Chip Kelly hire could create dilemma for Vick, Eagles


The Eagles owe quarterback Mike Vick a base salary of $15.5 million in 2013.  Vick privately has made it clear that he won’t be reducing his pay in order to stick around.

But a source with knowledge of Vick’s thinking previously suggested that he will be attracted to the possibility of working with two specific coaches — Chip Kelly and Jon Gruden.  With Kelly now the coach in Philly, the question becomes whether Vick will soften his contractual stance in order to play for the former Oregon coach.

The broader question is whether the Eagles would offer Vick more on a reduced contract than anyone else would offer Vick, if he becomes a free agent.  Also, and as Tim McManus of 97.5 The Fanatic in Philly suggested during Tuesday’s PFT Live, there’s a chance Vick has soured on his teammates with the Eagles.

Vick’s comments from the day after the season would suggest that perhaps he has.

We’ll know more soon enough.  Within a few days after the Super Bowl, $3 million of Vick’s 2013 salary becomes fully guaranteed.  It’s possible, but unlikely, that they’d allow the guarantee to vest before making a final decision.

Regardless, the presence of a new coach who likes his quarterbacks to be mobile adds a new wrinkle to Vick’s future, or lack of one, in Philadelphia.

37 responses to “Chip Kelly hire could create dilemma for Vick, Eagles

  1. How bad is this hire? Besides tha fact he’ll probably bolt for the first high profile college gig he can get, he’s also going to make them keep Mike Vick for at least one more season. So sorry Eagles fans.

  2. ummm not to mention the fact that Vick has given no indication that he can a) posses the mental capacity to slide, b) figure out which team he is supposed to throw the ball to, c) manage to hold onto the football and d) recognize a defensive allignment. All of the above being major requirements to runnings any offense.

  3. I think Vick will still leave. There is NO WAY he could stay healthy in Chip Kelly offense.

  4. If by mobile QB you mean spins into the waiting defender for the sack, then yes he might be suited. I love me some Vick as a Hokie when he took us to the national championship, but I think his time has passed and it’s time to move on to a new QB for Chip Kelly’s system.

  5. Cut him.

    Kick him to the curb.

    Kelly could do better with any kid fresh from the college ranks or off the street for that matter.

    End the Vick experiment now.

  6. Great hire by Eagles. Vick needs to soften his stance if he wants to play. He’ll get next to nothing on the open market. The little bit of leverage he has is with the Eagles. He needs to realize that he hasn’t produced over the past few years and prove he’s worth to his teammates again.

  7. Alright, let’s pretend Kelly actually does plan on bringing his college gimmick offense to the NFL. Why would he want Vick? Vick couldn’t stay healthy when they tried to make him a pocket QB, how would he stay healthy in Kelly’s system? He would be done by week 5.

  8. Vick won’t be back with PHI. Not as the 2nd highest base salary for a QB next year. Ahead of guys who have actually won something, multiple times.

    Another example of really bad roster move/contract by PHI.

  9. The big question here is what moron in their right mind gave Vick this contract in the first place?

    Vick was never a really good quarterback. His numbers with Atlanta were borderline awful, and his career was in a downward spiral long before he was exposed as a dog killer. When he came back, he had one decent run of games and some moron decided to give him this massive deal. It was a mistake then, and its a mistake now.

    If the Eagles decide to keep him, or any other team is dumb enough to pick Vick up then they will get exactly what the deserve…. an over the hill “never was” who is never going to win a Super Bowl.

  10. a) call it a “college gimmick offense” if you must, but realize that Belichik has consulted with Kelley several times about this offense, and used it to demolish Denver last week. It’s actually like running a two-minute drill throughout the game.

    Besides, what SF, DC, and Seattle are running are also college gimmick offenses. Maybe that’s the way to win in the NFL. At least until defenses catch up.

    b) the problem is that it requires highly disciplined, flexible players who are willing to study hard and practice harder. I don’t think Vick fits that mold.

    c) how many players on the Eagles currently have the versatility to play multiple roles like many of the Patriot players do? That’s another important factor.

  11. Kelly won’t keep Vick. Despite what people think, Vick isn’t Kelly’s type of QB. Kelly looks for athletic, mobile quarterbacks who can think and pass accurately. Vick, was (and I stress, was) a running QB with a strong, but inaccurate arm. Vick’s days as a runner are behind him (he will only wind up getting hurt again if he runs too much) and he doesn’t have the experience or smarts to run Kelly’s offense. Look for the Eagles to target Geno Smith (if KC, Jax and Oak pass on him, which I think they will, even though they all could use a QB) or Ryan Nassib of Syracuse in the 2nd round.

