Terrell Thomas hopes to return to Giants in 2013


Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas might want to give Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis a call.

Davis played 15 games for Carolina this season after returning from a third surgery on his ACL, something that doesn’t happen very often in the NFL. Thomas will be trying to do the same thing in 2013. He needed surgery to repair a tear suffered in the preseason, which halted his comeback from a 2011 tear and followed by many years a tear that occurred during his collegiate career. Thomas took to his website to send a message about his plans for next season.

“I am returning to football in 2013 hopefully with the Giants, but my contract is up this year but most likely, hopefully I will be resigning with them,” Thomas wrote. “Most importantly just wanted to reconnect with you guys and tell you I have been training and preparing. I took a little break from social media to focus on my knee, my mental; it has been hard on me.”

Thomas’ contract technically isn’t up as he signed a four-year deal before last season. There’s a $6 million option bonus due in March, however, and the Giants are almost certainly not exercising that on a player in Thomas’ physical condition. General Manager Jerry Reese didn’t close the door on the possibility of a return after the season, though he suggested Thomas might need to move to safety if he’s going to be able to make it back onto the field.

9 responses to “Terrell Thomas hopes to return to Giants in 2013

  1. They’ll probably offer him a one year deal, as they did with Dominik Hixon. Those two guys can’t catch a break.

  2. Always like TT…very good player but with every knee injury the odds keep getting longer and longer he will ever be the player he was…..damn shame for a young man entering his prime.

  3. This kid was up & coming.
    With Rolle & Stevie Brown we are good. Phillips can’t stay healthy. T2 @ safety sounds good to me, in our 3 safety look!!!

  4. The Giants can’t continue to use a roster spot and cap space for a guy who simply can’t get on the field. There’s no guarantee that he won’t blow a ligament again this preseason. If TT really wants to stay with the Giants, he has to agree to a 1-year veteran minimum deal with no guaranteed money, and see if he makes it through camp.

    Giants went to the wall for Chad Jones as well, and that’s to their credit that they will give a guy a chance in those situations, but the business end dictates that you have to let guys go when they can’t earn their money.

  5. imagine what a healthy TT and KP this year could have done for our secondary, SMH , oh the possibilities, anyhow don’t really see either of them back with the gmen this year.

  6. Kenny will be back, but Thomas better hope that he has the same fortune as Tom Davis has had. Giants fans embarrass me acting like Stevie Brown is the savior at SS. Kenny Phillips is our overall best DB. You don’t just let a guy like that walk, nor will he get much more (if at all) money offered elsewhere with his perennial injury issues.

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