Browns decline comment on Chip Kelly hire

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Not long ago, the Browns and Eagles appeared to be engaged in a tug-o-war for the services of former Oregon coach Chip Kelly.  Indeed, at one point there were reports that a deal between the Browns and Kelly was close.

When a Saturday lunch meeting with the Eagles’ brain trust became a nine-hour marathon, the sense the Kelly would be joining Cleveland subsided.  A day later, Kelly said he’d be staying at Oregon.

As it turns out, the Eagles didn’t take “no” for an answer.  The Browns did, hiring Rob Chudzinski instead.  And now, to little surprise, the Browns are saying nothing about Kelly’s decision to become the Eagles’ head coach.

Per Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns have declined to comment on the matter.

There’s really nothing the Browns could say.  When the Kelly deal wasn’t concluded, the Browns’ position was that they walked away from Kelly, because the team didn’t believe Kelly was ready to commit to the NFL.

Of course, he eventually was.  But that doesn’t mean the Browns would have been comfortable offering whatever the Eagles offered to change Kelly’s mind.

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  1. Poor Brownies. Last year it was RG3.. This year it’s Chip Kelly. They seriously can’t win at anything.

  2. Running from the NCAA.

    He’ll leave the Eagles hanging, worse than Andy Reid ever did. Gone in year three…book it.

  3. Kelly deep down inside really wanted to be an NFL coach………….just not for the Browns.

  4. When the coaching search began Chip Kelly was the coach to get for all of the teams. The Browns wanted him as their first choice. They tried to get him, but failed. No coach is guaranteed success in the NFL, however, at the end of the day the Eagles got the prized coach.

  5. No loss to the Browns. I don’t get what is so innovative about “QB runs to the right” — besides that only works against Erik Walden. This guy will be back in the college ranks within 3 years.

  6. Does this really matter? The Browns just spent a first round pick on a QB that is the exact opposite of what Kelly wants. At least the Eagles can blow their load on a first round QB that Kelly wants, and it’s not a big story. But in Cleveland, it would look ridiculous.

  7. Chud: Creative offensive-minded coach with NFL experience. He also coached the offense of our most successful season (’07) in recent Browns history.

    Kelly: Creative offensive-minded coach with no NFL experience.

    I’m a Browns fan. I’ll take Chud.

  8. Cleveland will come out on top in this whole coach thing.. the problem is, well, it’s Cleveland. There is so much work to be done there that Chud starts waaaay behind the eight-ball vs. Kelly in Philly.

  9. cleveland in general did not want chip, i think he hasn’t proved anything really, no titles but close to them maybe? i say he pulls a nick saban & hits college in a year or so.

  10. Why did Chip Kelly take a pass on the Browns head coaching job?

    …I will answer my own question with a question…

    If you were Chip Kelly, would you want to work for Joe Banner?

    You think Joe Banner’s name was mentioned by the Eagles when it was their turn to interview Kelly?

    No one in the NFL knew Joe Banner better than the Eagles front office member who were interviewing Chip Kelly.

    Why Jimmy Haslam hired Joe Banner to run the Browns is a real head scratcher.

  11. Long time Cleveland Browns fan

    I don’t feel like we’re losing anything or lost anything!

    Chip Kelly’s indecisiveness regarding the Browns and Buccaneer’s has Bobby Petrino tendencies written all over him!

    I’m good!

  12. I know it sounds easy for it to be said now, but as a Browns fan, I’m more than happy to get Chud, and was never sold on Kelly.

    I’m satisfied that Kelly to Cleveland didn’t happen because after a lengthy interview it became apparent that it wasn’t a good fit.

    So, we’ll see what Kelly can do in Philadelphia. And even if he succeeds there, the Eagles have different talent on board than the Browns do now.


  13. Am I the only skeptic who thinks he and his agent were trying to get a bidding war going between the Eagles, Browns, and Bills only couldn’t because the Bills moved on quickly and Joe Banner wasnt playing his game? Isnt it obvious that he and his agent started all the drama with the 8 and 9 hour meetings and various rumors that “he was on the verge of signing with…..” plus the “lawyers are ready to draw up the papers” only he over played his hand. He thought going away they would bothe chase him. however, after the Bills and Browns singed coaches there was no bidding war possible. So they let the Eagles know he was still interested and then probably signed for what they offered him two weeks ago because their search was looking silly a that point..

