Kevin Colbert promises changes in Pittsburgh


The Steelers have had plenty of success over the course of their history, but that doesn’t make them any different from anyone else when they miss the playoffs.

Changes come when teams fall short of the postseason and that’s just what General Manager Kevin Colbert says is coming to Pittsburgh this offseason. Colbert suggested that some of the changes could have been made in past years, but that this season’s results meant they have to be made now.

“When you’re 12-4 and a playoff team, sometimes you get mesmerized by your success and you get a little reluctant to change,” Colbert said, via Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “If we don’t change a roster that produced 8-8, we’d be silly to expect a better result.”

Colbert said he didn’t expect to use the franchise tag this year and suggested that the team would wait to see what the market dictated before re-signing any of their own free agents. Wide receiver Mike Wallace, cornerback Keenan Lewis and running back Rashard Mendenhall are some of the Steelers set to become free agents after the season.

There weren’t many specifics about what kind of changes the Steelers might be making, although Colbert did single out the running game “didn’t produce the way we anticipated.” He also confirmed that Chris Rainey won’t be part of the solution that problem by saying that the decision to waive Rainey as soon as possible will not be reversed.

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  1. The problem is they made bad changes after going 12-4, they fired our Offensive Coordinator who had a 55-25 record with the Steelers for a blowhard that has zero history of winning.

  2. keenan lewis is definitely a franchise player, why colbert doesn’t think so is strange. can’t keep developing players and then letting them walk.

  3. The biggest change needed is at head coach. This team was an absolute undisciplined mess & that falls squarely on Tomlin’s shoulders.

  4. Better be changes coming. $20MM over the cap, yikes! All those restructured contracts sure helped this season. 8-8 hahah, how pathetic can one team be? Last season you were Tebowd after securing one of the luckiest 12-4 records (still lost division) and now youre fading into irrelevancy. Colbert is hailed as a cap guru but meanwhile he bet the house on this season and LOST!

  5. If only the steeler fans would wake up and smell reality. One team is trending down while all the others in the division are trending up. Awesome!

  6. Steelers don’t deserve any mentioning until they become competitive again – don’t hold your breath steeler fans.

  7. Money on them drafting a RB who ends up being the next mediocre RB to follow Dwyer, Mendehall, Willie Parker… fact is that they haven’t had a good RB since Bettis. That’s shameful for a team that brags about their ground and pound ways.

    Meanwhile in Baltimore, we have seen greats like Jamaal Lewis and Ray Rice, even worth mentioning Willis McGahee who came to life in Baltimore and has gone on to Denver where he has flourished. And next in line is already here- Bernard Pierce. Great runner, hits holes hard and has straight away speed.

    How’s that offseason again?

  8. Well, glad to hear it because God knows people who resort to petty tactics like limiting the word count on fans posting to a football blog aren’t any kind of “men” at all. God, how pathetic can you get?

  9. ravens fans “talk” as usual even though they haven’t WON anything trophy worthy in over a decade….and they wonder why they get NO respect!!

  10. We need a franchise back like Bettis–say, Bama’s Eddie Lacy. But I can’t help wishing for Bama’s o-line prodigy Barrett Jones. Also anxious to see who’ll replace Kugler at o-line coach. Wallace can get lost. If–as he claims—he’s dropping the ball because he can’t focus when the offense isn’t all about him, he’s useless. The offense wasn’t centered on Swan and Stallworth either, but they caught the ball when targeted.

  11. Have to agree with the comment about Mike Tomlin. This guy seems to always get a pass because he won a Super Bowl, but when you look at it – what are the Steelers problems? Penalties are a major one, and the other major one was turnovers at the end of the year. To me, that’s simple – its undisciplined football and that’s the Head Coach’s job to eliminate those things. They need to take a hard look at Tomlin IMHO.

  12. .

    The team to watch in the off season. Cap issues, roster issues, and personality issues all need to be addressed.

    If Colbert can solve these, he’s Houdini.


  13. My predictions for the “changes”

    Casey Hampton – Cut
    James Harrison – Restructured
    Max Starks – Gone
    Rashaard Mendenhall – Gone
    Mike Wallace – Resigned for $3.5 mil per year over 4 years
    Keenan Lewis – Gone
    Jonathan Dwyer – Resigned for 3 years
    Isaac Redman – 1 year contract

  14. @ravenator, first off get a life and stop commenting 100 times on every Steelers article. Second if the Steelers 12-4 record was lucky what was the ravens 10-6 record this year? And last if we’re not competitive how the hell did we beat you with Charlie Batch?

  15. Haha hey ravenator didn’t Charlie batch beat your boys in Bmore !? Lol keep talking
    Until the ravens find a way not to choke in the playoffs you can’t say anything .
    Always the bridesmaid and always will be

  16. I’m absolutely shocked that there are still “Steelers fans” out there who believe Bruce Arians didn’t deserve to be fired and replaced.
    Arians’ offenses were perennial bottom feeders in Pittsburgh. In 2011, it ranked 22nd in scoring. In 2008, it ranked as the second-worst statistical offense to ever be involved in a Super Bowl victory. Tampa Bay’s offense is the all-time worst…
    Arians needed to GO.
    Todd Haley may not be the answer, especially with a playground quarterback. However, Haley’s resume is far superior to Arians.’ He deserves at least a chance.
    I truly believe that, at the end of the day (whenever that will be), Mike Tomlin will be the first coach fired in Pittsburgh since 1968.

  17. This franchise needs to Evolve..Get from under their yearly Cap issues And rebuild..I’m not talkin blowing up the team just being able to get better like other teams do Via free agency.

