Philip Rivers: Mike McCoy was guy I was hoping for

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Mike McCoy won’t have to do much of anything to convince his new quarterback that he’s the right choice as the Chargers’ new head coach.

During a radio interview on Tuesday, Philip Rivers sounded awfully excited about working with the guy who won divisions the last two year with offenses run by Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning.

“Of the potential candidates, I can honestly say this is the guy I was hoping for. I feel great about it,” Rivers said, via Marty Caswell of 1090 AM in San Diego. “We have direction now. We’ll all go again. I think Chargers fans should be excited.”

McCoy expressed enthusiasm about working with Rivers during his press conference and there’s little doubt that McCoy landed the job at least partially because of the work he’s done with quarterbacks like Tebow, Manning, Kyle Orton and Jake Delhomme. Rivers has turned the ball over 47 times over the last two seasons, something that obviously has to turn around if the Chargers are going to find their way back to the postseason. You’d have to imagine McCoy believes he can get Rivers back on track because he’s going to be heavily scrutinized on that front in his first season in the Chargers job.

11 responses to “Philip Rivers: Mike McCoy was guy I was hoping for

  1. I’ll be honest I’m going to miss the Philip Rivers and Norv Turner blowups on the sideline. I’m sure Chargers fans won’t though!

  2. I think this is a sensible choice, since thier priority seems to be getting Phil Rivers back to form. I can’t remember another quarterback who was widely considered elite for a few years and now has really hit a slump.

  3. “We have direction now.”

    Translation: Norv was a nice guy and that’s why I always talked him up so much and supported him so vocally, but in my heart I never thought we could win the big one with Norv. Norv’s a great coordinator but he lacks the direction required by a superior head coach.

  4. Bruce Arians would have been a God send for Phil River’s resurrection. Mike McCoy is totally overrated. Arians turned Roethlisberger into a prolific QB, and Rivers is far more talented than the Berger.

  5. I watched McCoy’s presser, very impressive dude. He was poised and gave firm answers, but showed some personality.

  6. Hopefully mccoy wakes these guys up. He was a good coach in Denver and has a way with qbs. This is a first time head coach though so I think the charger fans will have to be patient with him….

  7. . . . because they did so well the last time they picked an offensive coordinator to be the head coach

  8. I’m with those who believe Arians would have been the better hire. More experience and more of a disciplinarian. The whole team was allowed to underachieve for far too long. And now if Rivers continues to turn the ball over, he’ll be networking with Norv. A new coach might improve his overall play a bit, but will do NOTHING to guard against those recurring brain farts Rivers gets which cause him when the game is on the line, to throw it right to a defender, thus ending the chance of any comeback to salvage a win. Hope McCoy starts planning for a new qb and rb soon.

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