Aaron Kromer will join Bears staff


The Bears hired Marc Trestman as their new head coach overnight and he isn’t wasting any time putting together his coaching staff.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Aaron Kromer will be the team’s new offensive coordinator and offensive line coach. Kromer’s contract with the Saints expired at the end of the season, making him a free agent after a year that began with him serving as their interim head coach for the first six games of the year while Sean Payton and Joe Vitt were both serving suspensions.

The Saints went 2-4 in those games, although it doesn’t seem to have done much to dim Kromer’s reputation as an assistant. Trestman was hired because of his background as an offensive architect so he’ll be calling the plays while Kromer handles the other coordinator duties in addition to his responsibilities on the offensive line. Those responsibilities will be vital for a Bears team that’s struggled to protect Jay Cutler in recent years.

Kromer and Trestman have worked together before and the quickness of the hire suggests that Trestman was working to line up a staff while denying he had the Bears job. Both men were on the offensive staff of the Raiders from 2001-2003, a period that included a losing trip to Super Bowl XXXVII against the Buccaneers.

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  1. It just gets better and better. This guy only proved he could do nothing to help the team last year.

  2. Never heard of the guy, but he’ll probably be a great OC compared to Archie Bunker’s so-in-law.

  3. as a saints fan, tony sparano, if he hasn’t signed with the chiefs yet could be headed to new orleans…he and payton are good friends from dallas days, but please no O.C. job for sparano

  4. Great hire. The foundation for a transcendent passing attack is a solid offensive line. The Patriots and Saints know this. No doubt, Coach Trestman will call the plays, but the new OC Kromer will lay the protections for his passing attack.

  5. To larryboodry: Kromer was the interim to the interim coach for the Saints for the 1st 8 games when the interim coach Joe Vitt was suspended. His real job was Offensive line coach. Hope that clears it up for you.
    Wait until Kromer realizes that Jay Cutler is NOT Drew brees.

  6. In 1997, Eddie DeBartolo sneered, “He’s gone” as he fired then-OC Marc Trestman. And Jerry Rice smiled. Rice was tired of running two-yard crossing routes.

  7. Liking this one a lot. The saints have developed a lot of o-lineman in the last few years. The bears haven’t developed one of their own since Olin Kruetz was young and he’s retired now. Very much needed hire.

  8. Good hire for the Bears and good luck to Kromer. So, does New Orleans have to wait until Payton is back to hire someone to replace Kromer?

  9. Kromer seemed pretty lost on the sidelines for the Saints this year. Seems like a stretch for Trestman.
    I think the rest of the NFC North is liking what the Bears are doing

  10. Why are people judging him based off of how he did as an interim HC? His abilities as HC is not why we’re hiring him….

  11. peppylapeu says:
    Jan 16, 2013 9:48 AM
    If the first two weekends of playoffs are any indication, you no longer need to stop your opponent. You need to outscore them……..
    While every team did put up at least 28 points this past weekend, not one team scored more than 24 points in the first weekend. This game has always been and will always be about balance.

  12. murty77 says: Jan 16, 2013 2:52 PM

    Why are people judging him based off of how he did as an interim HC? His abilities as HC is not why we’re hiring him….


    His abilities as an offensive line coach aren’t exactly clear. The Saints have had some good stud o-lineman but as a group are inconsistent and really benefit from Brees’ escapability and some really talented running backs. Pretty sure Jahri Evans and Carl Nicks would still be all-pros if your mom was coaching them.

  13. The offense wasn’t the problem in New Orleans with him there. The defense was horrific. In those six games that he was such as terrible interim-interm head coach, they averaged 30 points a game. The offense wasn’t exactly broken. It seems like there are a whole lot worse places you could go to grab an offensive coordinator than the staff of a perennial offensive powerhouse. I like it.

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