Rex Ryan not involved in first wave of Jets G.M. interviews

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As the Jets search for a man who’ll have to work with and possibly decide (in time) the fate of coach Rex Ryan, coach Rex Ryan has had no role in the selection process.

According to Albert Breer of NFL Network, Ryan wasn’t present for the first wave of interviews.

There’s no need to have Rex present for the first set of interviews.  Once second interviews begin, it will be important at some point for the powers-that-be to observe the interaction between the candidates and Ryan — and for the candidates to spend some time with the man who is entrenched at least for 2013 as the head coach.

Breer and Adam Schefter of ESPN have reported that Seahawks exec John Idzik will interview on Wednesday or Thursday, which could be part of a second interview process, since Idzik reportedly already has been interviewed.

CBS has reported that the second interviews will commence on Tuesday.

The second interviews commence amid lingering concerns that the Jets are having trouble finding strong candidates for the job.  On Sunday, Jay Glazer of FOX reported that the Jets can’t give the job away.

The potential factors are numerous — bad cap situation, bad quarterback situation, no ability to fire the coach, intense media scrutiny, the sudden retirement of an iconic unofficial mascot who wore a fireman’s hat, and the presence of a new team president who seems to have an interest in dabbling in the football operations.

It’s gotten so bad, we’re told, that headhunter Jed Hughes has been getting snippy on the phone with candidates who have expressed no interest in the job and/or who have rejected multiple overtures.

Maybe Hughes really isn’t getting paid by the hour.

23 responses to “Rex Ryan not involved in first wave of Jets G.M. interviews

  1. It was going to be tough with or without Rex. The cap issues are the biggest concerns. Mike T. really did some boneheaded things with the cap. Really the GM has a 1 year pass to fix some issues as 2014 the Jets will have much better cap numbers. This first draft will be huge for the new GM – need to bring in some starts and not just 1 like in years past.

    The Jets need a former GM who understands what is at stake. Not a salary cap guy, a legit GM candidate with experience. This team needs help in putting together a team not just 1 year players that will leave. Make the right decision

  2. Better headline is that despite reports, the Jets have found one candidate interested in the GM job.

    Wonder what housing allowance the Jets will offer John Idzik to take this job ?Maybe a Penthouse at Trump Plaza?

  3. Who ever would have thought that the Jets Circus could get even more comical in the offseason?

    The good news is that the few remaining Jets fans have probably all but forgotten the “Bum-ble” and other lowlights from the season amid the hand-wringing over who – if anyone – will agree to serve as GM.

  4. And yet the Chiefs just made it clear that their new GM and coach both report directly to the owner. In other words, the GM can´t fire the coach. And they have a bad QB situation, also. Waiting for an endless number of PFT rants on how dysfunctional the Chiefs are.

    What, you mean there aren´t any coming?

  5. My experience with headhunters is they get snippy very easily…they have an agenda (getting people to interview for the job opening), and anytime you don’t immediately respond by asking “where & when do I show up?,” you’re threatening their fee…what do you mean, your sole goal in life is not to make it easy for them to collect their fee?

  6. Why should fireman Ed be on a milk carton? He’s probably hanging out with another quitter, Mark Gastineau! These two meat heads are perfect for each other.

  7. Many people do not understand that Jets are stuck in the ‘little brother’ category in comparison with their chief rivals (Giants and Patriots) by its own doing. The only way to disassociate that organization from that status is to completely break with the old guard traditions of chasing those teams and try to develop an identity on and off the field that stands on its own, breeds success, views the press as a non-factor and one in which fans will have a sense of pride in.

    The owner needs to fire Rex Ryan in order for this to happen. To hold back the entire organization at the expense of one man and his personality is pure folly. If Rex gets a job elsewhere, so what? Break with tradition, bring in a GM that has experience in branding, football personnel and the cap. Let him hire a guy that fits into his philosophy and cut Sanchez. The team may not be playoff caliber next season, but this would be a step in the right direction.

    Also, any undesirable cap situation is easily fixed by shrewd drafting and bargain pickups in free agency. So, please stop using the cap as an excuse for this team’s fortunes.

  8. Right, geniuses. He was in the Bahamas. Remember when you came on your keyboard when someone else broke the story about how they saw his tattoo? In the Bahamas? And when you whined about how he wasn’t going to do a news conference when you wanted him to? Because he was in the Bahamas? When they were initially interviewing GM candidates? Remember that stuff? If only there were a record somewhere of news items from that first week after the regular season…

  9. @bigjoe, the only ignorance is denying the Jets will have cap problems. Have you taken a look at the team salary projections for next year? Alot of money is tied up in declining/ infective players, and it will be almost impossible to move most of them through trade.
    The only hope the Jets have is to improve that roster through the draft and bargin bin free agents. Two areas the franchise has rarely succeeded

  10. So let me get this straight. There are only 32 NFL GM jobs in the entire world, but the Jets are having a hard time finding someone to take this position???? Yeah right. It’s called due diligence but I guess that doesn’t jive with the media slant.

  11. Wanted:

    Insane Asylum General Manager

    Currently operated by the inmates. Certain issues to be resolved to return order to the chaos and control to the sane.

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