  14. I’m guessing in a year or two the Browns fans will realize what a train wreck they avoided by Kelly saying no.

  15. steelhammer92 says:
    Jan 16, 2013 4:07 PM
    Poor Brownies. Last year it was RG3.. This year it’s Chip Kelly. They seriously can’t win at anything.

    RG3 may have a short career due to injuries. Kelly is an expensive unknown at best. The Browns did what was best for them.

  16. Before reading another word ab this on CLE beat, one thing is certain:

    Joe Banner

    I agree w/ the above ? “why hired to run the team” and have been troubled more as I’ve learned of his Philly past…clearly why they went backwards w Coach –> GM, and while Kelly may/may not have considered us (sans Chud) after changing his mind….only reason he walked outta that Arizona meeting uncommitted has to be Banner. Maybe that spooked him into ?ing the move in later interviews…no telling.

    Eagles success in JBs time there is only reason I’m not beyond skeptical as an avid Browns fan. Blowing up a team showing real progress, just to stroke an ego unwilling to share any credit for the/a turnaround…better get it right!! Cutting Jauron would/will cement my belief of the above.

  17. @lafarrel

    Count me in the ranks of those that think Chippy was trying to create a bidding war. This is likely why the Brownies rescinded their offer.

  18. Why would anyone want a coach that was deceitful at Oregon, strung you along, told his players that he was staying at Oregon, and then bails on his student athletes? NO THANKS!

    This guy has commitment issues, and it’s only a matter of time before Philly fans are calling for him to be fired. Eagles are currently over the cap by $17 Million, and He’s also talking about bringing Todd Grantham as his DC. Good luck with that.

    I think Cleveland got the right guy, and it doesn’t hurt to have Norv Turner as the OC, and possibly get John Pagano as the DC. Turner might not have been a great HC, but is an excellent OC, and Pagano has had the Chargers defense playing excellent the past few years. (1st in 2010, 15 in 2011, and 8 2012) Here is the link for the Eagles cap.

  19. The owners of these professional sports teams are a very unique group of successful businessmen, they are anything but stupid. (Who else could get local taxpayers to pay for their place of business, and then charge them for PSL’s, before they even stand in line for tickets?)

    Even in the case of the Lerner family (Papa Al like American football while dandy Randy liked the pretty uniforms of soccer), they still made a killing on their investment. That said, Haslam is a very successful businessman.

    I’m sure he has negotiated many contracts, lawsuits, hired/lured away employees, and played enough poker to know when someone is bluffing. While I don’t condemn Kelly for getting his best deal (and who would want to work for a control freak like Banner), I’m sure Haslam and Banner read him like a book.

    I wish no ill of Kelly, and for the Eagle fans, I hope he does well in Philadelphia. However, I wonder what kind of message went out among the other NFL owners about him (another Saban)? This may be Kelly’s one and only shot.

    As for being a lifelong Browns fan (60+ yrs), I’m quite happy and optimistic about Chud. With the Browns history, we needed a local boy to bring out the hope and “vision” the team needs. People’s attitudes will change with success, but the proposed uniforms would help expedite that.

    Go Browns!

  20. I’d be more interested in Ian Rapapport’s comments anyway. When he breaks a story I will take it with a grain of salt from now on.

  21. Chip Kelly will be the next head coach of USC after they run Lane Kiffin out of town, which is coming soon, Eagle fan be prepared to get Sabaned just like the dolphins did, and hurry up and have that press conference before he changes his mind once again.Rumor has it 8 mill a year and total football control for a guy who has no NFL experience. good luck.

  22. I just think the whole situation should make the Eagles nervous. Kind of a deal with the Devil. The indecisiveness really reminds me of Bobby Petrino. I don’t think Cleveland will care, he really burnt a bridge before he even crossed it there. Oregon though… Definitely wouldn’t be caught seen in Oregon after this if I were him.

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