With McCoy out of mix, Cardinals’ job becomes murky

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The Cardinals feared losing defensive coordinator Ray Horton to a head-coaching job.  After the two other head-coaching jobs for which Horton interviewed (Browns and Bills) went to other candidates, the Cardinals’ reportedly hatched a plan to keep Horton in charge of the defense and to hire Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy to run the show.

Unless the news that McCoy is destined to bolt from Denver to San Diego is a last-ditch ploy by agent Bob LaMonte to get the Cardinals to step up financially, the Cards will have to come up with a new plan.

And the new plan could end up being the original plan:  Promote Horton.

The other candidates are Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden and Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley.  According to Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Haley told the Cardinals that his asking price to become the next head coach in Arizona would be “very high.”

So that leaves Horton and Jay Gruden as the main choices, at least for now.

In the end, money could be a major factor in the final decision-making process.  Rumors are making the rounds that Steve Keim will be making roughly $750,000 as the Cardinals’ new G.M., which would make him the lowest-paid General Manager in the league.  It could be that the Cardinals have a firm budget for the head-coaching job — and that the guy who gets the gig will be the guy who is willing to take whatever the team offers.

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  1. Whatever occurs, it’s nice to rest assured that the Cardinals will pick the worst, most bone-headed option possible. It’s comforting to know some things in the world never change, like the seasons. And the Cards being terrible.

  2. Why in the world would Haley be asking a high amount to be a HC again? He sure didn’t prove himself in KC. Unless, for whatever reason, he really likes being on the Steelers staff. Considering Pig Pen Ben hated him and probably made life very difficult on him there, I don’t understand why he’d like it there so much.

  3. “It could be that the Cardinals have a firm budget for the head-coaching job — and that the guy who gets the gig will be the guy who is willing to take whatever the team offers.”

    If this is true, it would seem to indicate that the Cardinals are going back to their old penny-pinching, 1980s/90s losing ways. Sad.

    Maybe they should hire Horton and and an up-and-coming offensive coach as OC.

    Just shows what happens when a team lollygags around looking for a coach. Typical, same old Cardinals.

  4. And the AZ fans continue to wonder why their team sucks so bad. At least you had Kurt Warner for a few years

  5. Cardinals losing out on quality FA/Front Office?

    That’s less than rare.

    Hate if you want but name one Quality FA that came from somewhere else.

    Some stay for the $$$ but NO ONE wants to go go there after playing elsewhere.

  6. Wow! $750,000 is great money in the ‘real world’ but for a GM thats really low in 2013. Are the Cardinals really that cheap? Billion dollar stadium with 2 cent management. I feel for Cardinal fans. I really hope your new GM is able to work miracles.

  7. The Bidwells have ALWAYS been cheap….and Haley knows it.

    The best way to make sure you don’t end up playing for the cheap Bidwells is to make them think you want a lot of money.

  8. Red Birds need to take this as a sign that Horton is the man. “F” Jay Gruden, lets go Horton and get it in. Horton will bring an edge to the team that the past 4 coaches have not. The one thing I do not want to see is them pay Todd Haley to come in here and screw us over, Red Birds all day lets get it in. Jay Gruden is a chump anyway, he is soft like Whiz.

  9. No one wants to walk into a situation with no capable QB on hand.

    This seems like a classic catch 22.

    Michael Bidwill has been looser with the purse strings since taking over, so we’ll see if that stands true for this hiring.

    Keim being underpaid seems unlikely, as he had other opportunities for other teams.

  10. Fitz is a classy guy on and off the field, but he made a poor decision to be loyal to this franchise…he has been begging for a quarterback since Kurt Warner retired, just sad that this franchise can’t get it together..Fitz isn’t getting younger and his window will be closing fast as an elite receiver as he turns 30 in august.

  11. Arizona shouldn’t have fired Ken Whisenhunt in the first place.

    It may be a long wait now but I would target Josh McDaniels.

  12. The NFL owes it to the fans to have some sort of “Quality Control” regulating ownership. The Cardinals are a great bunch of talented guys who are the hobby of a incompetent owner. Unless the franchise is sold or can become a publicly traded commodity like the Green Bay Packers (which is not possible under NFL guidelines) there is no accountability and little hope for this team. Young players have signed away their lives only to have the rug pulled out from under them leaving them no better off than endentured servants. Fans have spent money for season tickets in an economy that has forced sacrifices to support the life style of a greedy owner. In most businesses there is some sort of system of checks and balances that protect consumers and the NFL should be ultimately responsible for the quality of the franchises they oversee. What a mess!

  13. They should hire Whisenhunt – he’s a great guy who has gotten a team to the Super Bowl. Then they should get him a QB.

  14. Down to 4 teams left, and the only coach I may have been intersted in coming to Philly was McCoy (I cooled on him after finding a bit more about him, and every descrption beginning with “calm” and “laid back”, had enough of that).

    Don’t see a rush of people wanting the Jax job (same issues that are apparently in Zona money wise). if the Cards are putting a cap on, the only team that may pick someone off from the Eagles is chicago. Since I want Bradley, and I haven’t heard anything about him going to chicago, this is good news for me.

    I don’t think Chicago will even consider Bradley though, I think they want an offensive coach (for obvious reasons)

  15. It would make me so angry to have been a Cardinals or Bengals fan where it is more about the bottom line than truly trying to win a championship. If I was an owner and I believed there was one guy who could really revolutionize the culture of my franchise and bring me a championship, I would not hesitate to spend the money it takes to do it. Clearly the Jones/Snyder/Ross model of spending whatever hasn’t panned out for those guys in terms of championships, but I would definitely rather the owner of my team placing championships as a higher priority than money. If it were me I would rather have those championship rings on my deathbed than my checkbook.

  16. I’ve been following the Cardinals since they were in Chicago, and one thing you can count on with the Bidwell’s, is they will do whatever to keep the costs down….it made me a Bears fan many a year ago!!

  17. Public perception is “Cardinals are cheap” or “same old Cardinals” because of write ups like this. The Cardinals where going to go hard at Mike McCoy and wanted to interview him for the second time. But San Diego didn’t let him leave, they did what they where suppose to do and they got their guy. This doesn’t mean Cardinals are done searching or are going to settle for a poor candidate, it just means they didn’t get their guy and they have to move on. Tell me this if the Cardinals where so “cheap” why did the eat Ken W. 5 million dollar salary(with a year left in his contract)? Why did they re-sign core players like Calais Campbell, Daryl Washington, and Larry Fitzgerald to long term contracts recently. Why did they trade for Kevin Kolb and give him a large contract(in attempt to fix QB issues)? Don’t let public perception fool you; as it has to all of us
    before. Make your own opinion and give others an opportunity to prove you wrong.

  18. “The Bidwells have ALWAYS been cheap….and Haley knows it.”

    Haley would recall that the Bidwills (correct spelling) paid him over 1 million a season as an OC to keep him from interviewing as a HC candidate with the Dolphins in 2008. At the same time they were paying Russ Grimm over 1 million just to be an average OL coach.

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