Kenny Britt meets with police, lawyer says he is not a suspect


After a three-day stretch during which police said Titans receiver Kenny Britt was refusing to cooperate with an investigation into a stabbing and shooting, Britt met with police today.

He came in, and that’s all I can tell you,” Jersey City Police Captain Edgar Martinez told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “The investigation is still going on.”

Britt’s attorney told Wyatt that Britt is not a suspect in the case and there is “no chance” he will be arrested.

Early on Sunday morning, Britt brought a friend who had suffered a stab wound to Jersey City Medical Center. Police said both Britt and the friend refused to help them investigate the stabbing. After leaving the friend at the hospital, police say, Britt was seen in the area just before a shooting. No one was injured in the shooting, and the friend with the stab wound is expected to make a full recovery.