Pat Bowlen will be “ticked off for a month” after loss


The Broncos season came to a disappointing end on Saturday night and owner Pat Bowlen said Monday that the loss to the Ravens is going to linger for a while.

Bowlen, making his first public comments since before the season, had plenty of praise for the work done by his team this season and said he got more than he expected out of quarterback Peyton Manning in his return to football after several neck surgeries. All of that is still tinged with frustration that won’t immediately wash away, however.

“I’m still ticked off. I’ll be ticked off for a month,” Bowlen said, via the Denver Post. “They’re tough to get over. Especially when you’re in that position and you have that opportunity.”

Barring any unforeseen developments this offseason, the Broncos will bring back the nucleus of this year’s team for the 2013 season. With the rest of the AFC West in varying stages of disarray, that should make them a strong contender to get back to the playoffs again next season. That won’t make any pain from Saturday easier to deal with in the short term, but it should allow the Broncos to smile again before too long.

24 responses to “Pat Bowlen will be “ticked off for a month” after loss

  1. So will the rest of us in Denver! It was a collective effort for the entire team and coaching staff to go into brain freeze mode after having home field wrapped up. Overconfidence, poor drafting, and conservative coaching all came together Saturday night. Fox and Elway’s press conference yesterday had zero accountability within it. Baltimore came in here like it was a prize fight Fox, the Broncos played like it was a friendly!

  2. Bowlen may want to put a dome over that stadium cuz Manning doesn’t like cold weather . In addition, Manning has built a legacy of being a stats QB and not a playoff QB but bronco fans will continue to drink the koolaid.

  3. We all saw that Manning couldn’t hold up a whole season, his arm got weaker.

    Add another year on to him and it’s only going to get worse.

    The Bronco’s went all in and took the ultimate risk, Super Bowl this year or be screwed for many years to come.

    What a mess.

  4. Maybe next year they won’t have a joke schedule to make them complacent. They played 2 winning teams in their final 11 games. I doubt that helped them keep their edge after starting 2-3.

  5. No… next year…

    1) Prater makes the field goal early
    2) Broncos’ remember how to throw quick slants
    3) Champ Bailey gets help
    4) Moore remembers what ‘DEEP’ coverage means
    5) Fox remembers that 30 seconds…. was enough time for him to LOSE… it should have been enough time for him to WIN!

  6. What a shame the owner is ticked off. How about Champ Bailey’s playing, maybe he had something to do with the loss. He was terrible and needs to retire.
    Give Baltimore half a chance and they will take it. Denver had plenty of chances and didn’t take them, get on with it.

  7. Despite the manning haters, this was a true “team” loss for the Broncs – plenty of blame to go around – pick a position. I agree that the weak schedule came into play and showed their weaknesses – especially that defensive backfield, where they need a total reset

  8. Hopefully Elway with tell Manning, Don’t worry kid I was 14-2 and lost to Jacksonville before I won two straight SuperBowls!”

  9. I wonder if he’s ticked off enough to not waste $40,000,000 to continue with Peyton “I Lose Playoff Games” Manning?

    I sure would be. But then I wouldn’t have hired Manning anyway.

  10. Face facts….Manning has lost his arm strength after all those neck surgeries. He is NO deep threat…and all the other teams know it.

    And if the game is not in a dome and cold…a year older Manning is a none factor.

  11. just what you deserve for dumping Tebow and going after the second most overated Quarterback in history behind Farve

    lets face it Manning is a compiler. during the regular season aginst crap teams and mostly in a Dome he lit it up but when the pedal came to the metal he farted his pants

    but he is the media darling so when it came to MVP he got the votes

    NOW let me be clear about this – when I say overated I am not saying he is not a great quarterback and he does not belong in the HOF – he certainly does

    he is OVERATED because he is not the greatest ever and some choose to claim that he is

  12. Let’s see how ticked off he his after having to cough up $40 million for another one-and-done.

  13. No trash talk intended. Denver has a good team but it is not an elite team. An objective observer would recognize that the Broncos season record was built on the softest schedule in the NFL and thus not a realistic measuring stick for how good the team really was/is. I was surprised that so many of the “experts” had Denver going to the SB this year, proof that they too were too busy drinking the koolaid. Guys like Champ Bailey, Charles Woodson etc. were great players….in their day but are now only playing on past reputation which doesn’t cut it when going against younger, faster and stronger WR’s. The Broncos basically did the same thing this year that another team (Vikings) did a few years ago and that was too go “all in” on Manning as Vikes did with Favre and we all know how that ended up. The salary and salary cap hit that Denver will take for Manning will severely limit them for a few years….which makes it tough to improve. Also, either the Broncos or Manning, or both, did not put enough thought into Manning’s effectiveness in the cold. Look back on Manning’s career record of the few times he had to play in the cold…… wasn’t good.

  14. The way some of these comments are going, you would think it was Manning and not Moore who was beaten on the hail mary pass. If Moore doesn’t make a very horrible play, everyone is back on the Peyton Manning MVP train. He’ll still win MVP even though Brady and the Patriots offense was off the charts this year. But that’s another argument for another thread.

  15. Hey Pat, remember “The Drive” and “The Fumble”? Browns fans, like me, are STILL sick to their stomachs over those two games! Now you know how WE felt. Welcome to the club!!!!

  16. He only has himself to blame. He did a good job of acquiring a great young talent in Von Miller, and Peyton Manning at the helm in good form is a nice blessing. But you can’t expect to be the top team in competitive sports when you have major flaws in off-the-field personnel that doesn’t know how to play the odds of a given situation to maximize your probability of success.

    He needs smarter game managers and strategists, otherwise his player talent won’t be leveraged up properly to produce the results he instinctively expects to achieve.

  17. Hopefully they’ll learn to play 60 min. of football next season. Don’t care for BB or Brady but they play to win and would never take a knee. Also pray Broncos don’t get homefield next year.

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