Mike McCoy tells Broncos he’s leaving to coach the Chargers


Although the Chargers haven’t officially named Mike McCoy their new head coach, McCoy has already told the Broncos he’s leaving.

McCoy informed the Broncos this morning that he is leaving his job as their offensive coordinator to become the new head coach in San Diego, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports.

News broke this morning that McCoy and the Chargers were expected to get a deal done today, and McCoy telling the Broncos he’s out presumably means that deal is in place.

McCoy’s name rose to prominence in coaching searches a year ago after he successfully changed the offense in Denver on the fly when Kyle Orton was benched for Tim Tebow, and he became an even stronger candidate this year when he successfully changed the Broncos’ offense again for Peyton Manning. Now the Chargers will see what McCoy can do for Philip Rivers.

53 responses to “Mike McCoy tells Broncos he’s leaving to coach the Chargers

  1. Well, the guy does know how to tailor his offense to the personnell on the team. That’s been proven the last two years.

    But if your GM is a bum, it won’t matter if your Jesus Christ as a coach, you’ll fail.

  2. John Fox now has to former assistants as head coaches in the division. Wonder how long Denver can stay on top of the AFC west.

  3. As he is going out the door : “I told you idiots not to take a knee” and “Yes John,that is a really nice suit,really nice”.

  4. Kind of bummed about this, was really hoping he’d land with Arizona. But I guess this paves the way for us to keep Horton which I didn’t see happening f they hired McCoy. So today Arizona should name Horton their HC instead of announcing he’s staying on as DC.

  5. Thank Goodness! The game Saturday night must have been blacked out in California. This guy had power struggles with a HOF QB. Wait till he and Philly have a disagreement.

  6. I wonder if he had any say in the decision to play for over time.

    maybe he was in a rush to accept this position.
    he told John fox to go for the OT win so he could wrap up the regular season a week early.

    In all seriousness,, give this man no credit for what Payton did this year..
    But rather,,, look back to how he made Kyle Orton into a 5,000yd 25 TD QB..

    that’s something to hang your hat on.

  7. Mike McCoy is about to get exposed. As a Denver fan not only am I glad see him gone but knowing he will be calling the shots in San Diego gives us one less team to worry about in the AFC West. He has been getting way too much credit for Denver’s recent success.

  8. Good luck with Rivers, he seems closer to the bottom than the zenith of his abilities. And what I don’t get is how the GM’s look at an OC with no HC experience and figure they’re better than an experienced HC….

  9. McCoy was also the OC for Denver when Orton was stinking it up in 2011. Then when Tebow took over he stank it up for 55 minutes of play only to pull out a miracle at games end. With Peyton, how much was really McCoy and how much was Peyton? I’m thinking McCoy is getting too much credit for the recent success in Denver.

  10. Didn’t McCoy do something strange like this last year with the dolphins or bucs? Seems to me that he should keep his mouth closed until he has pen on paper.

  11. Poor Bruce Arians! Probably his last chance at a head coaching gig and it looks like all that will be left to choose from is ARZ and JAX. Ouch! Suddenly another year as Andrew Luck’s OC is looking good!

  12. This is a strategic plan by John Fox to dominate the AFC West. Look how well things turned out for Dennis “overrated” Allen in Oakland. And now Mike McCoy heads to San Diego? LOL! Norv Turner, for all his faults, was a darn good offensive mind–Mike McCoy…he’s just a fraud.

    Terrible hire by the Chargers–and I’m not just saying that because I’m a Broncos fan. It really is a terrible hire.

    Good riddance, McCoy.

  13. Let’s see how many people who are “outraged” by the Rooney rule express such concern for another white guy who’s done nothing in the NFL getting another job that odds say he’ll probably fail at. I’ll wait for the same outrage that comes up anytime a black candidate just interviews for a job even when they have superior credentials to do so.

  14. lmao @all these pathetic bronco fans….McCoy was one of the reasons they made the playoffs the last 2years (that and a horrible division) and all of a sudden its good riddance? lmaooooo he was the oc of an offense where the qb couldn’t throw and STILL made the playoffs, im a pats fan in California by the way, so i have no dog in this fight. The reason Rivers has struggled is because AJ smith let all his offensive talent walk away….ladanian, sproles, tolbert, Vincent Jackson, michael turner…etc…..its looking like that might b changing, but for bronco fans to act like McCoy is somehow a bad coach is LAUGHABLE

  15. You have to figure that his recent health issue damaged Arians for NFL HC jobs. He is probably better off being chuckstrong and maybe looking for another college gig next year.

