Pete Carroll wants a few good pass rushers

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The Seahawks started their offseason on Monday and coach Pete Carroll didn’t waste much time identifying an area where he wants to see the team improve next season.

Carroll wants to juice up the pass rush before the start of the 2013 season. The Seahawks didn’t sack Matt Ryan at all in their 30-28 loss. Young players like Bruce Irvin and Greg Scruggs are expected to develop into bigger contributors, but Carroll said that it won’t be enough to just count on players already on hand.

“We need another pass rusher,” Carroll said, via the Tacoma News-Tribune. “We really do. That’s why we went out and got Jason (Jones) last year. And we’re going to have to double it up. We need a couple of guys.”

The Seahawks defense allowed the fewest points per game in the league even with a pass rush that ranked in the middle of the pack in terms of sacks. That’s not the only way to measure the impact of a pass rush, of course, but it’s easy to see why the team would be excited about upgrading that area to go along with their excellent secondary and run defense.

Jones is a free agent again this offseason and Carroll was noncommittal about the team’s plans to bring him back to the team for another year. He also said defensive end Chris Clemons, who led the team in sacks this year and who they clearly missed on Sunday, is expected to have surgery on his torn ACL “relatively soon.”

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  1. Petey just needs to have his defensive linemen go see “Mr. Sherman” for a little sumpthin sumpthin.

  2. Jason Jones can’t stay on the field. He hasn’t played a 16-game season in his career. Effective interior pass rushers are really difficult to find, though.

    An edge rusher to throw into the Irvin and Clemons rotation is also a major need. It’s the thinnest position on the defense.

    The Seahawks have plenty of cap space to make one or two major moves in free agency, and ten draft picks (which Schneider has been pretty effective with), so there’s no reason not to get this fixed.

  3. Going into last season, Seattle had two problems: Mediocre pass rush, and Tavaris Jackson was the starting QB.

    Given the outstanding results in finding a replacement for Jackson, most fans are more than happy to wait another year to fix the pass rush. Last year’s 33 sack total was only improved upon by 3, which wasn’t enough to help the defense finish games in Detroit, Miami, and (sigh) Atlanta. Jones was a slight improvement, but probably won’t be back. Jury is still out on Irvin, and Clemons may not be back until after the start of next year. Pete is fully correct in saying the team needs “a couple of guys”.

    Good news is, the window on this team is officially open. Seattle is $18 million under the cap, and has to be a pretty attractive destination for free agents looking for a legitimate chance to win a ring. Some fans were frustrated by the front office’s focus on youth throughout most of the rebuilding process, but that approach has payed off handsomely – the time is coming this Spring to look for players who can have more of an immediate impact.

  4. Excellent team that needs another pass rusher (or 2). We have to figure out why we kept letting teams back in the game in the late goings of several games. I think it’s the lack of a pass rush, but certainly Gonzales caught quite a few passes, too. That says we need another quality linebacker. More depth on the offensive line, too. We’re just about there, but “just about” doesn’t cut it. Go Hawks. I love ya.

  5. The Vikings should see if they are interested in Jared Allen. He was playing hurt all year and still has 3 maybe 4 good years left in him. They could restructure his contract first and then look to trade him.

    Not sure if SEA uses a 3-4 or a 4-3, he’d fit best in a 4-3 that uses a conventional DE rather then a DE/OLB hybrid.

    If a 4-3, he could be a force for their already strong defense.

  6. It’s good to see another NFC West team playing well. On that note I would have much preferred to see the 9ers at home vs. the Seahawks over the 9ers @ ATL. EST games suck for PST teams. It’s all about staying healthy. You can sign all the superstars you want but if they aren’t there in January then you didn’t draft very well.

  7. i want to thank Pete Carroll and John the GM (can’t spell) and the entire Seahawks team for an amazing season. I can’t wait to see you in the superbowl next year!!!

  8. Irvin will be a good pass rusher but you can see he is raw. He got to the QB 8 times on just explosiveness coming off the edge and countless more hurries. But once tackles shut that he had nothing to disengage from the block. They need a better D-line coach, Clemons to get healthy and better 3rd down scheme.

    Seattle defense which left teams 3rd and long on countless occasions but used 3 man rush with Jones as DT. Irvin and Clemons did their part but when there is absolutely no push up the middle QB just steps up and throws. I hope you noticed in that whole first half there was no separation with the WR. Last year was probably the best draft class in NFL but now we need to draft on offensive side whether its WR or pass catching TE even though McCoy had a few good games.

  9. If you notice the last pass play by Atlanta, Seattle had to bring a DB blitz from who was supposed to be covering Gonzales in the zone/man read, which then MADE Gonzales the HOT route.

    Any defensive plan that makes Gonzales the hot route is nuts, but Seattle had to put some amount of pressure on QB.

    If Irving was making himself felt, 9/10 times Seattle would have left the coverage call as it should have been without the blitz.

    This was A BIG DEAL.

  10. ravenmuscle says: Jan 15, 2013 11:04 AM

    Who would ever want to go to Seattle and watch it rain for 9 months out of every year?

    It rains more in most all of the big cities back east than it does in Seattle. Not that this has anything to do with player movement…

  11. stoptrippn says:
    Jan 15, 2013 10:36 AM
    No smart veteran will play for a cheater

    But they will for $; Seattle has cap space, so I think they have the ability to get a FA.

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