Ravens have no doubts about Justin Tucker


It often takes any rookie time to earn the trust of his elders.

When it’s a rookie kicker, it’s doubly hard.

But for Ravens kicker Justin Tucker, there’s never been a sense that his team didn’t have confidence in him.

Tucker’s double-overtime game-winner against the Broncos stood in stark relief to Billy Cundiff’s AFC Championship Game miss last year, which has the Ravens convinced.

This year, I’ve never been nervous about Justin Tucker kicking a field goal,” defensive tackle Haloti Ngata said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “I kind of just sat back and then waited. It got kind of close. I got a little nervous, but then when it went through, I just kind of jumped up and got excited.

“Justin Tucker is a great kicker, and he’ll probably be here for a while.”

Tucker has given them reason to feel secure, hitting 30-of-33 field goals during the regular season, and allowing them to leave Cundiff’s miss in the past.

“I didn’t think about that,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. “That really was not what went through my mind. I didn’t think about that comparison. I thought about the field and whether [Tucker] was going to have his footing. I thought about trying to get the ball to the field if we could, trying to get a few more yards, get a little bit closer. . . .

“I didn’t know that. But, we had a lot of confidence in ‘Tuck’ and really the whole operation. We’d had some issues in protection. They slipped through there a couple of times and got some hands in front of some balls, so we were concerned about that. I just wanted to get close to Ray Rice, because he is a good luck charm. That was the key.”

That, and having a kicker that the football players aren’t afraid of seeing walk on the field.

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  1. Kickers don’t get much respect, but there has to be something to be said about a team playing with confidence, knowing that their guy will drain the winner, no matter the circumstances. Tucker and Blair Walsh look like they will be making pro bowls for quite some time.

  2. I was never so confident to see a kicker run onto the field to kick a game-winner than Justin Tucker. The last time Baltimore had a rookie kicker, he kicked the game winner in Super Bowl V.

  3. Tucker is good.

    But no reason to pile on Cundiff, especially when it was Harbs’ mistake not calling a timeout to let his kicker get settled in the AFCCG.

  4. Funny how Ravens fans keep insisting that the “Game winning” FG in the first Pats/Ravens game actually went through.

    That being said, Tucker has had a great year, and the Raven fans have every reason to be excited about him.

  5. Still not convinced that the game winner vs the Patriots earlier this year actually went through. The video was inconclusive at best and the only person with the view to say for sure was a replacement ref.

  6. I’ve got a feeling that the Sundays game is not going to come down to a field goal. let alone one that might or might not have gone over the pole. Pats by 10+.

  7. Some great rookie kickers this season. We’ll probably see a trend toward more teams spending draft choices on kickers and going with them as rookies. Makes you wonder why guys like Mason Crosby still have a job.

  8. “Funny how Ravens fans keep insisting that the “Game winning” FG in the first Pats/Ravens game actually went through. ”

    Funny how Patriots fans watching the kick on TV think the refs, replacement or not, who were standing directly underneath the goal posts live in the game made the wrong call.

  9. That week 3 kick was good. Hate on the replacement refs all you want and all the botched calls, but I’m pretty sure ANYONE can look up from the end zone and make the correct call on a kick. They had the best view, certainly better than any of us did on our couches.

    Also listen to the crowd, no hushed silence, no gasps, all cheers from the moment the ball was in the air. If a game winning kick was missed don’t you think that would take the life out of the home crowd?

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