  18. I don’t care who they let go.. As long as we hold onto Kenan Lewis, I’m good. He was statistically one of the best CB in the league. I hope DeCastro is better after he is 100% next year.. He gave up some crucial sacks in those last couple of games. Thirdly, keep Dwyer (he’s like 23 years old) and move on from the rest of those bums.

    PS: As a Steeler fan I try to be objective though some may disagree but am I the only one that thinks Pouncey is overrated? Smart, Athletic, but also Injury prone and sometimes whifs terribly in big moments.. That also goes for Gilbert (gets everyone hurt) and Adams (super weak, only hit 225 lbs 10 times on bench press and it shows cuz he cannot pass block on the edge period.. Run support is good though)

  19. @bobzilla …

    For once we agree … on Arians and Haley. I still think you’re selling Tomlin short. But the next couple of years will tell.

  20. Relax Steeler fan since 2000 they have had a losing season every three years 03 06 09 2012. Ravenator- we will see your 10-6 team next year after their again superbowl missing season,just keep lickin ur chops over our 6 trophies maybe some day u will get 5 more , just not in your lifetime. I just hope I dont have too see the ravens in there black tights this week in New England maybe they will wear white. Dont worry we will wipe your tears with our terrible towels once again. Steelernation baby !

  21. I think Tomlin and Colbert are going to re establish the steeler way which could result in a 7-9/8-8/12-4 series of seasons(write that down ravenator I won’t be misquoted). Tomlin is a very smart man and knows things have to change. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a much stricter more distant ( with the players) Tomlin next year.

  22. I think the Steelers need to take a page out of the Patriots playbook and acquire more picks, so as to package them to move higher in the draft. This team hasn’t drafted in the top 10 in over two decades. They are constantly drafting in the twenties and thirties. Continuity has been their saving grace.

    With that being said, we’ll see how those teams that are trending up do when they’re not drafting in the top 10 every other year. That’s your barometer for a front office and change.

  23. Colbert is real suspect Don’t know why ppl keep callin him a Draft Guru.. Over paid players and contracts CONSISTENTLY being in the Red every year..if he was a CEO of a Major company theys be fire and the company would be bankrupt! Can’t leave Khan out this equation either! Don’t give a Fk if Colbert is a “Pittsburgh” native…So what He drafts players no one else wants once the Steelers release them except (Arizona) they take all his rejects and the rest end up in footballs protection program never to be seen on the field again..he Dose draft good SPECIAL TEAMS guys though.

  24. Ravenator or is it raven-swallower, you showed your true colors when you hid from this site after Charlie beat your illegitimate franchise just a few short weeks ago. Having only 6 sticky Lombardi’s means our Steelers can’t win it every year. So it’s time to make some changes and re-establish our dominance. And that will happen sooner than later. It is a dilemma though- root for an illegitimate franchise from the same division or root for the New England Asterisk’s- who haven’t won a Lombardi without Spygate? I guess we’ll root for the NFC!

  25. ravenator until the ravens but a super bowl ring on their finger they are just a team that get in the playoffs and lose and that has happened the last five years steelers6 ravens1 supperbowl rings

  26. Our Oline better get healthy and better. We also need to consider a qb in this draft. Someone that can develop through the next few years, another big strong qb would can continue the play until something opens. Also a stud rb, if we can get one.

  27. Rocktheheard, good for Baltimore having great backs like Rice, Lewis, and McGahee. What did that get them, one Super Bowl appearance and a title. The mediocre Pittsburgh backs went to 3 superbowls and won 2 in te same time span. Who cares, moron.

  28. ravenator how can you say the steelers are on the down slide when the ravens get in the playoffs and have only 1 supperbowel win since 2000 the steelers have 2 wins since then and have 4more that makes steelers 6 and ravens 1

  29. avenator says: Jan 16, 2013 3:33 PM

    Steelers don’t deserve any mentioning

    Can we count on you to follow your own advice?

  30. Colbert knows a lot more than any of us know about roster management decisions, so granting that – my question is as follows:

    It is pretty risky to let the market set the price for your Free Agents, because the market is not the average of what the other 31 NFL teams would pay — but instead, is the zenith point of what one desperate team willing to overspend would pay.

    Why not endeavor to take a pre-emptive approach before the “market” is set by the teams with the deepest pockets, highest levels of positional desperation and greatest amount of cap room? Why not negotiate quietly in good faith to just see what can or cannot be accomplished – before allowing, or in this case, INVITING, external forces to dictate the ballpark of contract terms? In a worst case scenario, you at least will have gathered information and will be better armed to make informed decisions moving forward.

    During the earlier days of Free Agency, we tried this approach with OT Leon Searcy, and the Jags made Searcy an offer to be the highest paid OL in NFL history. We couldn’t match, and he was gone. Fair enough — but that is what happens when one passively allows the market to dictate the terms.

    Let’s at least show these players they matter to us and negotiate in good faith behind the scenes – BEFORE it is opened up to the rest of the bidders.

  31. Deb:
    Tomlin began to lose me in 2009, when the defending Super Bowl champion Steelers lost “a MUST-WIN game” to the 1-11 Browns, 13-6, AFTER Tomlin had vowed to “unleash hell.” Truth is, Tomlin made zero changes during an embarrassing five-game losing streak.
    IMO, Arians should’ve been fired and replaced immediately after that loss to the Browns, which was the worst loss in franchise history.
    Tomlin is simply both unremarkable and uninspiring.

  32. Colbert stated that he’s not ruling out drafting a QB in the first. Seems like even the steelers organization is noticing that Ben is no where near “elite” status. Now only if their fan base would follow suit.

    pittsburgh needs a QB who is capable of winning in a shootout to remain competitive in the AFCN, and Ben ain’t that guy, never has been and never will.

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