Tyrone Wheatley among the additions to Bills’ coaching staff


New Bills coach Doug Marrone announced 10 additions to his coaching staff today, including four of his former Syracuse assistants who will join him in Buffalo.

The most recognizable name in the group is that of Tyrone Wheatley, who will serve as the Bills’ running backs coach. Wheatley was a Big Ten player of the year and Rose Bowl MVP at Michigan, a first-round draft pick of the Giants in 1995 and an NFL running back for 10 seasons, including a 1,000-yard season with the Raiders in 2000. Wheatley went into coaching shortly after his playing career ended, and he spent the last three years as the running backs coach at Syracuse.

Marrone has also brought in Donnie Henderson to coach defensive backs, Greg Adkins to coach tight ends and Jason Rebrovich as defensive quality control coach. They were all on Marrone’s Syracuse staff, as was Nathaniel Hackett, who had previously been hired as the Bills’ new offensive coordinator.

The Bills also hired three former Jets assistants who had previously worked with new defensive coordinator Mike Pettine: Jim O’Neil (linebackers), Anthony Weaver (defensive line) and Samson Brown (assistant defensive backs).

Marrone’s other new assistants are Eric Ciano (head strength and conditioning), Chuck Driesbach (linebackers) and Brian Fleury (defensive quality control).

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  1. That pic reminds me of the good ole days. Back when the Raiders were back to back to back AFC West Champions

  2. Awesome picture. Tyrone was an absolute beast in Madden too. Halfback lead dive was almost unstoppable

  3. OMG!!!! Look at that field! They should’ve been using fieldturf. Unacceptable!

    – You ninny football fans of today

  4. Nice read an old pro like Wheatley doing well.

    Nice to see a great action picture of the Raiders pre-Jamarcus Russell.

    Arrgh! We are still paying for that disgrace.

  5. Great pic! I still have my old black Wheatley jersey with 47 pretty much non-existent thanks to washing it too much. Those old Nike replica jerseys were the best, especially if they were from da Rayyydahhhh’s!

  6. Thank you PFT for sharing that picture for this post.

    I was at that game, 10 years old, in the Oakland Coliseum’s upper deck adjacent to “Mount Davis”. My father and I drove from over 500 miles away to see the team. We had no idea that the weather was going to be bad that day. We watched the Raiders with no poncho, no cover, nothin’. Just jerseys.

    I was freezing, shivering, and soaking wet through the whole game, but it was worth it.

    The moment I became a Raiders fan for life was when the crowd chanted “Who needs Deion?” late in the 4th quarter, a reference to the rumor [at the time] that Al wanted to bring Deion Sanders out of retirement for a postseason run.

    At that moment, sixty thousand people were in total agreement that this was the best team they had seen since the Super Bowl year of ’83. This team was going to the Super Bowl. We just knew it.

    Go Raiders. Go Wheatley! I hope he rocks this new job with the Bills. I’m rooting for him. Once a Raider, Always a Raider.

  7. jaimelh02 says: Jan 15, 2013 6:04 PM

    That pic reminds me of the good ole days. Back when the Raiders were back to back to back AFC West Champions


    I don’t like the Raiders but it is a better league when the cowboys and raiders are good.

  8. It’s ironic that a player who began his career with a history of aggravating coaches, alienating himself from teammates, sleeping in meetings, being unprepared in practice; got his stuff together enough to go onto such a long playing career and eventually get into coaching.

  9. All the good memories must be coming from Raiders fans. Tyrone was nothing special as a Giant. Then again he was better than Ron Dayne.

  10. this excites me as a Bills fan. For one, his job cant be that hard with the RB’s Buffalo has and as a Michigan fan, he was my 3rd favorite college player behind Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson.

  11. Really? Good for him. When I was younger, Tyrone Wheatley was one of the few RBs I tried to emulate on the playing field (the others being Bo & Barry). I LOVED watching him play at Michigan & when he was drafted by the Giants, I was ecstatic being that I am a diehard Giants fan. I only wished that he had a better NFL career, but he was a hard-nosed back that gave 100% every time he touched the ball. By the time he made it to the Giants, he had a lot of wear on treads. It also shouldn’t be overlooked that the Giants team that drafted him & the ones he subsequently played on were not very good teams. The Giants were pretty bad around the TW period, and Dan Reeves going with Charles “Neck Roll” Way over Wheatley made me hate him every day since then. I wish Tyrone the best of luck & I would love to see him be successful & work his way up the coaching ranks.

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