ridiculous. This guy was a 7th rounder for a reason, and he hasn’t proven that he can play. There are lots of QBs out there right now and this next offseason will have a fresh batch in the new draft that become available. Nobody has any business trading for him on his egregiously bloated contract.

    Let him continue to be a drain on Seattle’s cap and their problem. Don’t bail out teams that give away foolish contracts, instead the smart thing is to find the next value QB and keep a healthy cap structure for the future. Flynn represents a big chance for a major problem. It’s not worth it for such a poorly leveraged player at this point.

  9. I can see a Vick/Flynn trade happening. Makes sense for both parties since Vick and Wilson are (very) similar QB’s and the starting position in Philly is up for grabs.

  10. Unless they get a decent back up, you hold on to him. We’ve seen what happens to teams when the starter goes down and there is no one to come in and play.

  11. His salary … and sitting a full year … have drastically reduced his value. He’s getting in the end because of the cap burden, so no team is going to part with very much to get someone they can have for free if they wait.

  12. Matt Flynn is way too good of a QB to be sitting the bench. The jags need a QB as about 5-6 other teams as well. So whatever team Matt goes to, he will start.

  13. Hawks run a read option to keep LB’s close. They don’t really want thier qb to take off and run and unlike Cam or RG3 he almost never takes shots, he was a professional baseball and slides better than maybe any other QB..

    Point is a back up who is just capable of running but not necessarily does run would suffice. It’s the threat that keeps teams honest. Good luck to Flynn always been a good team player..

  14. Tough decision. Trade him for anything less than a 5th and I don’t think its worth it because of the insurance he provides. Carroll may do him a solid though and trade him regardless so he has a chance to start somewhere else. I guess he could always be cut outright to save some cap, but Flynn and Russells contract combined at the QB spot has to be toward the bottom of the NFL.

    I think Carroll will trade him for an opportunity to start somewhere else in the end.

  15. Flynn might not want to leave a strong, balanced team to go play for an outfit that’ll get him killed.

  16. he got a big contract and pissed on his own foot.
    wtf would you give up for him and then pay him
    if he is or isn’t the ball thrower.

  17. Browns can trade Colt McCoy and a pick for Matt Flynn. Weeden can battle Flynn for starting QB in Chuds vertical passing scheme. McCoy would make a fine back up for Seattles offense.

  18. trade him to an AFC team Pete. For sure not to the Cards either buddy. Chiefs would be the fit, I can see them winning 10 games with Flynn. He was poised and looked solid in preseason, I think he would be a long term answer for KC and play for the next 8 to 10 years for those guys. Andy Ried needs to make that happen in my opinion. If your a Chiefs fan let your voice be heard. GO HAWKS!!!

  19. “…With the Seahawks’ offense incorporating the read-zone option as heavily as they did the last half of the season, Seattle could look to find a backup quarterback more suited to run that offense if Wilson was to get injured.”

    Not so bold prediction:
    Michael Vick signs as a back up in Seattle. 😉

  20. Why would anyone trade for Flynn now? He showed nothing in pre-season or regular season that makes him worth anything in a trade. On top of that, most teams probably wouldn’t want to pick up that contract at this point.

  21. Flynn could revolutionize football strategy.

    A team could use him as a secret weapon. They could set the defense up by running the read option with a mobile QB and then suddenly, without warning, bring in their “Turtle” package with Flynn taking the snap.

    The defense would have no idea what was coming: Flynn could a) hand off to a RB, b) throw a check down pass to the flat, c) take a bad sack, or d) sail the ball harmlessly out of bounds.

    Then bring the mobile QB to run past all the defenders, who were still rubbing the sleep out of their eyes from watching Flynn stand motionless in the pocket on the previous play.

  22. I’m not sure what Tebows contract status is but if he is under contract with the Jets, I would think they would do whatever they could to trade him for Flynn. Sanchez is worse than all of my Cardinals qbs and I never thought I could say that about any qb ever. Tebow seems like a good fit to back up Wilson to me…

  23. Flynn should be starting somewhere and Tebow should be backing up Russel Wilson (hopefully he never needs to see the field, but the offense is much better suited for him than anything he’s been in so far).

    Flynn to KC for a 2nd rounder. Make it happen.

  24. It’s amazing how close the Seahawks and Niners are built. Wilson/Kaepernick, Lynch/Gore, Flynn/Smith and two amazing defenses…I see this becoming a great rivalry between two great fan bases.