  12. I guess the Chip finally hit the fan huh?

    It’s so funny watching this guy troll the hell out of the Eagles. He only agreed to be coach to avoid the sanctions that are coming for Oregon. And after a rough first season he’ll likely take the next high profile college coaching job that comes along.

    Innovator? More like a wolf in Pete Carroll’s clothing.

  13. Last year was a terrible year for Vick. but it also was a terrible year for everyone in Philly…. Before last year he was serviceable. You can’t tell me that the o line didn’t have issues of epic proportions…. Cutler Rivers Cassel Sanchez Fitzpatrick Weedon Kolb Ponder Gabbert Locker Foles Quinn Freeman Lindley Tebow Skelton Palmer are all playing just as bad as Vick over the past 2 years. So stop with the he is done in the NFL. People need to get past the dog fighting and hatred you have for him. Its almost racist now. Cause no one is calling for Rivers and Palmer to be done where they are at.

  14. I really dont see a dilemma, Fact is I would think in an 8 hour interview Vick’s name was mentioned and they already know what is going to happen with him.
    And remember Lurie did not want him anyway if thats any kind of a clue.

  15. “there’s a chance Vick has soured on his teammates with the Eagles.”

    I can just imagine how much that bothers the other players.

    “Gee, a horribly performing scumbag doesn’t like that I underperformed this year. Oh woes is me. Oh noes oh noes, how will I ever stand the humiliation”

    I doubt the other players there care at all about what Vick thinks.

  16. People forget Vick looked pretty damn good in his one good season in Philly (he played the Giants pretty well, anyway). That’s why he got all this money in the first place. Then defenses remembered how they neutralized him in Atlanta.

    Foles isn’t ready yet so the Eagles would be better off going with Alex Smith or someone like that. Actually, Smith is probably the only good option out there and he will probably have other suitors.

    I’d be stunned if Vick was still with the Eagles next year but Philly is just that crazy. He’ll get a shot somewhere else (KC? Jacksonville) but the Vick Experiment will be over in a couple weeks’ time.

  17. Name a player in NFL history has has gotten paid as much and delivering so little.

    If Vick is smart, he re-structures his deal and take a paycut — and if the Eagles are smart, they bring in 1-2 new QBs and have them compete for the job.

    Vick has done NOTHING to warrant having a job handed to him, Philly or elsewhere.

  18. One thing everyone is forgetting is that the Eagles played the entire season without their best lineman, Jason Peters. I believe that once he’s back and the Eagles draft Luke Joeckel, Vick will produce again. Yes, Vick will be back with the team next year.

  19. questionableprovenance says:

    a) call it a “college gimmick offense” if you must, but realize that Belichik has consulted with Kelley several times about this offense, and used it to demolish Denver last week. It’s actually like running a two-minute drill throughout the game.
    Belichick [sp] and his team didn’t even play Denver last week. New England played Houston, Denver lost to Baltimore.

    Eagerly waiting your backtrack…

  20. @mazblast
    I apologize and backtrack. Mixed up teams.

    But did you notice how often the Houston D was out of position because the Patriots were lined up and snapped the ball almost immediately? Especially on the goal-to-go snaps, nobody on the Texans seemed to have any idea of what to do.

    Which is why the touchdown runs were scored essentially untouched.

    No huddle at two-minute drill pace on steroids [whoops, bad word]. If nothing else, it will make the NFL a lot more fun.

    Until the defenses start catching up.

  21. Vick has displayed the accuracy to run Kelly’s offense in one season of his career. I’d look for the Eagles to reach out to a Darron Thomas or Dennis Dixon and maybe draft Geno Smith if they can. Josh Johnson might not be a bad choice either, if mobility is a must-have.

    Kelly once said the prototypical QB for his offense would be a Rajon Rondo-type; a Point Guard of sorts. I don’t think anyone believes Vick can do that.

  22. “Besides, what SF, DC, and Seattle are running are also college gimmick offenses. Maybe that’s the way to win in the NFL. At least until defenses catch up.”

    Yeah, that system in DC is what got RGIII hurt in the first place. It’s basically the wildcat of today.

  23. Poor Chip Kelly made the worst decision of his life, leaving winner Oregon to coach a loser Eagles team. As a USC fan I’m glad he’s not going to bedevil us any longer.

    As for Vick, he’s washed up and doesn’t deserve the kind of money he’s eating, if the Eagles are smart they trade him away for a younger, better player.

  24. Besides all the dog stuff, Vick is a good QB.
    The problem is people keep trying to change what made him who he is. You saw Colin Kapernick run for 183 yards because they are utilizing his skill set.

    They have Mike confused and afraid to run.
    When he runs he gets criticized for not being a pocket passer.
    Give the man some blocking up front and he will do what he did that made Philly give the man 100 Mill.

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