Johnathan Joseph thinks the Texans are better than the Patriots

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The scoreboard may say the Patriots were better than the Texans this season, but Houston cornerback Johnathan Joseph doesn’t see it that way.

Joseph told that he still believes that the Texans are better than the Patriots, regardless of the Patriots beating the Texans 42-14 in December and 41-28 in January.

“Obviously we had the right guys in here to win 13 ballgames to get up to that point,” Joseph said. “For whatever reason, we didn’t advance. I still can’t put that over because I think we were a better team. I think we just didn’t make the plays at the right time.”

Asked if the combined 83-42 score of the two Patriots-Texans game indicates that the Patriots are significantly better than the Texans, Joseph said he doesn’t view it that way.

“Not at all,” Joseph said. “Just four or five plays. You take a few of those plays that they made and go the other way, it’s a different ballgame.”

When Joseph says “Just four or five plays” needed to “go the other way,” he is technically correct. When the Patriots beat the Texans 42-14, Tom Brady threw four touchdown passes. If on those four plays the Texans had instead intercepted Brady’s passes and returned them for touchdowns, and if the rest of the game had been unchanged other than those four plays, then instead of the Patriots winning 42-14 it would have been the Texans winning 42-14.

But while technically correct, that way of thinking is also utterly ridiculous. If you want to look at it that way, you could say that every game in NFL history would have been different if you reversed four or five plays.

Well, every game in NFL history except for one: In the 1940 NFL Championship Game, the Bears beat the Redskins 73-0. That’s the only game in NFL history that had a margin of victory of more than 10 touchdowns, which means it’s the only game in NFL history in which you could say that even if you reverse five touchdowns from one team and turn them into five touchdowns for the other team, it wouldn’t have changed which team won.

That game, incidentally, featured Redskins Hall of Fame quarterback Sammy Baugh throwing what appeared to be a sure touchdown pass into the hands of receiver Charlie Malone on Washington’s opening drive — only to have Malone drop it. After the game Baugh was asked if the result would have been different if Malone had caught that pass, and Baugh answered, “Yeah. It would have made it 73-7.”

Johnathan Joseph would be wise to take a cue from Sammy Baugh and accept that the Patriots are better than the Texans.

UPDATE 2:41 p.m. ET: The Texans say Joseph’s “I think we were a better team” comment meant the 2012 Texans were better than the 2011 Texans, not that the Texans were better than the Patriots.

88 responses to “Johnathan Joseph thinks the Texans are better than the Patriots

  1. If you take away all those touchdown they scored and if we scored touchdowns instead of all those field goals we would have crushed them! How can he say that with a straight face?

    The Texans are who we thought they were.

  2. If it wasn’t for all those damn points they scored we would have beaten them. They pay to quick to…its just not fair.

  3. The better teams make the right plays at the right time. You didn’t make those plays and the Pats did, ergo the Pats are the better team.

  4. Denial is not just a river in Egypt. If you delude yourself into thinking that you are just inches from your goal you will never make the changes needed to actually reach that goal.

  5. Joseph said. “Just four or five plays. You take a few of those plays that they made and go the other way, it’s a different ballgame.”

    Just man up, you lost twice, handily. If a couple of spots and forward progress calls go a different way…if the four or five returns don’t get pass the 20… you lose by 40.

    You’re gonna play them again next year, keep thinking your better instead of working harder and admitting and fixing your flaws as a team and you’ll see how that turns out.

  6. Who cares what j-joe “thinks”. They got wooped both times they played them. Bottom line says it all.

  7. Everyone is going to jump all over Joseph for these comments, but if you are a competitive athlete you have to think this way. If you aren’t a fierce competitor with an unfailing belief in yourself and your team, you are going to end as an emotional wreck every time you lose a game.

  8. Hey Johnny, it’s ok to think it. That makes you a competitor. But saying it on the radio just makes you ignorant.

  9. He can think what he wants, I mean come on the Texans came up with the idea to wear letterman jackets to Foxboro in the regular season. High School mentality in the NFL, what a bunch of clowns in Houston and it starts with Wade Philips, Clown numero uno!

