Lovie would rather wait a year than take DC job now


With only two head coaching chairs left, and the options down to the Cardinals and Jaguars, some of the guys looking for work are going to be left out.

But if you’re not getting a job, getting paid to not work is a nice alternative.

That’s the case with former Bears coach Lovie Smith, as Ian Rapoport mentions Smith would rather sit out this year than take a defensive coordinator job.

Smith hasn’t interviewed or been mentioned as an option for either of the remaining openings.

The Bears are paying Smith for 2013 anyway, so the ability to step back and enter next year’s market won’t cost Smith a dime.

For a guy with an 81-63 record, and a Super Bowl trip with Rex Grossman as quarterback, you wouldn’t think it would have been this hard for Smith to find work. But he has the ability to find it on his terms.

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  1. I’d do the same thing. A sabbatical is a wonderful thing if you can afford one. He can coach in ’14 somewhere and be eager to do so after getting sick of being on the sofa on Sundays.

  2. Although I thought he should have gotten a job before Andy Reid, (players didn’t quit on him the last two years, family members didn’t bring steroids to training camp, and a better win percentage) he should spend the next year meeting prospective offensive minded coaches to ensure a job when another five or so coaches get fired next year.

  3. The game is changing. Having a defensive guy as HC puts ya behind the 8 ball unless you have a great OC. Problem is, if you have a great OC he won’t be there for long.

  4. He’s smart to sit out. All the teams want offensive coaches now. Give it a year and they’ll be looking for defense again and Lovie will be top of the list unless Cowher throws his hat in the ring.

  5. He’s a good coach. Come this time next year, some of the teams who broke their necks to snatch up coordinators and CFL coaches might just regret they didn’t grab him when he was available.

  6. I thought he would have been a good fit for the DC in Dallas, as jones would have had an obvious choice for HC when he fires Jason Garrett in the middle of next season. HTTR

  7. Clearly the media and some fans will continue with this Rex Grossman is the worst QB of all time even though he had a really good NFC Championship game, played great in some games (yeah, I know terrible in others) & got Bernard Berrian payed by Minnesota.

    And Lovie not getting a job this off season is a joke! Buffalo should’ve snatch him up but when gets another HC job, hopefully, that city won’t be so trivial and harp on not liking him because he’s not firery like Ditka

  8. wait a year for Sutton in kansas city to flop,come here as assistant HC and Defensive coordinator for the Kansas city Chiefs, they’ll have a all-star cast Any Reid and Lovie Smith

  9. His overall record notwithstanding I understand how teams would be disinclined to hire a guy who made the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman, Thomas Jones and Muhsin Muhammad headlining the offense, and somehow got WORSE with Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, and Brandon Marshall.

  10. gsmatt you fail to realize Capers has already flopped. I agree Lovie would be a great fit in Green Bay. If McCarthy continues to ride Capers they both may be out and Lovie as head coach. Now that would be interesting.

  11. As a Vikings fan forced to watch the Bears the last 5 years, as my fiance and her family are all Bears fans, why would anyone want this guy as head coach? All the bears fans I know were actually rooting for them to miss the playoffs so they could finally get rid of Lovie! His defenses are overrated and he can’t put together a offensive line to save his life. If Cutler wasn’t the QB I’m not sure this team wins more than 5 games the last several years.

  12. Given the rather large amount of coaching vacancies this offseason, how many spots could realistically open up after next season? I guess Jim Schwartz, Ron Rivera, and Rex Ryan all have relatively thin threads to work with, so it’s possible that Lovie could see if any of those spots attract him.

    I still think he’s better cut as a DC than head coach.

  13. Rent a house on the beach in Maui, Lovie. Get a new bicycle, some good books, and some Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a cold beer. Relax and re-focus.

  14. He’ll take a year, line up a staff and get his offensive coordinator right finally and come back strong in 2014. Lovie is a good coach. Only has to get the right OC or maybe even have a team with a o-line for a change.

    Still think most coaches would struggle with the Oline talent the Bears had the whole Lovie regime.

  15. Why would he go back to being a DC? It’s beneath him.

    He’s a highly successful NFL head coach who won consistently with very flawed rosters and horrible QB play. He should be at the top of the list for prime jobs that open up next year like the Cowboys and Panthers.

  16. Lovie’s in the Catbird seat. His team missed the playoffs with 10 wins. Don’t be surprised if he ends up in Detroit this time next year. He’s the anti-Schwartz. No drama, no histrionics. Say what you will about him, but he handled his business with dignity, class and his player’s played hard and loved him.

  17. I wouldn’t mind hearing his perspective as a “talking head”, but with no East Coast connections, no histrionics, and being a defense-first guy, he’d find it difficult to line up one of those jobs–even if he wanted one.

    The networks want flash, not analysis, and have wanted flash for at least the last 40-plus years.

  18. The shame is that after 9 years in Chicago, he should have been beloved. But, he was so arrogant and empty of any charisma with the media and fans, that he will be completely forgotten soon. That’s very difficult to do in a town and fan base that loves to immortalize long time coaches and players. He played it all wrong and now all he has is his record. Which is good defenses, terrible offenses, and no in game management. Why would anyone want to hire him to do that again. He is destined to be DC in any NFL capacity. He will not be a head coach again, unless he leaves the NFL.

  19. Don’t forget he has to feed his son, who’s his Agent. Lovie’s a great guy, just not a HC, imho. I hope he gets what he wants, whatever that may be.

  20. I cant believe no one has hired him yet. I thought he was the best candidate for a few jobs this year. The best spoot for him would be Arizona. That D is already good and Lovie knows how to win with just Defense and a little offense. He would turn the Cardinals into a playoff team the first year.

    Maybe he wants to step away from the game for a year. He is getting paid anyway and will likely get a shot next season if he waits. I am sure he is looking for the right spot to land and doesnt want to be hasty just to get a job.

  21. Some of you must have just looked at the picture and read the headline. Lovie doesn’t WANT to be a DC, he wants to be a head coach.
    Frankly, I think his chances are pretty small, and I think that’s because he’s just too darned conservative. I don’t know what happened, but at some point, since the Bears’ Super Bowl loss to the Colts, he developed a yellow streak, where he has the team playing to not lose rather than playing to win. That won’t cut it in today’s NFL.

  22. Give the Saints Lovie for a defensive coordinator and Payton as the head coach in 2013 and they have another Lombardi Trophy…

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