Bears go outside the box with Trestman


In the end, Jimmy Johnson was right.

The former Cowboys and Dolphins coach said Friday that Montreal Alouettes coach Marc Trestman would become the next head coach of the Bears and, five days later, that’s precisely what Trestman is.

And so the Bears are making the type of outside-the-box move that Johnson’s former boss in Dallas, Jerry Jones, recently suggested NFL franchises may need to make to break the cycle of parity.

In Tuesday’s edition of Pro Football Talk, Erik Kuselias suggested that perhaps Johnson’s tweet was a trial balloon aimed at gauging fan and media reaction to the prospect of hiring a head coach who has been out of the NFL for eight years.  The fact that the Bears had no other candidates who jumped off the page as obvious “A”-listers possibly contributed to the absence of a strong negative reaction to Trestman.

Or perhaps there was no strong negative reaction to Trestman because no one really knows what to think about him, since he’s been out of the NFL’s sight for so long.  He spent 17 years as an NFL assistant with the Vikings, Bucs, Browns, 49ers, Lions, Cardinals, Raiders, and Dolphins, never getting a chance to become a head coach at the highest level of the sport in the more usual way.

Trestman still has plenty of supporters.  Former NFL coaches Bud Grant and Marv Levy have vouched for him, as has Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young.

But Trestman largely remains an unknown commodity, and the biggest unknown is and will be his ability to work with quarterback Jay Cutler, who has one year left on his contract.  Trestman may decide after the coming year that he doesn’t want Cutler.  Cutler may decide after the coming year that he doesn’t want Trestman.

Of course, the fact that Trestman helped mentor Cutler before the 2006 draft may help the two get along now; the Bears were sure to make that point in the official release announcing the hire.

All we know at this point is that the lawyer-turned-coach will finally get his chance to run an NFL team of his own, and the stakes will be fairly high, for plenty of people.

27 responses to “Bears go outside the box with Trestman

  1. Love the hire for da Bears! Anybody who thinks he is not qualified because he was a Cfl coach has no idea what they are talking about. If Emery fixes the O line, look out for the bears next year. Happy for you Bears fans.

  2. The stakes aren’t high at all. The Bears, much like the Steelers, don’t fire coaches or make coaching hires lightly. They wre clearly in the market for an offensive minded coach because Lovie was a good coach who just couldn’t get the offense on track and other than Arians, Trestman is by far most qualified. You don’t replace a good coach with some unknown commodity or another guy who doesn’t have a track record of success on what’s been your problem, or at least good franchises don’t.

    It’s hardly “out of the box” when guys who aren’t ready for jobs and are 95% assured to be failures for that reason alone are getting jobs left and right.

    Until he’s a lame duck, they’ll give him time, which is a refreshing concept in today’s “fire everybody if we don’t win the Super Bowl” culture.

    He’ll see like every other coach who’s had him that Cutler’s part of the problem and look to replace him along with Brandon Marshall because he’ll start crying once they get rid of crybaby Cutler. Question is who he’ll have his eye on in next year’s draft to re-boot the whole thing.

  3. Good man. Marc Trestman will transform that Bears offense into something special. I was hoping he’d end up in Cleveland.

  4. Bear fans it looks like you are trying convince yourselves this was a good hire. At least you have the endorsement of Levy and Grant. Too funny!

  5. As a Bear’s fan, I was hoping for either Trestman or Arians. The more I looked into Trestman, the more he intrigued me. This is so out of the box for the Bear’s franchise, and I love how Phil Emery has done business so far. It was reported on ESPN that all the candidates they (ESPN) spoke with, said Emery was the most in depth, thorough, and well prepared they had ever seen with regards to the interview process. He sold me when he picked up Marshall, and grabbed Jeffrey instead of a lineman. Yeah, they need lineman, but he went with the guy whom he felt would give the most bang for his buck.

  6. The Chicago Bears have never, ever had a passing oriented head coach before. This is totally brand-new virgin territory for them. I’m very excited.

  7. Trestman was a prolific OC in the NFL in the past. Also proved he could run the show and win titles as Head Coach in the CFL. This is much more creditable than say hiring Doug Marrone who was a non-descript NFL OC and slightly above average NCAA coach. The Marrone hiring should catch way more flak than us going with Trestman.

  8. Green Bay fans are the worst…seriously. Pathetic, worthless little trolls with an unhealthy connection to the team. It’s just football, scumbags.

    Oh hey…how’s that defense holding up in the playoffs? Oh…that’s right. Nevermind.

    Might be time for ole GB to look for some coaches themselves, losers.

  9. Long time NFL assistant, noted QB guru, and the guy won two Grey Cups. I know the Grey Cup might not mean much in the NFL, but it shows that he was able to lead professional players to a championship and then repeat it, which is one of the hardest thing to do in sports.

    With the “big names” out of the mix, it’s as good a hire as Bears fans could have hoped for.

  10. Question for you Bear fans. What is the reason he was on 8 NFL staffs in 16 years and was resigned to coaching in the CFL? Let me give you a hint, it wasn’t because he was this hot commodity. Having said that I agree with Bear fans and am happy with the hire.

  11. Great hire by the Bears, and adding Kromar as OC/o-line coach was a good move also…Trestman’s real coup was getting DeCamillis to replace Toub.

  12. Marc has to get the Bears into the playoffs in his first year or the same people who are saying he’s a good hire will be saying send him back to Canada.
    I can understand why some Bears fans might be a little anxious about Trestman but they shouldn’t be.
    One thing about about his tenure in the CFL is the fact that you new he wasn’t going to be outcoached .
    And don’t forget, in the CFL he only had 3 downs to move the chains …and now he’s got 4!
    Relax Bears fans, he’s a good one.

  13. @tokyosandblaster
    No Excuses EVERYBODY was healthy. they had NO injuries.. what
    they ran out of cheese. I hear a cheerleader winked at Rodgers or did he get use to throwing footballs at pick up trucks… and I just DOUBLE CHECKED THE PACKERS GOT SMOKED IN SAN FRANCISCO.

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