  10. “Just four or five plays” needed to “go the other way,” … isn’t that a lot to ask for? I’d think he say just one play, but 4 or 5?
    c’mon, man!!!

  11. this is classic loser mentality. i’ve heard lions players say things like this for years (fans, too). if the texans ever want to live up to their talent they will need to accept the fact they have lots of work to do this off season, and do it. waiting on a change of fate is going to hinder the process.

    plus he just sounds like a jackass.

  12. He also thinks the world is flat, dinosaurs never existed, we didnt land on the moon and planes didnt hit the World Trade Center Towers.

  13. Bills on parade my a$$!
    More like lambs to the slaughter!

    Maybe you should talk to your boy JJ Not,
    2 games Vs NE, 1/2 a sack ZERO swats.

  14. Why does anybody give idiots like this any air/band width space? It is a complete waste of the time of every one capable of reading this and any other site to have to even click on this junk to avoid reading it.

  15. I’m thinking that a defensive player should shut his mouth after giving up 40 points to a team in consecutive games. Your wide receiver said the first match up was the biggest game in franchise history. It ended with the backups playing for the last 7 minutes.

  16. I am sickened by the fact that the ravenator is still chatting away. im not surprised though, the ravens were handed four touchdowns in denver, two by the broncos secondary, and two by the referee who was clearly ignorant of the rules of football.

  17. Therein lies the problem with that organization. They always think they are a few breaks away from winning it all, whereas other teams see failure as a reason to go out and get better, faster players. Houston is one player and one innovative offensive mind from being elite. As long as they think they have the right guy under center, and as long as they use a system from a 1990’s NFL they will be King of the Wild Card, with terrific talent.
    In an NFL where DB’s are only allowed contact in the first five yards, why does a team throw five yard passes virtually all the time?

  18. Yeah, usually most games come down to 4-5 plays. This is not unique and therefore, his comments are invalid.

  19. I actually feel bad for this guy… it has to be pure torchure to have to watch the team you should have beat play in the conference championship…

    On the other hand… I really don’t … he is nuts.

  20. Wonder how many times the Patriots need to beat the Texans to prove their are better.. guess 2 isn’t enough. 2 not so close games.

  21. As Aqib Talib said regarding Brendon Ayanbadejo’s comments: “…that’s in one ear and out the other.”

  22. yeah, if they’d only lost by 1-3 points/each game, he might have had more of a valid argument…

  23. The Pats are a proven team. Texans? When Manning was still in the division, the Texans were nothing but a second place team. Manning didn’t play a year and the Texans took advantage. The Texans almost lost the division to the Colts who has a rookie QB. Let’s just say your run in the AFC South has ended because once again the Colts will dominate the division.

    For this guy to say the Texans are better than the Pats, he can join Seattle’s Sherman and eat some humble pie together.

  24. Ok let me start by saying I dislike the Patriots tremendously but even I have to admit they were hands down a MUCH better team than the Texans.

  25. I am a texans fan, and i thought the same way after the first game. But after the pats gave the texans a 2nd whipping, I have come to the realization that the texans are still a player or 2 (or coach) away from the superbowl. Lighten up j-jo.

  26. Well, if you take Tom Brady out of the Patriots lineup put him behind the Texans O line then, yeah … maybe you’re right .. .. or , I know… maybe if you place Blaine Gabbert or Jake Locker behind the Patriots O line.. then yeah, I agree with you again..

  27. Texan fan here, but a true football fan also… I predicted both loses, da first a blow out, but the second a lil closer… 3 things I noticed that cost the Texans the game on sunday… 1st) Manning is slow on the returns that could have change the momentum… 2nd) Kareem Jackson played bump and run on Welker the whole route when Brady threw the sideline bomb just to back off him when the ball got there and gave up the big play… 3rd) On the Pats final scoring drive when they kicked the Field Goal, the defensive holding on Jackson gave the drive new life because the Pats was bout to punt… The Texans was making a comeback, but the mental mistakes on defense got them beat in the end… The Texans lack discipline, and until Kubiak can install that in they brains, they will never get where they want to go… P.S… James Casey had butterfingers on the first drive because Schaub put the ball right where it needed to be…

  28. Look, you can say the team is much better than displayed in those two games, but when you get thrashed twice……..come on, Jonathan, let’s reload and take ’em next year, man!

