Richardson looks forward to meeting Chudzinski

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Browns running back Trent Richardson has a new coach.  And, as mentioned in the Tuesday morning one-liners, Richardson really wants to meet him.

“I like what [Chudzinski] did with Cam [Newton],” Richardson said, per Branson Wright of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  “He got those boys to ball.  Cam was successful in [Chudzinski’s] offense.  He’s an offense guy, and that’s another good thing.”

What also will be good for Richardson is if, as reported, Norv Turner becomes the Browns’ offensive coordinator.  Turner has a track record of heavy tailback use, from Emmitt Smith in Dallas to Ricky Williams in Miami to, if he didn’t break on his first carry of the preseason, Ryan Mathews in San Diego.

Though communication between players and coaches is, in theory, limited in the offseason, Richardson presumably will remain the primary tailback in Cleveland, given the investment made in 2012 to get him, when the prior brain trust curiously moved from No. 4 to No. 3 in round one.  But with a new owner, CEO, coach, and (eventually) G.M., the Browns may feel differently about Richardson, especially since he had only 950 yards as a rookie.

Those numbers aren’t bad, but that’s not the production that should be expected from a guy who was drafted so highly.

That said, Richardson battled a rib injury for much of the year, and yet still started 15 games.  “Because of my injury, I haven’t been able to lift hard with my upper body for 12 weeks,” Richardson said.  “I’m ready to get back at it.”

With yet another new start, the Browns are ready to get back at it, too.  And to hope that the outcome will be different than it’s been for every year of the last decade.

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  1. Hate to break it to Browns fans: Banner IS the new GM. They are merely interviewing Player Personnel guys.

  2. Trent, meet Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams. They’ll tell you that your boy Chud won’t even know you’re on the team. That pigskin isn’t for carrying, it’s for throwing, ONLY, in Chud’s book.

  3. “He got those boys to ball.”

    Duh, I mean, does Richardson have a clue as to the win-loss record put up by Chud?

    Here in Carolina, we’re happy to see Chud chug out of the state. Maybe now we can get a coordinator who can tutor a QB who needs a lot of tutoring as well as one who knows how to use a running game.

    “He got those boys to ball.” — LOL

  4. Trent has a brighter future than Weeden. Not that it is saying much (at all), but he is safely the starter for the remainder of his contract. Time to build the WR Corps and find a true franchise QB.

  5. Judging from how J-Stew, D-Will and Tolbert were utilized… oh right, they weren’t.

    It wasn’t until Ron Rivera grew a pair (kept on Chud on a tight leash) that our offense started to gain traction and momentum. Browns, you got what you paid for. An Offensive Coordinator who refused to let Cam Newton audible and who neglected an $80 million dollar backfield.

    Norv Turner will hopefully keep TRich relevant.

  6. Florio, really? They are down on Richardson because he almost got 1000 yards with Brandon Weeden at QB and a bunch of rookie WRs? ARE YOU INSANE? Go watch tape of how many guys were in the box. You say some dumb things but this is one of the dumbest.

  7. Anyone who judges Richardson based on how many yards rushing he had simply did not watch the Browns play week in and week out. It’s that simple. Ignorant in every sense of the word.

  8. nfloracle says:
    Jan 15, 2013 10:25 AM
    “He got those boys to ball.”

    Duh, I mean, does Richardson have a clue as to the win-loss record put up by Chud?

    Here in Carolina, we’re happy to see Chud chug out of the state. Maybe now we can get a coordinator who can tutor a QB who needs a lot of tutoring as well as one who knows how to use a running game.

    “He got those boys to ball.” — LOL

    Don’t get ur hopes up! Heard Shurmur was interviewing for your OC job…That’s FUNNY right there. At least Chud’s scheme can score points and not call a 4 yard out on 3rd and 7. Cleveland nation will gladly take a swap of Chud for Shurmur!

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  9. He had fewer yards because we inexplicably abandoned the run in too many games. Shurmer even admitted it in a couple of games, so I am not worried about him. He will work out more this off season and bulk up a little more to protect him better for the full season next year.

  10. Actually, Hue Jackson is said to be the frontrunner.

    Let’s see, we finished 9th in rushing, that’s great. Do you know where we were when the team was at 2-8? 19th.

    Do you know why we finished 9th? Because Rivera told Chud to cut the BS right before we faced the Eagles. How do Panther fans know that? Because Cam audibled for the first time all season in that game and the team ran a more traditional offense.

  11. im no SD fan but that cheap shot at Ryan Matthews shows how you just don’t understand players… unnecessary

  12. Carolina fans upset about the lack of work for Stewart and Williams have a legitimate gripe, but that doesn’t mean Chud won’t use Richardson. Don’t forget he got 1,552 total yards and 11 touchdowns out of a 28-year-old Jamal Lewis in 2007.

    The Panthers running backs actually had a few more carries in 2012 than in 2011. They did far less with those carries, though. The main problems were the loss of LG Travelle Wharton in the offseason, and C Ryan Kalil’s season-ending injury early in the campaign. Losing key components of the run-blocking unit isn’t the fault of the OC. I won’t try to argue that maybe he should’ve adjusted the gameplan to use the RBs more in the passing game to compensate for the lack of strong run-blocking, but I also don’t have enough intimate knowledge of the situation to make an accurate call in that regard.

  13. Some Panthers fans seem to be in denial that their lead rusher was their QB. I honestly don’t see Brandon Weeden out rushing Richardson anytime soon like Cam did all the Panthers running backs in Carolina. Last time Chud was oc for a team without a mobile QB the running back was a guy named Jamal Lewis and I hear he had a pretty good career.

  14. People, people, enough already! T-Rex played injured most of the season. That said, he still played well enough to score 12 TD’s.

    I, for one, can’t wait to see him run with full strength and healthy.

    Our O-line needs to work on getting him to the second level with minimal touches. That’s where he shined in college, breaking into open field running and cuts to thwart Safeties and Corners.

    A good running game helps buy the QB 2 extra seconds in a play-action pass. Better yet, when the D loses him in the rush, we saw what he can do when he catches the ball in open space.

    If I were Chud, I’d be over-joyed at knowing there was someone else in the backfield, two if he does the wishbone (some combo of Hardesty, Trent, Cribbs, or others [like TE or Guard]) Talk about attacking backfield, wow! That’s got to make the passing game better and give Weeds more options at snap time.

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