If Chip Kelly had declined again, Gus Bradley was the Eagles’ choice


The timeline regarding the recruitment and hire of Oregon coach Chip Kelly by the Eagles creates the impression that Tuesday’s interview with Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley went sufficiently poorly to prompt the Eagles to go all in for Kelly.

That’s not the case.  Apart from the fact that the flirtation with Kelly resumed eight days ago, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that, if Kelly ultimately had said no again, the job would have been offered to Bradley.

Bradley remains a candidate for the head-coaching job in Jacksonville.  It’s believed, however, that the Jaguars and G.M. Dave Caldwell are waiting for 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman.

Unless the Jags hire Bradley — or the Cardinals decide to try to pilfer him from a division rival — Bradley likely will be back again with the Seahawks in 2013.

8 responses to “If Chip Kelly had declined again, Gus Bradley was the Eagles’ choice

  1. Bradley might have offered more NFL experience and a badly needed change to the defense.

    Good to know they weren’t just goofing around figuring out the difference between their ankles and elbows.

  2. Just listened to your interview yesterday with Tim McManus from Philly sports radio. Guess the Eagles really DID know what they were doing. You folks in the media really have no clue.

  3. The Seahawks will welcome Gus back, that ‘s for sure. It’s seems to be harder to find good OC/DC’s than head coaches and Gus is turning out to be pretty good. Let’s hope the same holds for our Darrell Bevel, too.


  4. I wanted Bradley, well I actually wanted Gruden but I didn’t think he really wanted the more stressful job as a HC, but I’m withholding judgement until we see what Chip does. I think Gus is going to make a great head coach and I hope I don’t look back at this as an Eagles miss.

  5. Great to know gus and darrelll wasted all that time saturday for absolutely nothing.. Im sure gus coulda used the extra time for last minute game losing defensive starategies that they had previously been burnt on and were set to be burned again???

    GO HAWKS!!

  6. Gus Bradley will make be a head coach one day. I’m sure he will improve on that number one ranked defense because it lost a few close games for Seahawks this year. I actually hope Bevell gets a head coaching job somewhere else but Gus comes back.

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