Nearly every person in Seattle was watching Seahawks

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Bigfoot, Ken Griffey Jr. and the ghost of Jimi Hendrix could have carried an NBA team back into Seattle Sunday, and there’s a very good chance no one would have noticed.

Nearly 87 percent of all televisions that were on in the Seattle market were tuned to the end of the Seahawks-Falcons game, according to the Seattle Times.

The game drew a 45.6 rating and a 79 share (the percentage of televisions in use) for the entire game, translating to nearly 1.5 million viewers in the Seattle-Tacoma area.

“It was beyond our expectations,” said Jeremy Dietz, research director at KCPQ. “The last couple of weeks of the season the numbers started spiking. These playoff games were way higher than anything we’ve seen in a long time.”

Dietz said the ratings were the highest of any television program since the Seahawks lost in the Super Bowl to the Steelers in 2006, a game which drew a 54.4 rating and 85 share.

The Seahawks fans were apparently more into the game than Falcons fans as well. In Atlanta, the game drew an overall rating of 39.7 with a 64 share, climbing to a 48.1 rating and a 71 share by the end of the game.

Given the Seahawks’ surge in the standings this year, and a tendency toward exciting finishes, their popularity isn’t a surprise — though those ratings are extreme for any market, for any team.

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  1. Well of course they were. What were they gonna do watch the Sonics? Oh they get to watch the Niners in the NFC championship game. I love it. Go Niners!

  2. Haha..thats cause it rains every day in that miserable city…There isnt nothing else to do but sit around and watch tv..Haha well at least the Seahawks are consistent. …0 rings and counting…I told you to be ready for the pain you northwest lames!

  3. It was 10am on Sunday morning in Seattle. Other than going to church, what else was anyone going to be watching? Meet the Press or NFL playoff football? No brainier.

  4. Haters will hate (especially that troll, norcalmafia). But Seattle loves our Hawks. We were there at the airport to welcome them home from Atlanta with cheers and support. We show unity. Pride. Sure, no championships. Yet. But we’ll always show our support. And that’s what a fanbase is all about. Looking forward to next season. Go Hawks.

  5. How many people were watching that tired act of throwing the salmon at Pikes Place Market? About as interesting!

  6. They should be excited. I think their team is headed in the right direction. Russel Wilson is fun to watch.

  7. If the stupid defensive coordinator didn’t play a SOFT ZONE or a PREVENT defense in the last minute there is no way Matt Ryan completes that LOOOONG sideline pass that set up the field goal. Just plain stupidity to let the Falcons come even close to getting a shot at that field goal.

    Of course that makes up for the totally UNDESERVED touchdown???? they were given by that stupid replacement ref in that Packer game. You can’t be laying on the ground and place your arm AROUND the defenders body, simply put one hand on the ball and be GIVEN a touchdown.

  8. It’s not easy being a Seattle sports fan. We’ve been conditioned to suffer through crappy sports teams and some of the worst owners and management in all of sports (Paul Allen and the current regime excepted). Seattle’s a great sports town though with very loyal fans, so it’s very excitable to finally have a team with some relevance. Too bad we lost but I don’t think Seattle fans have ever been so optimistic about a team as we are about the seahawks next year.

  9. Congratulations to the Seahawks and their fans. You have an excellent team, an excellent young QB, and a great future.

  10. The Seahawks’ season is done.
    The Packers’ season is done.

    Can we now be done with Fail Mary references?

  11. Give people a product worth watching, and they’ll tune in.

    As a fan since the Zorn to Largent days, this is the most complete team Seattle’s ever had, and clearly the best front office. Three years into the Holmgren regime, Mike was still trying to figure out who his QB was and also trying to fix the defense. Three years into the Carroll/Schneider regime, we’ve got the second-youngest team in the league, and a QB who can bring his team from 20 points behind, in the fourth quarter, on the road, in the playoffs.

    That’s some must-see TV, right there. Yeah, the ending sucked, but to answer the gladiator’s question of “Are you not entertained?”, yes….yes, I was. Looking forward to seeing the front office fix the pass rush, add a weapon for our brilliant young QB, and seeing this team take another step forward next year.

  12. As a Bear fan, I like this Wilson kid, nice to watch a player who appreciates the game more than the paycheck, for now at least. Looks like football is his passion and he craves winning.

    Good for the people or WA. Is this crazy world it’s nice to have something nice to look forward to, winning football in Seattle. Hope this kid has a long, healthy career.

  13. Don’t think for a second that the Seattle Mariners haven’t at least considered signing Russell Wilson…

  14. harrisonhits2 says: Jan 15, 2013 10:01 AM

    Seattle does have good fans, no one can argue that.
    If by “good,” you mean loud in an artificially engineered sound environment, then yes. If by “good,” you mean some of the biggest loud mouth trolls in the NFL (to go along with their loud mouth coach and some – not all – loud mouth players), despite never having won squat, then yes, they have very good fans.

  15. I’ve lived all across this great country of ours (D.C., Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago, Nashville, and Charlotte), and I can honestly say, the Seattle area is the only region of the U.S. I’ve seen that follows football as passionately as we do in the South. That’s why their stadium is always in the running as the loudest in the NFL and it’s why the city comes to a standstill for the Seahawks. (Honorable mention to Green Bay, a town as passionate about their team as any. The Seattle phenom is more noteworthy simply because you’re talking about massively more people.)

