Cardinals request permission to speak with Bruce Arians


Fresh off of losing out on the Chicago Bears head coaching job to Marc Trestman, Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians has a new suitor.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Arizona Cardinals have requested permission to speak with Arians about their head coaching vacancy.

Arians has been a target of the Bears and the San Diego Chargers but both have filled their openings. The Chargers announce Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy as their head coach on Tuesday. The Cardinals had also been pursuing McCoy for their opening before he signed with the Chargers. McCoy’s decision could have been the catalyst for the Cardinals turning their attention toward Arians.

Arizona has also interviewed their own defensive coordinator Ray Horton for the job, as well as Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden.  They plan to interview Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell.

19 responses to “Cardinals request permission to speak with Bruce Arians

  1. Seriously, they’re going from a former Steelers’ OC and interviewing two other Steelers’ OCs (Haley and Arians).

    I know that’s meaningless I just think it’s interesting. I wonder how many times a coaching vacancy has been filled from the same exact team and role twice in a row before?

  2. I have no idea how he has not gotten more consideration for a HC gig. He’s proven to know how to run an offense and work with young QB’s in the NFL.

    He stepped in for Pagano and handled the situation better than anyone could have hoped for. He’d get the most out of an offense and tailor an offense to fit the skillet of the players he had at his disposal.

    He’d be a strong candidate in the desert with an already legitimate defense and coordinator in Ray Horton. He could give total control of the defense to Horton and worry about the offense (and for the Cards that’s all there is to worry about). There’s tons of talent at every level, it should be a no brainer.

  3. I am not sure why this guy is getting considered for Coaching gig. Lets be real, colts had a good season because the players were motivated to play at a high level for their coach with cancer. I am glad the coach is doing well, but next season, they will be lucky to 6 games at best.

  4. If they hire Arians, then the Cardinals will have had two of the Steelers last three Offensive Coordinators as their head coach. With droves of former Steelers players and coaches that have wound up down there I ask one thing. Arizona, please stop riding the Steelers nuts. It hasn’t helped

  5. I think he can be a good coach with a good front office and staff in place, I hope that little health issue doesn’t hurt his chance.

  6. It’s looking like the Cardinals head coaching job is about as desirable as the Jets gm job… I get the feeling they are going to have to settle for something they don’t want…

  7. The situation in Arizona seems to come down to money…in other words what they’re willing to pay for a head coach…that being said I would expect Horton to get the job as he is of no consideration anywhere else(willing to take less$ for an opportunity). Unfortunately a good OC or DC does not mean success as a HC. Look at Dick Lebeau for an example…great DC poor HC for Bungles back to great success as DC in Pittsburgh. So unless something changes down south and the decision is made to invest more in a HC expect the same results Cards fans!

  8. steelerstom says: Jan 16, 2013 10:32 AM

    The situation in Arizona seems to come down to money…


    It’s not just about money, it’s about being arguably the least attractive job in the NFL. A team with no QBs, bad RBs, a star WR with a HUGE contract (something a team like this does NOT need), some holes on defense, a bad owner, and playing a in brutal division. They’ll lucky to go 1-5 in the NFCW in 2013.

    If you’re Arians, you can take on that or you can coach the offense at Indy, where Luck and the other 4 rookies they played all gain a year of experience. They’ll probably score a ton of points, make the playoffs again, you’ll be an even hotter commodity and you can survey the coaching jobs that open up for 2014.

    I get that every coach wants to be a HC somewhere but the grass in Arizona ain’t exactly green right now

  9. @3jetallgo

    “some holes in defense”….basically kills your credibility. That defense is solid! Just ask Tom Brady.

  10. AZ defense can equal SF and Seatle now. All Offensive in draft and a couple free agent signing on offense and were good. Remember addition by subtraction like Snyder, Bradley,Wells,Brown,Kolb fixes our cap space at the same time

  11. theuglitruth says: Jan 16, 2013 1:14 PM


    “some holes in defense”….basically kills your credibility. That defense is solid! Just ask Tom Brady.

    The entire LB corps outside of D. Washington is below average, and Washington (while a great blitz MLB) is pretty undersized. Not good for a 3-4 D, especially one facing Steven Jackson, Wilson/Lynch, and Kaepernick/Gore 6 times a year.

    Arizona was 28th in Run D in 2012. I didn’t say they were terrible, but they have holes.

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