Report: Chargers expected to hire Mike McCoy as head coach today

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The Chargers may be taking their head coach from the staff of an AFC West rival.

Mike McCoy, the Broncos’ offensive coordinator, is “nearing a deal” to become the Chargers’ new head coach, Jason La Canfora of CBS reports.

After interviewing with the Chargers on Monday, McCoy spoke positively about the experience and said he thought he’d be a good fit for the job. Now La Canfora reports that a deal between McCoy and the Chargers is expected to be completed today.

The Chargers, however, were expected to interview Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians on Wednesday. And McCoy has been named as a candidate for the vacancies in Arizona, Chicago and Philadelphia as well. So as we’ve seen with several other coaching searches, McCoy’s current status as the favorite for the Chargers job could change.

The 40-year-old McCoy was an assistant in Carolina for nine seasons and has been the Broncos’ offensive coordinator for the last four. He has been widely praised for finding ways to succeed on offense while having three very different quarterbacks, changing from Kyle Orton to Tim Tebow to Peyton Manning.

27 responses to “Report: Chargers expected to hire Mike McCoy as head coach today

  1. There are 2 coordinators that would be great hires. McCoy for one because he went from orton to tebow to manning. Having a coordinator that can change his system is good not one stuck in one system. The other is Gregg roman from San Fran he too went from a run heavy offense with Toby gearhart then pass happy with luck back to a run heavy in San Fran because Alex smith is so limited now gets to open things up with Colin as the qb. Oh yeah he also played d in the pro’s so he understands the harmony an offense and deffense have to have together.

  2. Really surprised Roman’s name hasn’t been out there, unless he feels that he’s not ready to be a HC.

  3. So Broncos lose our defensive coordinator to the Raiders one year, and our offensive coordinator might go to the Chargers a year later. I guess that is a good sign to show the Broncos have a good team/staff. Should it be taken as a compliment.

  4. Is he the same guy who told Peyton to take knee when he had a chance to win the game on Saturday? A genius good thing they got him early before anybody else could take him.

  5. If there was no Peyton, there would be no McCoy.
    Funny how teams blind themselves by crediting the coach instead of the true reason for success, a talented QB instead of a journeyman.

  6. Well…. we’ll see. I didn’t go into this whole thing with any false hopes, or preconceptions. After Norv and AJ, I’d be willing to give my Pop Warner coach from back in the day a shot. I think Telesco was a good move and with his input, I’m sure they’ll make a wise pick for HC.

    I’m sure all the Chargers/Chiefs haters are going to disagree, but I wouldn’t quite just give away the AFCWest to the Broncos so fast. We all know the Raiders suck, but I can see the other 3 AFCW teams putting up a good fight.

  7. Had heard the Eagles were interested in McCoy but the interview did not knock their socks off and it looks like the Birds have decided on Gus Bradley instead. Time will tell but I believe Bradley to be the better choice.

  8. With Ariens not getting hired anywhere that ought to make the Colts one of the top teams in the AFC next year.

  9. It will be interesting to look back at these 8 hires in 3-5 years and see which GM made the best pick, or there might be 2-3 who do really well…kind of like the Draft, you won’t know if you made the right pick for a few years.

  10. Hate the move; are you nuts? After Saturday, we want some more house cleaning! Hopefully the scouts are really busy looking for some play makers on D to replace the everybody that rushes the passer other than 58. The only grass Flacco had on his Jersey was when he got mobbed by his own team mates.

  11. “He has been widely praised for finding ways to succeed on offense while having three very different quarterbacks, changing from Kyle Orton to Tim Tebow to Peyton Manning.”
    Seriously, I don’t mean to be harsh but what is there to praise?
    Their offense stank with Tebow/Orton and he shouldn’t get the credit for Manning being instant offense who brings his own system.
    Before Denver he was involved mostly with the Panthers passing game that went from average to poor.
    When has the guy had actual success without Manning calling the shots?
    He seems like another one of those guys that has some kind of myth about them being good (see Rob Ryan)

  12. Just as long as the Colts get to keep Bruce Arians around for a few more years is fine with me.

    When the Chargers nabbed Telesco, I thought Arians was going with him for sure.

  13. ukraiders says: Jan 15, 2013 9:50 AM

    So John Fox brought 2 coordinators in and the are both head coaches now…..both in the AFC west. Denver truly owns the division.

    …and STILL can’t win a playoff game with one of the BEST QB’S ever to play the game?

    For all you folks wondering who told Manning to take a knee with 31 seconds left & 2 time outs, that was John Fox. He even admitted it in his own press conference.

  14. carlsbadboltfan says: Jan 15, 2013 12:13 PM

    …and STILL can’t win a playoff game with one of the BEST QB’S ever to play the game?

    In the regular season only. In 12 playoff years, that QB lost the first game 8 times. Saturday’s game was consistent with his history.

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