  16. The weather in Seattle this last weekend was clear and sunny. The mountains were inviting. Those that chose not to go snow skiing were watching the game. Seattle loves sports. 68,000 show up to see soccer.

  17. Idiocracy. I read these posts on a daily basis and realize how abusurd some comments are. Jesus men grow the hell up. A few of you sound like whiny 11 year olds who need to get popped. Sportsmanship and respect are some key components in manhood.

  18. Can’t believe still bring up packer game. Here is the my dad and family are from Green Bay and like I told Rodgers sacked 9 times they didn’t deserve to win. Once we had our offense going we would have blown them out they are a bunch of winers just like the niner fans on here

  19. 42-13… big deal. Cheat Carroll is 1-3 vs Niners. Niners are in the NFC championship game for the second year in a row. NFC West champions for the second year in a row. It’s ok though, you can hang on to that meaningless regular season game like you won the SB. Not hating on the Hawks, they are good, but some of their fans are outlandish and unfounded.

  20. Too bad, Seattle. I was looking forward to an epic playoff rematch between my Niners and Seahawks. I’m quite impressed with Wilson, but like our QB just as much.

  21. We were all tuned in…and we live in Baltimore.

    Great year for an exciting young team. Better play in the first half and they win that game.

  22. No doubt the Stinkhawks are the most over-rated team in the NFL. Every 5 or 6 years they make a playoff run and they get way too much credit, but then after their one and done stint in the playoffs, they go back to playing regular ole Stinkhawk football. Show me 3-4 consecutive winning seasons back to back before you come screaming to me that your team, the Stinkhawks are the best thing since sliced bread. Look for a 3-13 or at best a 5-11 upcoming season.

  23. Seahawks won the NFC West 4 years in a row (2004-2007) – then again in 2010 — 5 Division titles in 8 years… but don’t let facts get in the way of a good troll….

    And also were in the playoffs as a Wild Card in 2003 and 2012 — 7 playoff teams in 10 years. Yeah, no SuperBowl wins (very disappointing), but to say that the Hawks haven’t been a consistently good team/playoff caliber is stupid. But you’re probably a Raider or Cowboy fan so that goes without saying.

  24. Seahawks fans; explain to me again how the Seahawks are gonna beat the 49ers in the NFC Championship game and go on to win the Superbowl….y’all are laughable

  25. hawks76 says:
    Jan 15, 2013 11:33 AM
    Can’t believe still bring up packer game. Here is the my dad and family are from Green Bay and like I told Rodgers sacked 9 times they didn’t deserve to win. Once we had our offense going we would have blown them out they are a bunch of winers just like the niner fans on here
    And this just as decided maybe I liked the Hawks a little. Hittinhawks said it well.

  26. Incorrect & false headline should instead correctly read:

    Nearly every TV watcher in Seattle watching Seahawks’ game…….NOT nearly everyone……

  27. I was tuned in. Between the last rookie QB standing and the Falcons rap for failing to win the big game, it felt like watching two underdogs. Great game. Breathtaking finish. I’m sorry someone had to lose.

    I admire that kind of fan dedication. It reminds me of how it once was here in Cleveland, and hopefully will be again someday soon.

  28. I am glad the team will be sitting at home watching the rest of the playoffs with the fans. They talk too much crap. Trent Williams put dude in his place….SMACK!!!!!

  29. Fun season… looking forward to september already, but we had a fun ride this last year. Its been fun to watch all the love and hate as well. Especially here on pft. See you all next year! Now that we are out i wanna see the 9ers rip it up so the nfc west can get some well deserved recognition…

  30. In Atlanta, the story is presented this way:

    More people watched the Falcons-Seahawks than the Bama-UGA SEC Championship game.

    That’s damn impressive when you consider how huge college football is in the South.

  31. The Seahawks have amazing support here in the northwest. I can’t even remember the last time a game was not sold out and we had 2 or 3 years of real struggle. Ignorant fans come on here to talk trash but never have been to a game at Century Link (still miss saying Qwest Field). The energy is truly electric and the fact every single person is screaming their hearts out creates best home-field advantage in sports “The 12th Man” Would have loved to see them in the Superbowl but I believe they secure top seed next year and get home-field.

  32. time2speakup says: Jan 4, 2013 7:24 PM
    The Seahawks are a good team. In fact, a very good team. However, for them and the sake of their fans, I really hope they didn’t completely buy into their own press-clippings following their drubbing of two of the very worst teams in football – and the whupping they put on the Niners in the one stadium that should be banned by the NFL. With a 1-8 record in these scenarios (road playoffs), I would not get too hyped if I were them.

  33. I don’t blame them. When you’re Bear fan, like me, it’s fun to watch a team like the Seahawks, who know how to maximize their QB’s talents!! 😉

  34. how many tv’s were tuned in to the first game of the year? the seventh? thought so. how many more people watch a team when they’re on a run in the playoffs does not equal how big the core fanbase is, or how many football fans there are in a given market. bandwagon fans: there’s your definition…

  35. bengalsucker says:
    Jan 15, 2013 2:14 PM
    The fans dubbed them the Super Bowl winners before the playoffs even started. How’s that working out for you?

    Yeah, and no other team in football has fans that spout stuff like that to get a reaction out of people like you.

  36. “But Russell thew a interception with time running out, JUST like last time! Why didn’t we win?” Said all of Seattle

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