ProFootballTalk: Who are Patriots frightened of most?

Who on the Ravens scares the Patriots most? These two teams faced in Week 3, what has changed most since then? Tom Curran tackles these questions and more.

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7 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Who are Patriots frightened of most?

  1. Pats have consistently been running man coverage and relying on their front four for pressure. That’s fine against the Dolphins, Jags and even the struggling Texans with a bumbling Schaub. But it left them vulnerable against Kapernick and an improving receiver corp in San Fran.

    These receivers and ends and Flacco are playing ruthless football right now and it just feels like many media progosticators are just giving the Pats the edge cuz betting against Belichick and Brady has become a taboo in their industry.

  2. I object to the term “frightened.” NFL teams can have varying levels of respect for different opponents, but I don’t think that means the same thing as “frightened” to too many teams.

    And no, this is not coming from a Patriots fan.

  3. The Ravens shut the national media up last week and now they’ll do it a second time. The Patriots won’t be able to stop the Ravens offense either on the ground or in the air.

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