Tuesday morning one-liners

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The Bills should have been paying attention to the quality of the quarterbacks in the playoffs last weekend.

How far from the playoffs are the Dolphins?

Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is happy to have Brian Daboll join the coaching staff.

Five lessons from the playoffs for the Jets.

The Ravens offensive line played well again despite being put together on the fly.

If Jay Gruden leaves, is Hue Jackson going to be the next Bengals offensive coordinator?

Browns RB Trent Richardson is looking forward to meeting coach Rob Chudzinski.

Bob Smizik of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wonders why the Steelers reacted so quickly to RB Chris Rainey’s arrest.

An argument against the prospect of the Texans contending next season.

Looking ahead to the Colts offseason.

The Jaguars have gotten the ball rolling on the coaching search front.

The Titans signed three players to futures contracts.

Where do the Broncos need to upgrade on defense?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Chiefs owner Clark Hunt.

The Raiders offensive line didn’t have the best of years.

Said Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy of his interview with the Chargers, “The great thing is it’s a family run business. I’m big into family. There’s an open door policy for everyone to feel welcome and open to come enjoy the environment that we’re all in this together.”

Some cautionary opinions about the Cowboys moving DeMarcus Ware to defensive end.

Offensive line could be where the Giants look in the draft.

Phil Sheridan of the Philadelphia Inquirer calls the Eagles’ coaching search “clumsy” but thinks the team can wind up with a good hire.

Reviewing the work of the Redskins defense requires balancing the first half against the second.

Applause for the Bears’ decision to focus on offensive coaches.

The Lions and DE Cliff Avril have some negotiating to do if he’s going to remain in Detroit.

Said Packers PR Jeremy Ross of his muffed punt, “I will dwell on it, be upset about it, be disappointed about it, complain about it for a while. After that I will move on. I don’t want to stuff the emotions down because they’re real. The disappointment is real. The discouragement is real. And I don’t want to take away what I feel because I am human. But only for a day. The next day I am going to put it behind me.”

One player poll found Vikings RB Adrian Peterson getting the most support for the MVP award.

Falcons defensive coordinator Mike Nolan has a lot of familiarity with the 49ers.

Winning in the Superdome was a highlight of Panthers DE Frank Alexander’s rookie season.

Saints QB Drew Brees thinks a Falcons win on Sunday would be good for the rep of the NFC South.

Buccaneers G.M. Mark Dominik has been named as a finalist for the USAA Salute to Service award for his work with military members.

It wasn’t so long ago when things looked bright for the Cardinals.

Wondering about how well Rob Ryan would fit on the Rams coaching staff.

Drawing comparisons between Colin Kaepernick’s ascension with the 49ers to Joe Montana’s rise way back when.

Evidence suggests the Seahawks made the right call going for it on fourth down last Sunday even though the result went against them.

3 responses to “Tuesday morning one-liners

  1. how can all these national pundits say the eagles coaching search is a sham??

    The only teams that have satisfied their needs are the Chiefs, Bills, and Browns.. Three organizations that are perennial powerhouses because of their slick maneuvering foresight.. rrrrrrrrrright??
    NO, these are terrible franchises that will remain terrible because of moves just like those.

    The eagles have interviewed every single top candidate.. This is the best way to get the best man.
    They have weeded through the ‘fence-sitting’ college coaches.
    They haven’t really looked at any retread coaches (only bellicheck & Lovie)
    They haven’t rushed to sign a coach from any non-playoff teams..

    So tell me please,, what exactly have they done wrong.. Interview too many people??

    Get real, stick to writing worthless columns and leave the business to the businessmen.

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