Ravens owner texted Harbaugh while Ravens trailed


Well, it’s not exactly “Win one for the Gipper,” but a flu-ridden Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti did text coach John Harbaugh during last week’s playoff win, offering encouragement at a time when his team was still behind.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, Bisciotti didn’t make it to Denver because of the sickness, and with his team trailing in the fourth quarter, he wanted to pass a message along to his coach just in case.

After they came back to win the game in double overtime, Harbaugh read the message to his team in the locker room.

I’ve never texted you during a game,” Harbaugh read from his phone. “We are down, 35-28. And I think it’s the best game I’ve ever seen us in the playoffs since 2000. Win or lose, I am so proud of the team and proud of you.”

Afterward, Harbaugh noted how much the support meant.

“I’m not going to say on his deathbed, but he was really sick,” Harbaugh said. “He couldn’t get up and move around at all. . . . It was just something I thought the team needed to hear coming from him. He’s a great leader. Our players love him.

“They love when he’s around. He’s an inspiration to all our guys. This organization, he sets the tone here. It’s a great organization because of his vision. The guys needed to hear that in that moment. I think they appreciated hearing it.”

One can only imagine who’s going to take the next technological leap, or whether Jerry Jones is already texting plays down to Jason Garrett.

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  1. Bisciotti is also the one who demanded that Cam Cameron be fired during the season, or so the story goes.

    While he has yet to build a Super Bowl dynasty, all-in-all he seems like a really solid owner.

  2. Stories out of Jupiter, Fl., where Steve Bisciotti plays golf, attest to two things; he is a great guy and he hates the Patriots. No report on his golf game.

  3. mburkett1980 says:
    Jan 15, 2013 4:38 PM
    Cell phones aren’t allowed on the sideline/field area.

    He didn’t see the message until after the game.

    the article doesn’t mention anything about him reading it during the game

  4. “Win or lose, I am so proud of the team and proud of you.” While it’s a genuinely nice thing to say, you really only say it when you expect to lose.

  5. Steve Bisciotti’s son got kicked out of the school I went to, but Steve is an excellent owner and I couldn’t be prouder of the team. I’m still emotionally drained from watching the game. It was probably the greatest win in franchise history besides winning the Super Bowl in 2000.

  6. Doesn’t Jerry already call the plays?
    I’ll never forget a couple years ago during a prime time game, when the cameras zoomed in on Jerry up in his box, and he was holding a play chart…

  7. One of the best owners in all the NFL, no question about it. Anyone who hates on this man is certifiably insane

  8. He is an all around good guy.ade his money the hard way. Earned it by creating a temp engineering company. Went to Salisbury state college and if you said where??? You’re correct. It is a Podunk place but it was good enuf to help him figure out how to become a billionaire

  9. mann44 says:

    “I see Jerry Jones coming on that big Jumbotron like the Wizard of Oz to talk to the coach and the team.”

    That’d be funny…he should do it.

  10. Most owners meddle in running their teams [the Kraft might be an exception because he doesn’t have to meddle]. One of the main indicators of how good an owner is are the results of his involvement. Based on that criterion, Bisciotti is a 9+, Jones a 3- [being a little generous there, actually].

  11. “I’ll never forget a couple years ago during a prime time game, when the cameras zoomed in on Jerry up in his box, and he was holding a play chart…”

    Jerry can actually read a play chart? Now, that’s plenty of technological advance right there!

  12. I still remember Bisciotti’s words when he had announced he had fired Billick after the 2007 season. He said out there somewhere was a Hall of Fame coach waiting to be found, and it was his job to find him. I’m not saying Harbs is a HOF coach yet, but Bisciotti definitely trusts him implicitly.

    Great owner, great management, great coach. That’s why the Ravens consistently play well.

  13. Who says he didnt see the message until after the game, maybe he saw the message after the 4th quarter or after the first overtime.

  14. Because John Harbaugh reading the text to his team wasn’t shown during the postgame show… or in any re-cap show during the next few days…
    Actually saw it on a couple of post game show that night.

    You must have missed it.

  15. Bisciotti is loved by the fans since he’s a local guy who doesn’t parse his words about how hurt he and his family were when Baltimore lost its Colts back in ’83.

    He made his riches running a temp and temp-to-hire staffing firm. In other words, helping people find jobs.

    He makes a point to trust and defend his guys, but he’s diplomatic enough to hear and placate the fans to provide some clout to his front office.

    What more can you ask of an owner?

    We hope he gets better soon.

  16. Methinks it’s a made-up fairy tale.

    Cell phones are illegall on the sidelines and during games.

    Aren’t they?

    Or is this part of a new warm/fuzzy storyline being created ala’ the Bob Krafty Patrithieves?

    PS- Bob Kraft was an owner of CBS just before he bought the Pats, who suddenly won 3 SBs w/a 7th round pick….

  17. A lot of people bashing Jerry Jones. But does anyone remember a camera shot of John Elway wearing a headset in his luxury box during a game?

  18. What a douche. Classless owner of a classless team with a whiney little bitch of a head coach. Can’t wait to see how the refs will fix the game against the Pats next week.

  19. Sounds made up to me. Why the need to text, “I’ve never texted you during a game”? You’d think Harbaugh would already know that he’s never texted him during a game before.

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