  25. It would be pretty darn amazing if a guy who threw for 480 yards & 6 touchdowns in a game…ends up sitting on the bench for another season.

  26. 3 years 26 million to hold a clip board? i wouldn’t regret it either. send him to the Chiefs see what Reid can do with him. With Reid’s track record drafting in the early rounds, he is worth a second round flyer.

  27. I’m not sure what Tebows contract status is but if he is under contract with the Jets, I would think they would do whatever they could to trade him for Flynn. Sanchez is worse than all of my Cardinals qbs and I never thought I could say that about any qb ever. Tebow seems like a good fit to back up Wilson to me…


    Jets cant afford Flynn. They are locked in with Sanchez next season for around $17 mil …

  28. It’s unfortunate for Flynn he did not get a chance in Seattle. He actually looked quite good in the preseason and, were it not for a couple of Terrell Owens drops, came close to winning the job coming out of training camp. From what we saw in the preseason he should start somewhere.

    The problem for the Seahawks is that draft picks may not be worth quite as much this year. They have 10 picks already and not that many spots to fill. A third rounder may not be worth it when you consider how close they are to a Super Bowl (TM) and how nice it is to have a starter as a back-up should something happen to Russell Wilson next season.

    Then again, the Eagles got a starting caliber Safety for Kolb and Flynn is likely better. So maybe the Seahawks could swing a real trade for talent instead of picks.

  29. I just hope he starts somewhere. He looked great every chance he had to play in Green Bay, and I would love to see what he can do starting for an entire season.

  30. Trade him to AZ for Fitzgerald he wants out of there hawks would probably have to throw in a 4th or 5th round pick to. But would really help hawks out. That would then be a great receiving core Rice, Tate, Fitzgerald, Baldwin.

  31. No question he will be a Chief. The only question is will KC give their Round No. 2 pick for him, as that is what it’s going to take. Seattle will want something of value for already paying him a $10m signing bonus.

    I tell you what, if someone is watching from the Chief’s orginization right now, I am not too far from the Seahawks offices – lets get this done right now. Flynn for round 2 pick – clean and to the point. Ill go talk to Pete.

  32. Last year Flynn would have been only worth a 3rd or 4th round pick since there was a smorgasbord of QB’s in the draft. This year there is virtually nothing worth taking – too high a risk.

    Too many teams will be coming to Seattle looking for Flynn this year, since the teams needing a QB most can’t find the right player like last year. Watch, that will drive the value way up on Flynn.

    I mean really, if Flynn was coming through the draft, who wouldn’t take him in the 1st or 2nd round??? He has been a stud for the starts he’s had, and I’d rather take a more sure thing in the 2nd round. Look at the QB draft failure rate, its staggering.

  33. So a guy anyone could of had last year as a UFA is going to be sought after this year for draft picks? I doubt that.

    Or, Seattle, being a playoff team, is going to trade their backup just for the sake of it and use that pick to draft a rookie QB? Unlikely.

  34. People commenting that his contract is too much and nobody would trade for that have no clue of the actual contract. It’s not crippling at all and less than most starting qb’s in the league. And he’s easily better than half the starting qb’s in the league. For what’s best for the team, Seattle should keep him. But I understanding doing what’s right by him and giving him a chance to start somewhere. Props to Carroll though for starting the best player and not the highest paid player.

  35. You know who could run that read option as a backup for Wilson? Tavaris Jackson. How great if they went back to Buffalo and traded Flynn to get Jackson back.

    Then again, Buffalo gave the Seahawks Marshawn Lynch for just a 4th round pick, then gave the Hawks a pick for one year of having TJack as a healthy scratch from all 16 games… Buffalo might not want to make trades with the Hawks anymore.

  36. Just trade him off for a 3rd and bring in tebow or try to get T Taylor from Baltimore or a similar elusive style qb to back up Russell. I doubt anyone will give up a 2nd rd pick for flynn

  37. So in response to “backups don’t get paid 7.25 million either only 2 million guaranteed.” That means he would have to be the starter to get paid 7.25 million. So as the backup all he would see is the guaranteed 2 million? Hmm oxy moron or just shotty reporting?

  38. jtylert says:
    Jan 15, 2013 4:04 PM
    Flynn to the Vikings for Jared Allen. Tebow to Seattle for the backup gig.

    Seems fair. I’m sure the Vikings will jump all over that.

    In all seriousness why would either team do that? I get Allen is old but he’s still productive and to trade him straight up for an unproven QB that you know the other team is looking to get rid of? Flynn and Webb and some draft picks from both teams would make way more sense.

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