    I can’t help but think that Horton is a bad move for Arizona. Why hire a defense guy when your problems were on offense?

    Not sold on Bradley, either, but the Eagles like to pick inexperienced guys – at least that has been true with Lurie owning the team. The GM situation there really makes it impossible for anyone with experience to take that job, even before you talk about the overzealous Philadelphia media.

    I do think Marc Trestman has the potential to be a good HC. And I am surprised that Jack Del Rio and Jim Haslett have not been in the mix for jobs. And the ignorance on Lovie Smith is just stunning.

  16. I really don’t get all the excitement over McCoy. The Orton years were putrid. Everyone says the defense and special teams won all those games with Tebow – let’s face it, the few great drives in those games were due to Tebow, not McCoy. And Fred Flintstone could coach Peyton Manning to a good season.

  17. He didn’t run the offense this year…MegaHead’s ego is too big to let that happen. McCoy was just an innocent bystander, I don’t blame him for wanting to get away from the Donkey circus.

  18. This proves that McCoy hates the Broncos. Why does he hate them?

    1) They fired the guy who hired him, Josh McDope, McCoy’s idol (and love toy).

    2) They made him give up his copied McDope offense to one that would compliment Tebow’s style (McCoy then called the worst plays to make TT look as bad as possible).

    3) The Broncos hired Peyton Manning which made McCoy about as useful as teats on a bore hog.

    Good riddance to the traitor, he will bring the Chargers down to the level of the Raiders and Chiefs.

  19. I’m kinda glad he’s gone, he’s was way to conservative on Saturdays game. Thanks to Payton that we even went this far. I hope he stinks up San Diego and all those fake blackout fans out there.

  20. After 1 1/2 playoff one and dones, I guess it was time for McCoy to split while he was still in demand.

    He’ll have Rivers and a half way decent offense, but they have to find a running game that split when Sproles and Mike Tolbert bolted for Free agency.

  21. I respect the fact that he did wonders with the Broncos during the 2011 season. Going from Orton to Tebow and getting success out of it is great. However, lets not get too hasty in heaping praise on what he did with Manning this year. Just like all elite QBs, their offensive coordinator does not dictate the game plan, rather, he just asks ‘What do you like?’ and then tailors a game plan around it. Manning ran that offense this year and McCoy is just another coordinator that will eat off an elite QB.

  22. Orton flopped while running McCoy’s offense, Tebow was only effective when the play broke down and Manning audibled out of a majority of McCoy’s calls. Denver’s offensive success has been in spite of McCoy, not because of him. Bolts fans will be calling for his head weeks into the 2013 season.

  23. His game plan for Tebow was awesome – sequential 3-and-outs, and then let Timmy and Prater pull out a sandlot miracle in the last eight minutes.

  24. This guy’s play calling was a clown show……I’m glad he is gone!

    Now – if we could get Fox and Del Rio out….it would be a wonderful day.

  25. You know it really crossed my mind after what happened in the playoff game that John Elway might fire John Fox and promote this guy to the head coach positon

  26. A lot of work. Defense is suspect at the corners and linebacker positions. Offensive line needs to be totally changed. Running backs seem to leave for better places to play or can’t stay healthy and Rivers is worried about his health more than winning a game. Don’t lose the punter or the field goal kicker because they are the only reason this team has a chance to win a game.

  27. He has only ever done well with Peyton Manning under center for him. (Don’t even try to tell me that the offense was good with Tebow.)

  28. Tough to tell how he’ll do running a team on his own, but a HUGE loss for Denver. Talk about the ability to adjust on the fly–McCoy started a season with Orton as QB, totally threw that offense out in midseason to become a team that could with with Tebow, then went to Peyton Manning at the start of the very next season. That’s some incredible versatility.

  29. boondocksaint7 says: Jan 15, 2013 10:11 AM

    McCoy don’t do it! There is a reason the Manning clan refused to sign there.


    His name is A.J. Smith, and he is gone now.

  30. Glad to see this. Panthers have a better shot to get Whisenhunt as OC (and he’d be great here, since we have more than 1 offensive weapon, unlike the Cardinals).

    When McCoy was QB coach here in Carolina, he got a lot of respect. He earned it – all he had to work with was Jake Delhomme, Matt Moore and a head coach that likes punting and doesn’t believe in the forward pass, and he managed to help us at least stay medicore. He has some weapons to work with in San Diego, so he should do fine.

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