  29. Sorry, but I like this type of thinking – it’s better than the doormat this team has been for the better part of a decade.

    And the Colts aren’t winning the division anytime soon. Despite all the bashing the Texans get from this site and it’s writers, they’re still a good team with a young core of players and a lot of talent. The Colts still have to fix their OL and their defense, and they won’t be playing for a sick coach again – regression of the mean will bring them back down to earth next year.

  30. For everyone saying Brady is the difference maker, he was not in those 2 matchups. It was Houstons D. Or lack thereof. They were horrible. No pass rush, terrible downfield coverage (which Brady did exploit) and left the middle wide open. They were done for after 1 drive. Their defense looked pathetic. And who may I ask is a member of that D? That’s right- Jonathan Joseph. Had they actually showed up (for any of their last 6 games) they stood a chance… albeit a small one.

  31. I guess you can think it all you want, but you lost both games so what does that tell you?
    The Patriots are better and Tom Brady is much better than Matt Schaub. You got off to a good start at the beginning of the season, what happened at the end???

  32. Joseph is an idiot if he thinks his team is better than the Patriots. If the games were close, maybe he would had a point. The truth of the matter is, they got whupped twice. Be a man and admit it. You want ifs, if the special teams for the Pats hadn’t given up the long kickoff returns, the score would have been even wider.

  33. So, in other words, what this guy is trying to say is…..

    If we hadn’t lost, we would have won.

  34. if he says the texans are better than the pats,then why did the pats smoke them TWICE?…hmmm makes ya wonder.

  35. The 41-28 score on Sunday is, I think, an accurate representation of how good each team is. Anyone watching could see what the Texans need to change, and the holes that they need to fill. Shaub ain’t the problem; if fact, they’d do better if he had more authority to call the game. Offensive line, fullback, and an entirely predictable offensive strategy are the weaknesses.

  36. Couldn’t you turn that around and say if you turned around 4 or 5 plays in the 13 games the Texans won they would be 0-16?

    I never realized the Texans were so close to the 2008 Detriot Lions.

  37. This is why Coach Belichick teaches his guys to speak in clichés; football players are good at football and, generally, not much else. If if’s and but’s were candy and nuts, right?

  38. As a Texan fan we couldnt beat the pats if they gave us a 4 toucdown lead J Jo needs to focus on getting better as a team.

  39. This is disrespectful to the NFL fans that were watching the game on Sunday..We aren’t idiots ..we know what team played better so don’t tell us otherwise..Just 4 or 5 plays made the difference.??.Well you’re being millions to play perfect football in the playoffs..No excuses the Patriots were clearly the best team..Like we all say “may the best team win”. I wanna sit down and relax coming Sunday and see the two best teams play..Not interested in watching boring teams like the Texans just do nothing but just run the football too much..

  40. Each of these games could have been worse for Houston. The final scores don’t indicate how much of a blowout each game was and all of the garbage scoring and yardage Houston piled up. The big difference between these two teams is at quarterback.

  41. Can’t wait to see the Super Bowl between the Texans and Seahawks in 2 weeks. I’ll bring the popcorn! Lolz

    J.Joseph needs to zip his lip here. The Pats throttled you TWICE.

  42. Mr. Joseph,

    WOW – did you really just say that? 4 or 5 plays make it a different ballgame? Firstly, is that 4 or 5 plays on offense or defense? OK, let’s just entertain this for a moment. Let’s play devil’s advocate here, and say by adding a Houston touchdown on every one of those 5 plays, that brings that 83-42 point differential in BOTH games to 83-77. You are still losing both of those games by an average of a FG.

    Here is some advice, Jonathan. Look at the scoreboard at the end of the game. That is a solid indicator (and the end-all be-all) of who the better team was on that given day. It is clear to the rest of the world who the better team was. “better” can be a subjective term. You can sugar coat the two losses all you want. What isn’t subjective (but is factual) is which team is moving on and which team isn’t.

    It is clear to me that when you get beat as handily as your team did on two different occasions, the side effects from it can sometimes leave you dazed. I hope that is your excuse in this case……

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